Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

my blog is moving!

day: 140
merry sunday blogdom!

well after many snafu’s, the inability to read a good portion of my fave blog’s let alone comment on them & the final straw where i can’t even edit my own freakin’ posts – i am bailing on blogger.
it’s been fun & blogger is certainly the best format to learn the in’s & out’s of bloggin (not that i am some expert – far from it) – but it’s time to move on down the road.
plus it’s cool to be a dot com now!
i hope you guys will still follow along – i will be following all of my faves still & commenting as always.

because i am not a blogspot blogger – you won’t be able to follow me in the traditional way.
so i have some coolio options for ya!
1. you can sign up for email notifications of new posts.
2. add me to your blogroll.
3. follow me on google+ .
4. or even facebook?
5. or twitter?
6. or ALL five!
whatever blows your skirt up !

so without further adieu…
here is my new location:
or just click here to go right there!
everything from this blog was imported to the new site -- i am still under construction & researching web hosts – but i can do the basic bloggin’ as is.
i will never delete my blogger blogs but the new blog will be the only blog i will be posting in from now on – even my purple goddess blog is going dark.

so adios blogger --- i will always have a soft spot for ya no matter how much of a spiteful, heartless whore you may be…

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Friday, January 20, 2012

weigh-in vol.19

day 138:
tee gee eye eff blogdom!
i’m backkkkkk…

so today was my weigh-in & I really wasn’t feeling it & was pretty confident that i was looking @ a gain. not much but a gain nonethless…

it’s been a bizarro week.
a little funkish & my head just wasn’t in the game.
but i did what i do (tracking, eating good, working out daily) & believe it or not – i stayed the same!
(my actual weight tracker!)

i will gladly take it & kinda nice to know that i can maintain.
(the daily workouts are the key!)(yeah here is my mug -- not my best photo but taken today!)

moving along…
after my rant yesterday about blogger (still being a dickhead to me even after following some suggestions & now won’t let me edit my own freakin’ posts) & how i was considering wordpress… yadda yadda.
well i was playing around on wordpress last night & decided to try and import some things from this blog just to see if i liked it.
i get it all imported and this pops up on my wordpress dashboard:

warning: we have a concern about some of the content on your blog. please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.

are you fucking kidding me?
wordpress hates me too?

so i was on lockdown @ wordpress all last night & i gotta tell ya – this does NOT impress me.
i realize i am not some g-rated mommy/crafty/sunshine shooting out my ass kinda blog – but am i SO bad that I need to have my content reviewed?!?!?!
just didn’t seem right?
then i got this email this morning…

Our apologies. The system should not have done that.
We have removed the warning in your dashboard and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

well thankin’ you anthony!
apparently a fluke but still… i had barely finished importing from blogger and wham-o – shut the fuck down!?!?!
i will stop now.

and i gotta tell ya folks…
despite the whole *lockdown* issue -- i am diggin’ wordpress.
especially with the upheaval of GFC, blogger & google+ going on.
i am still kinda lost about all that!?!
google+ is the new way to keep track of blogs/followers?
i dunno???
if anyone knows for sure – enlighten us dimwits (that would be ME) who are just clueless!

but as you can see i have been giving this blog a little facelift – so i haven’t totally jumped ship yet.
just trying out a new look . i like it – simple & to the point.
i am aiming for a *lifestyle blog*.
i wanna meld my two blogs by continuing to write about weight loss & my journey while incorporating my day-to-day life more.
with that being said -- i thought it better not to have butts & boobs on my header.
but for the record – i ♥ butts & boobs!
i will miss them…

another change is that after this weekend i am giving the *no more muffin top hop* a indefinite break. not that i don’t like doing it – it’s just time.

where this blog will go from here – not sure?
but my goal is to make it better!
like the bionic blog!

before I wrap this up – lemme end by saying that i have THREE birthday parties to attend this weekend. one for my cousin’s little girl (movie theater party – we will be seeing beauty & the beast on the big screen in 3 D!!!!), another for my bff’s daughter, and brian (my hunny) turns 38 on sunday! (that’s right – i am rockin’ that cradle like a MoFo!)
for the record – i am NOT going there where the birthday cake & movie popcorn are concerned. doing so will only lead to utter ugliness!

peace, l♥ve & rock on bloggy peeps!

no more muffin top weekend blog hop -- vol.16

day 138:
tee gee eye eff blogdom & welcome to…

misadventures of a chunky goddess

and because i was asked last week…
(via blogaholicnetwork.com)

Here are the basic Q&A's on blog hops:
1) What is a blog hop? A blog hop also called a link up is basically a widget, called a linky, that allows bloggers to add their blog to a list. The list can be on multiple sites or may just be on the site of the blogger hosting the hop.
2) What is the purpose of a blog hop? Blog hops allow you to visit other blogs, follow blogs you like, and gain followers.
3) How do I participate? It's easy, just follow the rules the host has left. Sometimes the host asks that you place the blog hop button on your site or in a post, others have no rules. You then add your blog to the list and then visit other blog from the list. When you find blogs you enjoy follow them and leave a comment.
4) Why should I leave a comment? Leaving a comment allows the blogger to know that you are now following them. However, there are a few rules of etiquette:
■Don't spam bloggers
■Don't ask bloggers to visit your site and follow you
■Try to leave a sincere comment. Comment on the post or their blog in general and then let them know you are stopping by from the blog hop. No need to ask them to stop by your blog, if they are participating they already know how it works.
5) How long is a blog hop? Blog hops typically last one day although some may last an entire weekend and specialty blog hops may last a week or more.
6) How many blogs should I visit? As many as you would like. Visiting blogs through blog hops takes time so you may not get to everyone on the list, the great things is most blog hops are weekly events so you can stop back b next week.
7) How do I find blog hops? We have a list of member blog hops here on the community. You can check out our member blog hop list here. Also many bloggers have buttons for blog hops in their sidebars if you see one that catches your eye click on it and usually you will be brought to the site that hosts the hop and you can find out more.
If you plan on attending blog hops to gain followers make sure you have a way for new followers to follow you. You can add the GFC widget to the sidebar of your blog ot if you use Blogger add the followers widget.

i hope that helps with some of the newer blogs & bloggers!
now for my hop…
as usual – no rules – link up whatever ya like – even giveaways & other hops!
rockin’ the hop button is always nice & i über appreciate all of you that do!
and if ya find a new blog that blows your skirt up – follow along & be sure to leave them a nice comment saying hello & tell them ya found them on *the no more muffin top* hop.
that’s it – easy peasy!

happiest friday & i will be back tonight to report on my weigh-in…
i feel a gain coming on & i am already okay with & prepared for it!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta this diem!

***blogger is still not allowing me to do basic editing like fonts/size/color & i think it sucks ass bigger than doo-dah***

Thursday, January 19, 2012

blogger vs. wordpress

day 137:
happy day-before-weigh-in bloggy peeps!

so i wanna kick blogger square in the gonads today.
yes it has balls – big, smug, uncooperative balls.

i have been having serious issue with this site for a week or better -- amongst the minor issues i have had for eons.
but lately i am unable to comment on certain blogs – not all – just certain ones? i can read the blog but if i hit the comment button either the whole page freezes or goes white?
and no it is not on my end. i have done everything possible – from upgrading my java & browser to screaming “FUCK YOU” right at my pc.
but then i enabled the “reply” feature (part of bloggers upgrades i might add) for my own comment form & now i cannot even do that on my own frickin’ blog?!?!

so i thought back to the last time i griped about blogger -- how i cannot stay signed into my own blog otherwise it becomes a total clusterfuck – and robin (
massholemommy) told me then that i needed to take the plunge & dump blogger right on it’s ass for wordpress.

so i started puttering around on wordpress today…
the thing is – i ♥ blogger. i love the community of amazing peeps (that would be you!) that i have been fortunate enough to come across & i love that blogger was my first “real” blog site. (i blogged way back when it was called journaling…)
blogger SUCKS!
at least for me lately it does.
and i am super leery of this whole swap to google blogs (or whatever the fuck they are gonna call it) & what a giant snafu that will be?
so i might be bailing ship…

i have been considering a few changes to my blog – nothing drastic – this will ALWAYS be about my journey & i will NEVER censor my posts, words, thoughts, etc.
sorry, you are stuck with my high heel wearing, eff bomb dropping ass!

but maintaining one blog is hard enough – let alone two – so i have been trying to find a way to transistion the two into one. and the truth is – i am much more a chunky goddess than a purple goddess any day.
i love my purple goddess blog – but i am not a *mommy blogger* in that traditional sense & this blog has always felt more like me from day one.

so that is where i am at…
i know some of you use & love wordpress & i am curious as to how hard the transition is?
did you swap all your blogger goodies to wordpress?
do you find it easier?
any input is greatly appreciated!

and to my die-hard blogger peeps (obviously blogger likes you!) – would ya still follow me if i jump ship & go to the *dark side*????

weigh-in & meeting tomorrow – i know i said this last week but i feel like i might have a little gain – just haven’t been on my game this week & i swear when your head isn’t in it the rest follows…
we’ll see?

happy thursday!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta this diem!

can you fucking believe that as i am posting this i am having MAJOR issues editing this post?!?!?! are the blogger police watching me or has blogger completely shit the bed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

getting uncomfortable...

day 136:

merry wednesday-ness blogdom!
hold on – this might be long-winded…

so i wrote on monday that i was in a slump & not having the best of days…
(i have had a few lately truth be told)
between the holidays & then my little girl getting so sick – i think it has been really hard to get back into the swing of things?
i was going through the motions & doing the things i needed to do – but i am certainly not going out of my way to exert any energy to push life past my *comfort zone*…

i know this is so cliché – but…

(ya know i gotta toss the jillian wisdom in there every now & again)

so yesterday i am took my existance back…
i choose not to exist in the meh where I feel incapable & a little unwilling.
i am choosing to kickass & push myself past the point of no return. because i do not want to return to that icky blah feeling!
i know sometimes in depression you can’t always will yourself outta the funks – but sometimes you most certainly can. motivation comes from many sources but the kind that counts the most comes from within…

moving along & going in a totally different direction but i do have a point to this…
so yesterday i had a teeth cleaning but let me state this right up front – i am not dentist friendly.
and i know this is horrible but i let a lot of years pass without a visit (just keeping it honest no matter how embarrassing that is). and as hypocritical as this may sound – nothing skeeves me more than fucked up teeth. sorry if that’s offensive & bitchy – but that’s how i feel & i know how ass backwards that sounds coming from someone who avoids the dentist like the plague!
not making lame excuses but you know how it is when you are in your 20s & 30s – you think you’re invincible & nothing will ever happen to you. well i learned the hard way that isn’t the case. i finally relented & saw a dentist a little over a year ago & surprisingly, minus a few minor cavities & the need for a deep cleaning my teeth were a-okay. i mean i am not some grub – i do brush several times a day – totally suck at flossing though & i got my ass chewed for that.
but i digress…
so last year i was on track to getting back to regular dental care & then my shit former job got insane & i totally missed my last two appointments for another cleaning & one last cavitiy to be taken care of.
fast forward a year + later & here i am back at square one. now i have three very small cavitites (grrrr really?!?!) & my teeth needed a deep cleaning.
my last cleaning a year ago wasn’t the best experience – i am sorry but that shit effin’ hurts & i loathe that feeling of the metal hook thingy scraping my teeth – it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!
(my freakazoid anal retentive dental flossing boyfriend LOVES to get his teeth cleaned?!?!)
but at least the hygentist was super nice & very attentive to my chicken shit needs.
well yesterday i got the OTHER hygentist.
the eva braun of dental hygiene i might add.
this bitch MUST work out because i thought for sure she was ripping my teeth out or at the very least scraping the enamel off of them!
it was fucking horrible & i swear i am traumatized. (okay i might be exaggerating but it sucked gorilla nuts for sure!)
i don’t think my teeth have been this clean since the 1980s.
i will be seeing my dentist for four mondays in a row starting on january 30th to get the fillings taken care of (why we can’t do this all in one go i dunno?) & i already have my appointment in july for another deep cleaning (shivers).
i am vowing to not let another year go by without being a good dental patient – no matter how much it scares the crap outta me! because this is what i need to do to be healthy & the best me possible!

which brings me to my point…
i know i have said this before but this journey i am on is about so much more than a number on the scale/losing weight.
it might be the thing that motivated me to get off my ass & has brough me a lot of self-esteem -- but 4 ½ months in & i realize it is about so much more.
it is about taking care of myself – body, mind & soul & becoming the best me i can be!
sometimes that means getting uncomfortable (yeah that again) & doing things that i might not like, that don’t feel so hot, or are not fun.
but that is life & i would rather be living life good & bad than burying my head in a proverbial hole & being that girl who turned a blind eye & didn’t lead her own life.
and if something mundane like the dentist steers me even further in that direction – then bring it on!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta this diem!
I missed biggest loser last night because goddess group resummed this week – but I will be watching it tonight!

wanna contact me in a more personal manner than my comment form? feel free to email me: chunkygoddess@verizon.net !

Monday, January 16, 2012


day 134:

monday monday bloggerville!

i am waving the white flag…
i am officially in a foul mood, tired & life is kickin’ my ass.
okay – well the foul mood & tired part is true at least – life kicks everyone’s ass – what makes me so fuckin’ special?
i have seemed to have lost my mojo in the past week or so?
i am still doing what i do but some days lately it has been a total struggle.
i am still tracking my food & eating well…
still doing my daily dose of jillian…
but i am not putting forth any extra effort to push myself a little harder.

i want to run…
but i haven’t -- not since that one day last week i got the wild hair across my ass...
and i haven’t a valid excuse so i won’t even try to muster one up for good measure!
maybe i need some of this?
i’m in a funk – it happens – and trust me, with my depression i am used to this – only a million times worse & more often.
the old me woulda done this to ease the pain…
the new me says *fuck that noise!*
it will pass & i will kick it back into high gear but for now i am just coasting along…

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta this diem!

**wanna contact me in a more personal manner than my comment form? feel free to email me: chunkygoddess@verizon.net.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

lazy sunday with pinterest vol.8 : the dream wedding edition

day 133:
between xmas, new year’s & a sick child it has been a few weeks since i have posted but…
welcome to…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="http://chunkygoddess.blogspot.com/" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/--xpqGj5_Tec/TtQro_ypnSI/AAAAAAAAKeg/jCHIYdGYYgw/s300/pinterest-cover-story.pgp.jpg" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

the dream wedding edition!
this is my homage to one of my most favorite addictions/past times – pinterest.
if you are pinhead like me – come find me!
Follow Me on Pinterest

so as i reported earlier this week – i finally fit in my
wedding dress -- which is a HUMONGOUS turning point in my relationship.
brian & i are totally committed to one another wedding or not – but i do want to marry him (despite draggin my feet for a year +) & now that i am feeling more confident (and better) in my own skin – let the wedding planning commence!
so this post is filled with wedding perfection in my brain & if money were no object – i would be more than dreaming…
but enough gabbing – let’s get to the goodies!

you’re invited!
something like this would probably rile the family up & be talked about for ages to come… the antagonist is me l♥ves it!

if i were to have my perfect dream wedding it would be outdoors in perfect 70-75 degree weather going late into the evening as dancing under the stars would be a dream come true.
it would be casual, easy going, & most of all FUN!

the ceremony…
definitely outdoors at dusk… i want to say my vows amongst family, friends & nature!
purple fabulosity!
(uploaded by user)

this is heavenly…
(uploaded by user)

my dress…
i am just not the foo-foo princess dress type. i LOVE it on other people – just not me.
these are more my style…

this is about as *formal* as I would ever get & simply because I adore elie saab –- he is the master of gowns. but i still feel like this just isn’t me? oh who am i kiddin' -- i would rock the shit outta this gown... heh!
a tale of four cities

this is very me & very similar to my dress (only mine isn't that short) – even in my dream wedding i would choose my current dress.
(uploaded by user)

i am on the fence where veils are concerned – but if i do decide to go the veil route – this type of veil with the netting is perfection! ( i even love the hair!)
wearable artz – etsy shop

and i MOST definitely will be wearing purple shoes…

i am also not planning on bridesmaids as i know that not everyone considers that an honor – heh. but in my dream wedding they would have no choice & i would love something like this! mismatched dresses of the bridesmaid's choice (minus the red though) in the shade of purple & style of their choice.
martha stewart weddings

the reception…
i dream of long tables, all of my guests dining together – NO head table, round tables & seating charts. good music, dancing, a beautifully catered meal (with a vegan option), served by a professional wait staff, great wine, candles, flowers, strings of lights & simplicity…

s w o o n – this is my wedding dream!
style me pretty

dancing outdoors under a lit tree & the stars? yes, yes, YES!
martha stewart weddings

open bar of course– i adore the chandelier hanging from the tree!
snippet & ink

centerpieces annoy me – especially the ginormous tall ones that you have to look around to see the person sitting across from you. i like a more simplistic approach. fresh flowers, white candles, clear dishes & glasses.
style me pretty

i love the idea of individual little angel cakes. i absolutely abhor the whole cut the cake thing & smashing me in the face with my own wedding cake will NEVER happen! no offense to peeps who like that – that just annoys me!
martha stewart weddings

wedding favors WILL be some sort of live plant/flower in a pot that hopefully my guests will plant and/or tend to! my 1st choice would be succulents because i love them so!
the wedding chicks blog

i could say frig this & let disney plan & do the whole thing & fly everyone i know & love to disney world for the wedding of a lifetime?!?! heh.
disney event photography

like i have said before – i totally lack the bridal gene (although i am pretty opinionated about what i like & don’t like huh?). i love to watch other people go over-the-top but for me that seems obscene? even if money were no option i could never justify $40,000 for a gown & hundreds of thousands of dollars for the wedding itself.
gimme the simple life any day!
(bridal gene or not – this was fun!)

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!
if ya’ll feel like takin’ a gander --- go check out my mama/photography blog
the purple goddess & follow along!

Friday, January 13, 2012

weigh-in vol.18

day 131:
happy tee gee eye effin eff bloggyhood!

so let’s get to the goods shall we?
weigh-in went better than i thought – i was down .6lbs & ya know down is always better than up so yeehaw!

we (my mom & i – she is my weight watcher buddy) went to an earlier weight watcher meeting today. in the meeting a gal received her 100 lb. charm.
umm wow!
and she was so gracious about it & so empowering. while i may not have that much weight to lose it still made me feel like i can do this!
i love my meetings – i know i would not be as successful without them (and this blog!).

we also went technologically savvy @ weight watchers today. whole new system that automatically posts your weigh-in to your weight tracker on the weight watcher e-tools!
i love shit like that!
you still have to manually change it on your ww profile – but i can live with that!

now something complete off-topic:
i was reminded today that when push comes to shove & the feelings of the peeps i love are at stake – i will turn into the bitch goddess from HELL with no mercy & no limitations to my wrath.

i am a force to be reckoned with & i pity the fool who does!

sorry i am slacking on the hop today amongst other things. seriously – my daughter being so sick for a week has thrown our whole lives off. i feel shitty for not replying to all of your comments because i do read every single one & they mean so much to me. along with your blogs! i am reading faithfully – i just don’t always time to construct a thought let alone type a comment.
bottom line: i simply adore you all to pieces! xxoo!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

as usual – no rules – link up whatever ya like – even giveaways & other hops!
rockin’ the hop button is always nice & i über appreciate all of you that do!
and if ya find a new blog that blows your skirt up – be sure to leave them a comment saying you are a new follower & tell them ya found them on *the no more muffin top* hop.
that’s it – easy peasy!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

tanning booth confessions vol.6

day 130:
merry weigh-in eve bloggy peeps!

so it’s been awhile & in honor of my triumphant (heh) return to the gym last night which also included a visit to the tanning booth (soooooo effin’ relaxing – oh how i have missed thee tanning booth) – i am bringing back…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="http://chunkygoddess.blogspot.com/" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Wys9zSohkic/Tm4J93PL8FI/AAAAAAAAIEU/c_p27oUWSHA/s300/img0554tbc2.jpg" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
the random thoughts that permeate my sick twisted little brain whilst standing buck-ass naked in a tanning booth for the longest ten minutes of my life…

in situations like this you have no choice but to come clean and say it like it is…
so here goes – light a candle, chuck life the bird, and fess the fuck up!
(disclaimer: not all things posted will be traditional confessions – but certainly random!)

so let’s begin!

last night was the 1st time i have been to the gym since december 12th – wow! the guy at the desk had that “where the heck have you been?” look on his face – but it’s the *no judgement* zone @ planet fitness so he didn’t say mum. his face said enough…

everytime i go shopping i feel compelled to try on jeans just to make sure i am really a size 11/12. i know it sounds insane but i haven’t worn this size since the 1980s & i am having a real hard time convincing myself that this isn’t some fluke! and furthermore wearing clothes that actually fit & are not overly baggy in a vain effort to *cover* areas that i don’t want seen is completely foreign to me as well.

i ♥ tjmaxx & especially this time of year when they have AH-MAY-ZING clearance prices. i got a pair of jeans (size 11), some skinny navy blue super soft cords (size 11), two shirts (size medium) AND a dress (size medium) all for $37.00! and i didn’t want to scratch my own eyes out in the dressing room which is a MAJOR nsv (non-scale victory).
*a little head’s up – bathing suits/bikinis are already making their grand entrance into the stores*

i ate at the local (shithole) buffet yesterday. but in my defense – it is the ONLY place on the planet that my picky eating/recently sick daughter will eat (don’t ask me why – it is a mystery to us as well) & because she had basically gone SIX damn days without barely a nibble; drastic measures needed to be taken. as someone trying to eat healthy & vegan – this place is a virtual nightmare. seriously – even their veggies were cooked in GOBS of butter & the green beans had some sort of pork product (ew ew ew) in them to *flavor*. blech! i stuck with the salad bar – which was actually very nice --- lotsa fresh fruit & even some some beautiful mixed geens.

brian asked me yesterday if i was *skinny* (his word not mine) enough to marry him yet. i have written before about what a vain mofo i am & how i have come to terms with the fact that the reason we aren’t married yet & i have been dragging my feet is because i didn’t want to be a fat bride. i don’t want to look back on that day or at photos & all i can focus on is that i didn’t feel or look my best! (and please don’t send me snarky emails – i am not saying you need to be *thin* to be a beautiful bride. this is my personal preferrence & i am entitled.)

brian’s question got me to thinking – so i tried on
my wedding dress & for the 1st time EVER it zipped all the way up! IT FITS!!!! and i love it! i can actually envision myself getting married…
so i guess i will be planning a wedding for real?
don’t ask when – i gotta process the fact that i can zip my dress up first!

i missed a good portion of the last hour of biggest loser (spoiler alert) tuesday night because i was snoozin’. i did see the beginning of the weigh-in’s & i did see mike get voted off the ranch (he was kinda creepy anyhow). and i know kim kinda fucked up making that bet – but i still like her – she is like me – all or nuttin’! and i like emily too – they are my faves – ironically the two peeps brought in without a partner!

i am not feeling super confident about tomorrow’s weigh-in. i might have a gain? maybe not? i certainly don’t think i lost much if anything at all. i have had a good string of pretty impressive weigh-in’s for the past month or so – i feel like i am due for a gain? it’s part of the process – everyone gains – so i am prepping myself for it. either way – i WILL be at my weigh-in/meeting & owning my shit!

i am back to wearing thongs & have officially chucked all my granny panties & brian is suddenly much nicer to me… heh. yeah my butt can fit in them again without them rolling down & making me mental! YAY! Another NSV!

i literally have been writing this post ALL FREAKIN’ DAY as my daughter has been abducted by aliens & they have replaced her with some sort of alien pod baby. seriously, i know she is just getting over being wicked sick & i love her more than life itself but W T F kid?!?! she screamed, yelled, kicked, stomped & cried on & off ALL day & if i didn’t have weigh-in tomorrow i would be downing the bottle of wine in the fridge right now!

so there ya have it – no shame in my game!

what do ya need to get off your ta-ta’s?!?!
spill it…
then cross your eyes, make the sign of the devil horns, and drink a double hail bloody mary and all is forgiven…

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!
if ya’ll feel like takin’ a gander @ my alien pod baby & the rest of my crazy brood --- go check out my mama/photography blog
the purple goddess & follow along!