they say a photo never lies...

here is my progress documented in the most honest form possible...

day 1:  9/5/2011
204.4 lbs.
bmi - 31.1 obese
oy vey -- who is this not only fat, but old chick?
where is the sexy vivacious gal that used to look me back in the mirror?
i want her back...
i will be her again!

day 12: 9/16/2011
199.2 lbs.
5.2 lbs down and feeling pretty on top of the world!
not the best photo -- but me walking the 2 miles to my weight watchers meeting/weigh-in -- i am on my game this week!  cannot believe i made it into one-derland this fast!
go me!

day 19:  9/23/2011
up .4lbs. & really peeved about it.  at least i am still in one-derland!  gonna dust off and chug along as this too shall pass & next week i am kicking that scale in the balls!

day 26: 9/30/2011
down 1.8 and feeling back on track.  i worked my ass off this week at the gym and ate just about every one of my points.  even had a dinner out and a birthday party this week!
go me!

day 33: 10/7/2011
down another 2 lbs.  wowie!  i forgot how awesome this feels?  i feel like even in my hardest weeks of crazy life stuff, pms, auntie flo, and no time -- i still managed to lose weight!?!?  the plan works when you work the plan -- end of story!

day 40: 10/14/2011
down .2lbs -- as in 2/10th's of a lb. -- not as much as i would like of course -- but heck of a lot better than a gain!  plus i worked out hard core this week & would like to think i had some muscle gain.
as in above -- look at me showing off the beginning of a nice little arm muscle!
i am happy because no matter what the scales says -- i know i did nothing but the best i could to be a healthier gal!

day 47: 10/21/2011
that's right -- down 3lbs. this week! w00t-w00t!
i could do cartwheels i am so stoked to have such a good weigh-in!
i have lost 11.8 lbs. total & surpassed 5% of my weight gonzers!
happy! happy!
i worked out hard this week & totally attribute the 30 day shred.
i really think the daily movement is the way to go!!!
so happy!

day 54: 10/28/2011
down .6lbs & i am happy about that!  between pms & a cold i was really surprised to have lost anything & had even prepared myself for a gain.  just proves my belief in daily exercise because i think that is the what is making the difference even during my toughest weeks!
yay for jillian michaels 30 day shred!

day 61: 11/4/2011
(don't be jealous of my muscle -- but ain't it cool -- never had one like that before!)
yup -- stayed the same & ya know what, i am stoked to be so!  i had the worst week diet wise -- two bday parties, a dinner party & let's throw halloween and massive gobs of candy lying around.  yeah -- not my most dedicated week to say the least.  i faltered big time & i realllllly thought i would gain this week.  all i can say -- once again -- thank the lawd for the fact that i am at least dedicated to daily exercise (30 day shred) -- because i know in my heart of hearts that is the only reason i didn't have a major gain this week!
i ♥ you jillian!

day 68: 11/11/2011
down 2 lbs & the culmination of a wonderful week!
i finished 30 day shred & had an awesome experience trying on jeans this week!
i feel so in the right place & like i have found what works.
what works is being 100% op (on plan) on w8 watchers & daily movement.
i started ripped in 30 this week to keep the momentum going because i am not stopping!

day 75: 11/18/2011
okay so i only lost .4lbs but it was a loss & just enough to bump me into the ever-elusive 1-fuckin-80's!!!
i am elated & nothing can kill this buzz!
i haven't seen the 180s since right after having skylar in june 2009 & by the time i went to my 6 week post-partum checkup i was 203 -- so i had packed on 20 lbs. in 4-5 weeks!
not even kidding!
so yeah -- hello again 180s -- nice to see ya!
this motivates my ass -- i cannot be stopped!

day 82: 11/25/2011
(take on 11/24 when peyton & i walked the thankful healthy blogger 5k!)
yup -- i am up 1.8lbs!
the 1st significant gain since i rejoined w8 watchers 12 weeks ago & while i am not happy about it -- i did weigh-in the morning after thanksgiving -- so i am not gonna beat myself up about it.
it is what it is & sadly gains are part of the process.
only sets a fire under my ass to do better this week & by gawd i will!

day 89 : 12/2/2011
woohoo down 3.2 lbs!  i lost the 1.8 i gained last week plus another 1.4 & i feel like doing naked cartwheels!  i attribute it to my daily exercise & the sweet tooth challenge!
i also surpassed 15lbs which garned me another 5lb star sticker @ my meeting today.
i am glad to hit right around the day 90 mark @ 16.2lbs. lost total!
i can taste my 10% and the 170's suddenly seem attainable!

day 96: 12/9/2011

down another 1.8 this week & i wore my jeans & suede jacket as i finally relented & wore weather appropriate clothing!
18 lbs. gone total!
the past couple of weeks i have been completely committed & the 5lb. weight loss proves it.  all it does it motivate me to keep it up!
because this chickie-poo ain't stopping!

day 103: 12/16/2011
down 3lbs for a total of 21 lbs which put me a wee bit over my 10% mark!
got my keychain & i am soooo stoked!
this is all flowing & i feel amazing -- this is the path i am meant to be on.

day 110: 12/23/2011
16 weeks!
bmi - 27.8 overweight
down .4lbs & i am elated!
tough week with so much going on & even meals out & an evening out!
this is the 1st year i have ever lost weight around xmas!

day 117: 12/30/2011
wow, just wow!
i actually lost weight over xmas!
holy shit!
but i tracked & worked out daily without fail -- no matter what.
i even worked out on xmas!
i cannot believe i am just 1.8 lbs from 25lbs lost total & from entering into the 170's!

day 124:  1/6/2012
down a mind blowing 2.8lbs. this week & i blasted into the 170's -- holy shit!
such a awesome unexpected surprise!
AND i got my 25lb. charm today!
26lbs. lost total -- wowies!
i am doing this...
i am REALLY doing this!

day: 131 -- 1/13/2011
yup -- down .6lbs!
i was a little leery about today's weigh-in -- i have been on sucha good streak & while i ate within my points last week i didn't eat totally clean.
live & learn!
only motivates me to be more OP this week & kick that scale down a notch or two!

day 138 -- 1/20/2012
yup i stayed exactly the same!
wasn't my best week -- i went through the motions but certainly did nothing to kick it into high gear.
all i can do is learn from it, move on & do better.
nice to know i can maintain though!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

You are my ispiration!!! You're fucken kickin arskie!

Cyn said...

you are just wonderous -- thanks babycakes!