well hello!
i am cyn.
blogger, mom to three amazing kiddos, soulmate to one hell of a lucky bastard, a passionate-ass photographer, and I can crock pot like a MoFo.

this is my blog...

the true story of a weight watcher junkie with a penchant for F bombs, high heels & brutal honesty — on a mission to become fit and fabulous — because life is just too effin’ short to wear boring clothes…

this is my place to be me — so i may vent, rant, swear (a lot), & blast people or even myself.
i may not be everyone’s cup of tea but i am honest, gritty, raw, real, & ready to put it ALL out there!
i love feedback, comments, suggestions, whatever!

wanna contact me?
man, you are one brave soul!
choose your poison --

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