Friday, September 30, 2011

weigh-in vol.3

day: 26

happy friday blog-o-sphere!

it’s friday – and that means weigh-in/weight watcher meeting day!
so let’s just get to the point – i was down 1.8lbs.

not bad for a mexican dinner out with a ginormous margarita & a birfday party week!

grand total of 6.6 lbs lost fo-evah!
(that’s right – i said fo-evah!)

(my lovely weight watcher locale – love how it is next door to a now vacant hit or miss – ain’t the truth when it comes to weighing in!)

i feel good

(see me feeling good!)

i mean i should --i worked really hard at the gym this week on top of eating healthy – so i fucking earned it.
but i am also trying really hard not to let that friggen scale rule my emotions – feeling high or low based on what a contraption says.
easy to say when you lost weight this week .

eh… let’s not overthink it shall we? let’s raise a glass of sangria
(don’t mind if i do) and celebrate a week of hard work paying off!

i had a whole long post thought out that i wanted to write today – but i am just wiped. took the day off from the gym even.
sometimes ya gotta kick back, enjoy life, and just be!
tomorrow i promise to be a better blogger!
in the meantime take a sec and link up to the no more muffin top weekend hop and meet some peachy keen bloggers!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

no more muffin top weekend blog hop -- vol.4

hi, my name is cyn and i am a hop-a-holic…

misadventures of a chunky goddess

i admit it – i love a good hop and with all the wonderful ones out there i thought it was time to create one of my own. so please link up your blog, giveaway, facebook, twitter, google+, whatever your little hearts desire. it’s the weekend and i have a total don’t give a flip attitude!
no rules!!!!
that’s right – no rules.
of course it would be nice if ya followed me, rocked my button, and took the time to check out a blog or two. that’s what it’s all about. but i mainly hope ya have some fun and maybe find a new blog to stalk?

this hop will run from friday thru sunday each weekend (when we weight watcher junkies need the most support – or at least i do)! so show the bloggy world some l♥ve -- link up and pass the hop around!
last week we had 27 link up (okay like 5 were all my media but still…)!

if you are a new follower please leave me a comment to say hi and i will happily return all follows!! this goes for any other blogs you decide to follow as well. the hop won’t work if ya don’t unless ya do.
be kind, return a follow, make friends, & have fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


day: 25

okay this is gonna be a quickie post – i gotta head to the gym shortly – but i wanted to write and share a few goodies with ya from some fellow bloggers that rock my socks off!
(in a purely christian like way of course)
this is just soooo awesome that i had to steal borrow it from miss angie @
health not to health nut.

i love this so much that i printed it and put it on my fridge as well as gave a copy to my mom.
awesome-ness – thank you miss angie – you rock!

then i saw this
recipe on one of my new favorite blogs --
adventures of cheapsoda and dooty booty. seriously – love this girl.
anywho – i kinda renamed them diet coke cupcakes and made them tonght for my son’s birthday.

these cupcakes were a huge success – even my picky-butt 2 year old daughter l♥ved them!
moist, tasty, easy to make and the whole thing is a mere 5 pointsplus!

today was a great day – and funny that it poured today – just like it did 15 years ago when i had my adorable son!

happy 15th birthday peyton! i ♥ u!

gotta run & get my booty to the gym!
for the record – i was so good with not over-eating it hurt. seriously, i am not built to be that damn good. guaranteed there was an interruption in the force.

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

Wanna see more photos of my sweet kiddo’s 15th bday par-tay?
Check out my other blog
the purple goddess

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

potential lame-ness...

day: 24
my bloggers!

i have no freakin’ clue where this post is going – so bear with me & lemme apologize in advance for potential lame-ness!

i just got home from the gym a little bit ago and had a really great workout!
well – minus the douchebag two ellipticals
(i just realized i have been spelling that word wrong for years btw) down who talked on his cell phone for his 20 minute workout.
so rude!

and ya know i am not an asshole – take a call if ya gotta
(even though signs are posted asking that cell phones only be used in the lobby) – but to talk 20 minutes so loudly that i could hear you over my earphones with the volume blaring– well then you are just a dick!
that loser made me miss sex & the city and distracted me during my workout – double doozy fucktard!

other than that – gym was awesome!

i did 30 minutes on the e l l i p t i c a l & another 30 minutes circuit training.
yay me!
i am by no means buff – but i swear i feel buff-er.
okay maybe not buff-er --- but definitely strong-er!

tomorrow my younger son, peyton, turns 15.
i know what you are thinking? how could a sweet young thing like myself have a child who is 15?
okay i will stop…

so yeah…
peyton’s b-day and we usually have a big family dinner with cake & ice cream – typcial b-day stuff.
we are still having that – i am just opting to have some healthier options in the mix.
like grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and i got an amazing cupcake recipe
(i will share tomorrow with photos).
plus i am not a total birthday party nazi so we are having my son’s favorite homemade mac & cheese
(i will be skipping this one) and he loves banana split ice cream by friendly’s.

it’s all about compromise. and honestly, if i didn’t have weigh-in on friday i might partake a little more than the plan in my head. but typically i plot out my menu in the morning and stick to it and am usually really on mark the day before a weigh-in. and i will be plotting fo’ sho’ tomorrow.
i need a good weigh-in this week

okay peeps – this chick has to take her fluffy ass to bed!
and can i say how fucking awesome you blog-o-sphere people are… truly. the nicest bunch of people i have never met in my entire life.
i could say more but then i would get mushy and shit.
point is :
me love ya long time!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

*** thanking google images – unless noted ***

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT -- vol.3

day: 23
hiya bloggy peeps!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

<div align="center"><a href="" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

welcome to rock out with you crock out!!
this is my homage to my most favorite kitchen gadget ever – the blessed crock pot.
because even i can crock pot like a mofo!
i mean who can’t really??

and all of the recipes featured here will be healthy and/or weight watcher recipes – this is a weight loss blog after all.

so here it goes…
first i gotta brag… cause that’s what ya do when ya gotta big crock!


look at this brandy-new massive 7-quarts of hot kitchen gadget-ry!
and i got it all for my bitches
(that’s you by the way) because… size does matter!

anywho --
tonight i made
crock pot minestrone!
a recipe that my weight watcher leader tricia handed out last friday at our meeting
(that nano second i was paying attention instead of being pissed off).
she snagged it off of
skinnytaste -- an ah-may-zing site – go perv it when you can.

crock pot minestrone soup
gina's weight watcher recipes
servings: 6 • serving size: 1 1/2 cups • old points: 4 • points+: 5
calories: 215.7 • fat: 0.7 g • protein: 8.7 g • carb: 42.0 g • fiber: 6.7 g

1/2 onion, chopped
1 cup carrots, chopped
1 celery stalk, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 (28 oz) can diced tomatoes
1 (15 oz) can white beans, drained, rinsed (cannellini or navy)
3 cups fat free chicken broth (or vegetable broth for vegetarians)
1 oz chunk of good parmesan cheese rind
1 fresh rosemary sprig
2 bay leaves
2 tbsp chopped fresh basil
1/4 cup chopped fresh italian parsley leaves
salt and fresh pepper
1 medium zucchini, chopped
2 cups chopped fresh or frozen (defrosted) spinach
2 cups cooked small pasta like ditalini or elbows (al dente)
extra parmesan cheese to top (extra pts)

(here are my shopping-on—budget ingredients)
rinse and drain beans. puree beans with 1 cup of the broth in a blender.

(i mashed in lieu of blender and it was fine)
in a crock pot, combine broth, tomatoes, pureed beans, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, herbs, parmesan cheese rind, salt and pepper. cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.

(looks awesome and smells so freakin’ good)
forty minutes before the soup is done cooking, add zucchini and spinach. cover and cook 30 more minutes. add cooked pasta, cook 10 minutes more. remove bay leaves, rosemary sprig, parmesan rind and season to taste with salt and black pepper. ladle soup into bowls and top with extra parmesan cheese.

(i served with a crusty italian bread for extra points and some vegan parmesan on top for extra points)
i omitted the parmesan rind (seriously do people have this stuff lying around i ask you???). i also used tiny bowtie pasta and dry herbs (sadly as i fucking killed my herb garden a month ago).
i also found that this needed the full 8 hours of cooking time – although i doubled the recipe
(was really way too much food) and because i am still tweaking my new crock pot.
(i gotta caress it like a new lovah and learn it’s turns on and such… apparently this bad boy likes to take his time --- purrrrrrrr, yeah baby!)

this is a super easy über delish recipe!
hearty, fresh, healthy, low in points and perfect for the impending fall weather
(although we are still sweating balls here in rhode island and i am doubting fall will ever come our way?).
the 1 ½ cup serving
(with the slice of bread) was more than enough to satisfy my amazonian hunger.
and perfect for my vegetarian/vegan friends!

two thumbs and a spoonful of minestrone up!
my family agrees -- they better – we have minestrone for days!

i believe my *can crock pot like a mofo* status is officially reinstated.
that’s right!

now go on – crock pot something why dontcha.

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

Monday, September 26, 2011

tanning booth confessions vol.2

day: 22
‘ello blogdom!

another oh-so-fun installment of…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

the random thoughts that permeate my sick twisted little brain whilst standing buck-ass naked in a tanning booth for the longest ten minutes of my life…

in situations like this you have no choice but to come clean and say it like it is…
so here goes – light a candle, chuck life the bird, and fess the fuck up!

i can handle getting older – truly i feel 31 and not 41 – but i would so botox the shit outta myself if i could justify such an expense being on a tight budget
(ick) and all.
laugh lines look cute on other people.
not me – heh.
and i would so get a boob job too – not a lift – i want these puppies to defy gravity and to look purtier than evahhhh!

i really think my depression meds
(wellbutrin) are not working which in turn makes me feel *not right* again. i was feeling so good for awhile but i feel that *funk* somewhere in me – lurking – just waiting to fuck my day up. luckily i see the doc tomorrow – but ack at the process of getting the right meds and dosage.
so daunting and i am only on round one!

i got amazing advice yesterday via twitter – basically: fuck calgon, drink tequila!
i think in moderation self-medicating my woes with a libation is a novel idea!

while i am rockin’ it at the gym -- i still don’t feel that love for working out like some peeps rave about? but i am not totally loathing it either. what i do love is the sense of accomplishment and *i rock balls* attitude when i leave the gym.

i don’t get the whole twilight thing? even if i was a teeny-bopper i wouldn’t get it? yeah i watch the movies and they don’t suck – but to have so much hoopla surrounding it? i think the books were mediocre at best -- would much rather read some anne rice any day!

i was asked by a fellow blogger i adore and admire to be featured in an upcoming series and i am elated. not only to be asked but that she liked the piece i wrote.
*does naked cartwheels*
i cannot delve into it too much just yet – not my place – but trust me – when i can – i will be shouting the details from the rooftops of blogdom!

make-up sex is the best sex.

what do you need to confess to?
off to the gym to get some much needed eliptical time – maybe i am liking it more than i am willing to admit?

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

***ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT tomorrow & i promise it won't suck ass!***

Sunday, September 25, 2011


day: 21
‘ello blogdom!

i gotta tell ya – i am in no mood to write, but i made a promise to at least try and write something everyday for a month (NaBloPoMo) – so here i be’s!

today was a bad day, okay not bad, just eh -- bri and i bickered
(and had a pretty nasty drag out fight) all day.

(number one rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club -- ooops!)
i hate when we have days like this…
i know it happens to all
(okay most) couple; but ack.

and it takes it’s toll on us both – for me it meant not making it to the gym.
i had to stick around and have that drag out brawl after all… dumb!
in hindsight; i shoulda said *fuck this noise* and went.
but i care too much and that would feel like not caring.

i wish there was a way to wave a magic wand and make things different.
not better, different.
we will be fine; we always are.
but something has to give in our life so we aren’t compelled to use one another as an emotional punching bag.

the good news is that i made killer vegetarian stuffed peppers tonight.
can ya believe i forgot to take a pic?
i was starving and had one thing on my mind – stuffin’ my face.

also good: i am well within my points and ate clean today.

i also learned something – brown rice is horrid when cooked in a microwaveable rice cooker. blech!

that’s all i got & promise to be back to my sassy-pants self tomorrow.
besides – could be worse…

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!


*** thanking google images ***

Saturday, September 24, 2011

a good freakin' day...

day: 20

nei ho bloggy-sphere!

okay, so i am over my little hissy fit from yesterday.
i get pissy when things don’t go my way…
but eh… such is life.
and yeah it sucks!
but i need to put my big girl panties on and just deal with it!

so i took my frustrations out in my gym…
went last night and today giving me 21 ap’s so far.
i made the eliptical cry!
or the other way around – i don’t recall exactly.
all i know is that my tits were in a puddle around my ankles and i felt pretty fuckin’ good – minus the melted nips and all.

and then i was like to hell with it and brian and i went out to dinner tonight.
mexican dinner!
(have i mentioned that i would sell my soul for a good mexican food?)

we checked out a new place as rhode island sucks in the realm of good mexican food. i am seriously thinking of uprooting and moving to the west coast for the authentic mexican food alone.
but i digress…
luckily this new spot rocked balls and we were really impressed!
and yeah, i dipped into my weekly points by a total of nine (big freakin’ whoop!) – but we had so much fun.
surprising they had a vast menu and i ordered a vegetarian plate – spinach burrito (which was too.die.for), cheese enchilada, and a mushroom quesadilla.
sadly it came loaded in a tomato based sauce that had a cheese taste to it as well as the melted cheese on top of everything – and i love cheese, but it was in overload mode.
so i basically ate about a 1/3 of the dinner and called it a day.

okay confession…
i opted to sacrifice the food in lieu of a margarita – i have standards you know…
a yummy margarita i might add – and don’t ask how many points – you will cry!
but i had a very plain salad for lunch today in order to have this puppy!
so worth the sacrifice…!
i needed tonight.
wait… we needed tonight!

okay yeah we were home by 8pm – but at least we got out, and i got to let my hair down (literally as i live with it up in a clip 24/7 and didn’t realize how long it has gotten – i need a freakin’ haircut!), chill with my lovah, have an adult beverage, and some yummy mexican cuisine!

today was a very good day!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

wanna see more photos of my margarita inspired night out?
check out my other blog
the purple goddess -- my family/photo blog.

Friday, September 23, 2011

weigh-in vol.2

day: 19

yo blog-o-sphere!

so i am just gonna spill it.
i had my meeting/weigh-in today and i gained.
i effin’ gained!
.4 lbs
(yeah as in 4/10’s a pound) which is squat but a gain nonetheless.

now i am gonna rant for a bit but please understand that it just me venting – i am not detoured – if anything i am even more of a mission to do this shit!

i can handle a gain – it is part of the process…
but i would handle it a lot better if i hadn’t worked my balls to nubs in the gym earning 48 freakin activity points – which is more than i would earn in a whole month the prior two times i was on weight watchers.
also… if i had been jammin’ twinkies down my throat – i would be okay with a little gain. but i ate within my points and 89% of the time i ate clean.
and my head was so in the game because so much of this is mental.
look at me on my way to my meeting…

(ignore the trash can – ew!)
head totally in the game & i am feeling pretty damn good – fully psyched to get on the scale because i am just convinced i have lost this week again.

i was shocked when the receptionist told me i had gained and she could see the shock on my face and says
“not what you were expecting?”
umm hell fucking no…
then she asked if there was something i had done differently and i admittedly responded in a snarky voice
“yeah, worked my ass off at the gym.”
i am pretty sure i made her nervous and boo hiss to me for taking my gain out on the poor chica weighing me – whom of course has been me – all leaders and recptionist are lifetime members after all.
and it sucks when you gain – because then my head is instantly outta the game.
i am not paying attention to the meeting where i learn tools and tips to help me not gain again. tricia, my leader, asked me a question and i swear you could hear the crickets creaking – i hadn’t heard a word she had said.

and i won’t lie – i was pissssssed!
wait, correction… i was confused, frustrated, and pissssssssssssssssssed!
and then the self-doubt kicks in. i feel that old *you will always be overweight* defeated piss-poor voice in my head telling me to *fuck this shit*.
that same voice is telling me to screw the meeting and just stuff my face with taco bell because that will certainly make me feel better.
and yeah it will – won’t lie.
for about a nano second.
and then round two of *beat the piss outta yourself* starts.
it is a ridiculous vicious cycle – always finding mediocre ways to self-medicate that only compound the problems i am trying to ease in the first place.
yeah, i am over that!

so i got mad – really mad – then i decided to just accept it.
maybe it was a fluke?
maybe i didn’t drink enough water yesterday?
maybe it’s muscle gain?
maybe it’s the clothes?
my hair?
maybe a butterfly flap it’s wings too hard ultimately causing the space-time continuum to tilt a little to the left in turn making my butt bigger?
heh – it could happen? no?

oh well – dusting my self off and moving the frig on.
i am going to the gym tonight and taking my frustrations out on the eliptical until that phucka cries…

i know we need to measure our success somehow and sadly with weight loss the scale does come into play – but i am telling ya – there is some truth to peeps who stay the heck away from the scale and go by how they feel and how their clothes fit. i was walking on sunshine until i stepped on that evil contraption…

don’t forget to join my weekend hop, spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!
(you hear that cyn – love yourself cause you do rock!)

ohhhhh -- and thank you thank you thank you for my 100+ followers. i wanted to have a giveaway @ 100 but i kinda let that get away from me. but no worries -- something in the works!

*** thanking google images unless noted***

no more muffin top weekend blog hop -- vol.3

happy freakin' friday!!!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

i love a good hop and with all the wonderful ones out there i thought it was time to create one of my own please link up your blog, giveaway, facebook, twitter, google+, whatever your little hearts desire.
no rules!!!!
of course it would be nice if ya followed me, rocked my button, and took the time to check out a blog or two.

this hop will run from friday thru sunday each weekend (when we dieters need the most support – or at least i do)! so show the bloggy world some l♥ve -- link up and pass the hop around!

please leave me a comment to say hi and i will happily return all follows!!

be kind, return a follow, make friends, & have fun!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

keepin' company blog hop

cool hop on some cool blogs -- heck of a bunch and traci66-- oh and my little blog -- is the #3 hoppy featured spot -- so w00ts!

please follow the two hosts -- and rockin' the button is always nice -- and show 'em some bloggy l♥ve!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

grab it by the balls...

day: 17
blogdom – wat up?

so i think i am recovered from the debacle that was the
crock pot of shit i made last night.
yeah i shouldn’t be as miffed as i am but -- what the fuck?
only one other time in my life have i had a recipe be a flop –
baked winter squash, raisin and pine nut lasagna . but at least my pasta didn’t evaporate (i am still baffled by that?) and it was edible!
it looked okay – but tasted like doodies!

moving along…
so my week – weight watcher /diet/exercise wise has been good.
i have dipped into my weeklies almost every day – and i am okay with that. weight watchers tells me that is okay and i trust them. my goal is to do what they tell me and to stick to the plan. it has gotten 5.2lbs off my rump so i am ass-uming
(heh -- i love lame-o obvious jokes!) they know their shit.
and ya know what – if i knew better – i wouldn’t back here again!

i have also earned 34 ap’s (activity points) this week so far – a big-ass number for me.
in the past i have been content to earn 3 or 4 a day maybe 3-5 times a week – the bare ass minimum so i don’t feel like a total chooch.
i feel differently nowadays…
today i will be earning 14 ap’s and this bitch is pretty effin’ proud of herself on that alone!
doesn’t mean i don’t have to pep talk myself all day long, through the car ride there, and into the locker room of the gym – i do every single time. but i get there and give it 110% and always leave glad that i did!

it’s cool how motivated i am – but i also know that this is how i tend to be.
running my ass off right outta the gate only to ultimately gas out about mid-way through…

but as i mentioned earlier – i am keeping it real and following the plan exactly as instructed – so even on the days, weeks, months that i don’t feel so gung ho – if i just do the basics i should be good.
if nothing else i won’t gain weight, right?
and trust me when i tell you -- i look and get motivation any damn where i can!
no shame in the game my friends!

no shame in taking life by the balls and using every ounce of it to get what you want. because for most of us – that shit ain’t handed out for free on a platter.
(platter --- cheese platter? get ur mind outta the munchie gutter girl!)

okay on a totally unrelated bizarro note…
anyone know why in the ever-loving hell that blogger is the only network that cannot be linked to klout?
because it is really pissing me off.
apparently i am forbidden?
(wait – that sounds kinda sexyass and a little like a cheap perfume on the clearance rack at walmart all rolled into a naughty ball of fun? )

anyone know anything about it?
are you forbidden too you naughty kittens?
just curious…

i gotta go sweat my nether regions off!
spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


misadventures of a chunky goddess

day: 16

hello bloggy peeps!
another edition of rock out with your crock out – w00ts!
my quest to find easy -- yet healthy -- crock pot recipes that are lurkin’ out there in cyber space just waiting to be discovered and made into a favorite.
and trust me; this ain’t always so easy!
plus i gotta feed three hungy big-ass male types and my trap – so consider this a quest second to finding the fountain of youth!

in my search for a new recipe for this week i went to a tried and true favorite site as a repeat offender on weight watchers --
laa loosh. it has a vast list of weight watcher friendly recipes and even offers the points+ value. (unless it is an older recipe in which you will have to enter into the recipe builder on weight watchers online -- a pain in the ass i might add – but worth it if you are a anal retentive tracker like me!)

so i am always looking for something new that is not only healthy but something my brood will eat. what i found was
creamy chicken and mushrooms macaroni crock pot recipe.
yeah, yeah, yeah okay i admit – it doesn’t even sound healthy – but it tries really freakin’ hard. plus when all else fails – i am not above slippin’ something green and leafy in there to at least get a veggie and some vitamins in.
and i was willing to give it a whirl in the effort to get brian
(my lovah) to eat anything fat-free. he does *light* but fat-free is against his religion. and who can blame him – cause come on it doesn’t taste the same – i don’t care what anyone says!
i digress…
so here in the recipe – copied & pasted word for word via the site – link above will take ya right there even.

creamy chicken and mushrooms macaroni crock pot recipe
1 (10 3/4 oz.) can healthy request cream of chicken soup
1/4 cup land o lakes no-fat sour cream
16 oz. skinned & boned uncooked chicken breast, cut into 20 pieces
1 cup (one 4oz. can) sliced mushrooms, drained
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1 1/3 cups (3oz) uncooked elbow macaroni
salt and pepper to taste
spray a slow cooker container with butter flavored cooking spray. in the prepared container, combine chicken soup & sour cream. stir in chicken, mushrooms, and onion. add uncooked macaroni. mix well to combine. cover & cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. gently stir again just before serving. enjoy! makes 4 servings.

serving size = 1 cup
each serving = 9 weight watches points+

okay – first of all lemme say this much – martha fucking stewart i am not –- so recipes in general are not my forte’- hence why i am doing a crock pot feature.
anyone can crock pot – even me – and as my profile says – i crock pot like a mofo!
but let me stop there and let the recipe do the talking…

so i got all my ingredients together – i have to double the recipe because no way in bloody hell would this feed my guys.
(i opted for whole wheat elbows & 98% fat free cream of chicken soup -- but kept everything else to the *t*)

i mix it all together – and here is where i get a little scared.
something just didn’t look right.

but hey what do i know – there were no photos (
shoulda been my first clue and a rule from now on – no photo; no make! ).
about two hours in i take a peek and it really doesn’t look right. very dry and umm kinda gross.
so i do what any non-martha-fucking-stewart type would do.
i break out…

yeah, chicken broth fixes anything right? it’s like the duct tape of the pantry, no?

two more hours and now i am swearing.

umm what the fuck is this shit in my crock pot?
i dunno? why?
because i dunno where my pasta went and i am about to lose my shit.
*looks into crockpot*
oh yeah look at that shit, weird!

no word of a lie – not one elbow. not even a blooming trace of an elbow. and those little bastards were brown as hell and there isn’t even a brown speck!
i am befuddled!
and before you ask – yes, i followed the recipe exactly as it was written
well -- minus adding the chicken stock.
which I add more of because it just a pot of goo with the random chunk of chicken and a rare mushroom in it.
i add more chicken stock.
i add peas.
more chicken stock…
and this is what i get…

the only way i can think to describe it is that it was kinda, sorta, but not really like a half-assed pot of chicken in dumplings minus the dumplings and the tasty veggies.
yeah i tasted it – i had to.
it was starchy – of course – it had a 2 2/3 cups of annihilated pasta in it.
boo hoo!

so i did what any red-blooded non-martha-freaking-stewart type would do…
i called domino’s for my family…

and this for me.
yeah oatmeal for dinner.

it’s okay – i am a freakazoid and lurve oatmeal.

but needless to say – creamy chicken and mushrooms macaroni crock pot recipe was an utter flop. actually flop is too nice of a word and to call it a flop is an insult to decent flops!
it was starchy random chicken vile!
so yeah – don’t try this recipe – it suckeths!

nothing against
laa loosh.
i have tried other recipes and had great success.
but nothing has ever been this bad.

remember the rule – no photo; no make!

i promise to find an actual edible recipe next time…
no really, i will – i have a crock pot like a mofo reputation to protect!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

warning:guard your skinny clothes

day: 15

hello blogdom!
can you believe i am just getting home from the gym?
yeah @ 11:30pm…
but most nights during the week i don’t get there until 9:30ish and i by the time i workout and tan
(i know – so snooki) it’s late.
plus my gym buddy is my mom – and this is the only time our schedules gel.
it’s a small price to pay really and far better than not going at all.

my mom is a hot shit.
she is 63 and has had two hip replacements and she will run circles around you all considering. she might not kill it speed wise but miss thang has endurance!
we are very close and i love her to pieces but she also makes me nutty… heh.
don’t all moms?
i know my oldest son would like to duct tape my mouth on more than one occasion.

but ahem back to me…
so tonight i did 30 minutes on the eliptical again and i swear to all that holy that i thought my tits were gonna sweat right off me.

i was huffin’ it and all i am gonna say is this -- all you sexy gals shopping at my beloved tjmaxx
(i am cheap and on a budget) best guard those skinny bitch sizes cause i am coming after them and i know how to shop like a mofo on a mission and i will find all the cool clothes!
oh i will…
oh yes – i fully admit that smaller clothes motivate me!
(among other things like health, longevity, this blog, and you phenomenal yet slightly mental peeps who read my drivel!)
there is no effin’ shame in vanity my friends.
(told ya i adore sex & the city and wanna be carrie bradshaw when i grow up)

i am sick to death of shopping in the ali baba tent section and still looking like shit.
honestly – a big ass top does not make you look thinner.
i hate that mentality.
because it perpetuates the denial i tend to suffer when it comes to how i really look and what i really weigh. hiding what i know it under that big top or baggy pants but too chicken shit to confront it.
but that is a whole other blog post.
the psychology of my fat.

boo hiss what a downer i am being aye?
but sometimes ya gotta be reminscent of that which got you where you are…
i never want to forget because i never wanna be there/here again!

so just a head’s up…
rock out with your crock out tomorrow -- w00ts -- trying out another new recipe and it is super easy peasy again.
l♥vin’ it!
i promise the pics will be better this week. sometimes i rock the camera and other times you can tell i prolly forgot and am staging photos. not saying that is what i did last week
(that is totally what i did) but you know how it is.

happy monday ya’ll – let’s make this week spectacular by owning it, rocking it, and loving it!
spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

*** thanking google images unless noted***

***just wanna say that i totalllllly suck at replying to comments sometimes -- i have a crazy ass toddler who i am potty training, two teenagers, my lovah, oh and me (i am a full-time job alone!) -- that gets me slack right? anywho -- i read every single word and l♥ve you all for taking the time to just write let along write such nice things. and i always return the follow and the like -- it is the courteous thing to do and i fully support my fellow bloggers and am madly in love with this community -- the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

a-z (about my crazy ass)

(my big ol' head -- taken by me)

day: 14
hola gente de blog
translation: hello blog people!

(blame the enchiladas)

so i am kinda taking the lame-o way out tonight with this fill in the blank a-z thing…
(found this on a coolio blog named
capturing life’s magick and i totally ripped it off of course. (thanks danni for letting me steal your shit.)
but hear me out.
think of it as a way to get to know me better.
i mean i know you are just dying to know me better, right?

plus i kind obliged myself to NaBloPoMo
(national blog posting month)
little button right ova there -->

anywho – it’s a commitment to write every day in your blog
(weekends too lazy asses) for a month to generate your writing skills (hahahahaha) and so forth.
so yeah this is a cheap way out – but eff it – i wrote this today dammit!
and for the record – writing and running my mouth every single day is not exactly a challenge.

me from a-z
a. age: 41.4
b. bed size: full & don’t get me going because bri & i arent petite peeps & then add our daughter to the mix and well, you get a wee glimpse into my bed hell.
c. chore that you hate: ummm all of them? okay – toilet duty – three dudes in my house, need i say more?
d. dogs: i love dogs – our dog, buddy a sheltie, passed last year & with the prospect of moving and a toddler who is 99% housebroken – we will be dog-less for awhile. i need a break from poop duty.
e. essential start to your day: coffee, coffee, oh and umm coffee.
f. favorite color: deep purple – none of that lavender shit.
g. gold or silver: i like anything shiney & blingy
h. height: 5’9” on a good day
i. instruments you play: the skin flute – sorry couldn’t resist. i took piano but i couldn’t play a tune if ya held a gun to my head.
j. job title: mom extraordinaire/housebitch/sex slave by choice
k. kids: three rugrats – hunter 17, peyton 15, and skylar 2 – yeah major age gap but i cannot imagine my life without these three little
(okay my sons are like 6’2”) boogars.
l. live: west warwick, rhode island – that’s a mouthful, and not the good kind
m. mother’s name: sandra why? ya need a date? she is single and ready to mingle…
(she would kick my ass if she read this –heh)
n. nicknames: cyn short for cynthia or cynful if ya want me to be – purrrrr meow meow!
o. overnight hospital stays: just when i be birthin’ my babies
p. pet peeves: tardiness and especially without a phone call. it’s common courtesy people and burns my butter when someone just breezes in like the whole fucking world is just waiting on them. assholes.
q. quote from a movie: "nobody puts 'baby' in a corner." and don’t get me going on how utterly pissssssssed i am at the prospect of a remake. please tell me who on earth could ever replace patrick swayze as johnny castle? dumb movie dorks!
r. right or left handed: i am left brained
s. siblings: a brother i never see… my family is kinda fucked up – but then again most are. right?
u. underwear: okay this is where i get labeled a skank. no unless i am wearing a dress.
(see i am only halfa skank) i just don’t like em’ – never have really.
v. vegetable you hate: turnips and lima beans – those are the only veggies i don’t like period.
w. what makes you run late: i am never late – seriously i am anal-retentive about punctuality – read above!
x. x-rays you’ve had: . my chompers & that’s it.
y. yummy food that you make: chicken enchiladas!!!!
z. zoo animal: giraffe – did ya know they have like an 18- 20 inch long blue-ish tongue?
there ya have it… tmi?

in diet news: i was op and did the eliptical tonight for 30 minutes – a first since before skylar was born. remind me some day to tell you how you the gym can get you pregnant. no really it can.
happened to me…
true story!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

a quickie...

day: 13
we meet again bloggy peeps!

i am super wiped so just gonna make it a quickie (purrrrr).

today i went a over my daily points.
i had homemade enchiladas & wine tonight.
yummmmm and worth dippin’ into the weeklies!

i tracked my wine first thing this morning & then the enchiladas.
and yeah, i planned my whole day diet wise around it – don’t judge!
it’s the weekend and i wanna live a little.
if ya consider enchiladas and sangria livin’ a little?
well, you haven’t had my enchiladas though.
they kick ass and take names in the realm of enchiladas.

anywho – wanted to remind that tomorrow is that last day to link up...

misadventures of a chunky goddess

and i found this loverly hop & swore to spread the l♥ve!

goal tomorrow: hit the gym hard and evict those enchiladas off my ass!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!
*** thanking google images unless noted***