Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tanning booth confessions vol.5

day 86:
happy tuesday my bloggah’s!
so because i actually made it to the gym @ a decent hour today & tanned in a booth with brandy-new bulbs (
it’s the little things that blow my skirt up) i decided it was time to come clean & divulge some…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="http://chunkygoddess.blogspot.com/" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Wys9zSohkic/Tm4J93PL8FI/AAAAAAAAIEU/c_p27oUWSHA/s300/img0554tbc2.jpg" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

the random thoughts that permeate my sick twisted little brain whilst standing buck-ass naked in a tanning booth for the longest ten minutes of my life…

in situations like this you have no choice but to come clean and say it like it is…
so here goes – light a candle, chuck life the bird, and fess the fuck up!

i am becoming one of those oddballs gym people who stand in front of the mirror & flex their guns (
or mini pistols in my case). i don’t do it at the gym per say (that would require an intervention if i did) but i do it just about everywhere else. but in my defense – i have never had actual worked.my.ass.for.them muscles – so excuse me while i gloat a bit! and i am pretty sure if i ask brian one more time to feel my muscle he might divorce me even though we aren’t even married yet.

i haven’t taken my crockpot off the shelf, let alone cooked in it, in well over a month or better. so i may not crockpot like a mofo afterall…

i am truly flabbergasted how much i can eat now that i am avoiding the junkfood. it is amazing how many points+ i waste on crap food that does nothing to keep me satisfied let alone have any nutrional value. since taking the sweet tooth challenge (button & info on my side bar over there --> ) i feel like all i do is eat & i feel content – not bloated & weighed down! yeah it’s been kinda hard – but it is getting easier every single day & all i can say is thank gawd for the
green monster smoothie!

i do not get the fascination with taylor swift & find her extremily annoying – especially the babe in the woods act. c’mon honey – we all know you have banged half of hollywood – drop the innocent act already & lose the silly ringlets!
yeah, apparently i am a hater?

biotin works…

i am still stalling on the c25k – in my defense i have so much going on – but i also admit that if i really was committed i would be all over that shit.
running? why oh why do you elude me so?

so there ya have it – no shame in my game!
what do ya need to get off your ta-ta’s?!?!
spill it…
then cross your eyes, make the sign of the devil horns, and drink a double hail bloody mary and all is forgiven…

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Monday, November 28, 2011

monday musings...

day 85:
happy monday blogosphere!

so now that the hustle & bustle of thanksgiving is behind us i am super ready to get back to life as we know it.
i think i totally psyched myself out last week – over-thinking the potential foodfest that would be & ultimately sabatoged any decent plan of attack i might have had.
live & learn & something i will not be repeating over xmas!

this time of year is just tough…
and not just in respect to diet. we are all under our own unique pressure & sometimes it can be crumbling & if you are an emotional eater like me & which i suspect most of us are – well it can lead to that which we are trying so hard to avoid.
last year i gained 7 lbs between thanksgiving & xmas. i also avoided my w8 watcher meetings for that 4 week span & did not track & certainly did not exercise. i was working like a fiend at the time & assumed that would be enough & obviously i was oh-so-wrong.
(aren’t i always when i think i know better?!?!)
this year that will not happen.
i will attend my weekly meetings & weigh-in’s no matter what
(this past friday case in point).
i will continue to track & exercise daily.
and while i hope to lose – i will be happy not to gain during these next four weeks!

i have learned in these past 50 days
(today is day 20 on the ripped in 30 if you can believe that!) that i need my daily workout – it makes everything okay; truly. it is my one time of the day that is solely about me & my needs & i need that. (don’t we all?) it allows me to focus on me & not be overwhelmed by all that life is throwing on my lap. and even when the workout is over i am so elated to have completed it that nothing gets me down!
oh & the added health benefits & the fact that i have noticeable weight loss & muscle tone is just a BONUS!

speaking of the ripped in 30…
as i stated, today is day 20 (
tab above details my process) & i am on the tail end of level 3 which is just insanity! i have been able to do most of it but there are a few movements that i am just like *what the fuck* about.
table dips are not my friend!
lunge jacks are also not my friend.
duck walk – blech!
and that’s just a few.

it is without a doubt a whole new level of intense & not completely unattainable – but yesterday was the 1st day i got through it without pausing or copping out on a movement & i am 5 days in.
jillian is the master of pushing you to your limits all while telling you not to quit & that you can do it!
i ♥ her!
and i hear level 4 is just a whole new sorta hell… *gulp*!

also i am 4 days in on the sweet tooth challenge – 21 days of no junkfood.
day 2 so far was the hardest – my sweet tooth nearly got the best of me – but i stayed strong. i knew this was going to be tough & am trying to redefine my idea of a *treat* & *sweets*.
i bought a new blender & am on a smoothie kick – they are filling & sweet!
i make one with plain greek yogurt, fruit & fresh spinach in the morning & have another sans yogurt in the evening for a snack. the one without the yogurt is zero points!
it gets my fruit in, curbs the sweet craving, & it’s healthy!

i wanted to end today with a link to one of my most fave blogs of all time –
life after I “dew”-- the 1st blog i ever *followed* even.

shannon is a real gal who says it like it is & has the most adorable little girl & cutie-pie hubby! oh and she is not hard on the eyes either & recently lost 47lbs the right way by diet & exercise.
okay enough gushing…
she wrote this post:
healthy today & i just had to pass it along!
if you are a pintrest freak like me/us then you must see all the *thinspirations* floating around along with such mishapped advice on how to become these skeletor-esque women.
this photo was labeled as *thinspiration* and the pinner actually said “nice ribs”!?!?!

i think diet & weight is so personal & every person is entitled to strive for their own ideal – but i have to agree with shannon in that most mainstream ideals are unrealistic & certainly sending out the wrong message!
thanks shannon – you nailed it today with her post & it is a MUST read & as a gal in quest of a healthy fit body & as a mother of little girl it really rang true!
I never want my beautiful little girl to ever feel like she needs to be some emaciated being to be accepted & deemed ideal!
with that i bid adieu & post this question to you all?
what do you think of the *thinspirations* out there?!?!
do they inspire or terrify you?

for the record – this is what inspires me!
peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

lazy sunday with pinterest vol.4

day 84:
welcome bloggy peeps!
it’s time for…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="http://chunkygoddess.blogspot.com/" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/--xpqGj5_Tec/TtQro_ypnSI/AAAAAAAAKeg/jCHIYdGYYgw/s300/pinterest-cover-story.pgp.jpg" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
my homage to one of my most favorite addictions/past times – pinterest.
if you are pinhead like me – come find me!
Follow Me on Pinterest

so let’s get down to the goodies & unless noted otherwise (
uploaded by user) all links will take you to the original site for details, pricing, & recipes!

i always start off with a coolio outfit & this is one i just l♥ve – i have a slight addiction to black & white stripes lately & added with some skinny red jeans & alexander mcqueen boots – s w o o n! my soon-to-be thinner ass will be sporting something similar to this!

(uploaded by user)

a measuring cup that also weighs? ummm yes please! seriously this is genius – especially for those of us who measure/weigh everything that enters our mouth!

cauliflower pizza crust? and it seems relatively easy to make & delish! i am not sure of the points plus values but it has to be much lower than regular flour crust & healthier!
i must make this!

everything about this hair rocks! the cut, the color, the shine – fabulous!
(uploaded by user)

i definitely need some new workout gear! i firmly believe the better you feel you look the more apt you are to get out there & workout – this would make me wanna hit the gym all the damn time!
(werk it)

and pink workout gloves? oh yes please santa!
(uploaded by user)

for all my fellow photography nuts – a bokeh dress? how stinkin’ cool is this!?!?!
(ermie blog)

for all my badasses out there!
(build a little biz blog)

how friggen true is this?
(get out of the box)

and last but not least…
love this!!! i am down for this plan fo’ sho’!

(i’ve got the power)

and there ya have it – some of my faves from the week!

before i end today i wanted to make a disclaimer of sorts…
i am not a doctor or even in the medical field.
i am not a personal trainer or a dietician.
i am not endorsed by anyone or even receiving free goodies to write about or promote a certain workout or product.
i am just an average chick out there trying to live a healthier life & i have never proclaimed to be an expert or recommended that anyone do the things i am doing. if the things i am doing offend you or are not what you think will work for you – then don’t do them.
all i have ever tried to do is tell MY story of MY journey.
and while i love you all – the bottom line is that this blog is about me & i write it for me!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Friday, November 25, 2011

weigh-in vol.11

day 82:
black friday bloggy l♥ve!

before i get down to biz – just an fyi – i will not be posting a *no more muffin top weekend hop* this week due to holiday & all. but it will be back next friday – bigger and badass-er than eva!

in the meantime – here are some other kickass hops to link up to!

Weekend Wisdom

here is my friday funny contribution:

indeed -- heh heh!

A Daft Scots Lass

so onto the subject @ hand – my weigh-in.
i gained 1.8lbs. – the 1st significant gain since i rejoined w8 watchers 12 weeks ago.
am i happy about it?
of course not – but i am trying to think of it as not a *real* gain. i ate a lot of salty, heavy foods yesterday that i normally wouldn’t eat & add on the fact that i am pms’n like a mofo & well 1.8lbs isn’t that bad.
i was prepared for a gain so i am taking it in stride & quite well.
besides gains are part of the process & only fuel my fire to have a better week!
keeping that better week in mind -- my hunny & i are starting this challenge today…
we are aiming for 21 days (rumor has it that is how long it takes to formulate new habits) & here is the list of goodies we are steering clear from…
athough i personally do not see anything overly bad about natural peanut butter & i rarely eat it – so it is not on of my list of no-no foods.
i am not even remotely religious but i just did the sign of the cross & said a mini-prayer to the healthy food gods & goddesses to give me strength as i am a bonafide junkfood junkie!
no really – i am & have been known to skip entire meals in lieu of chips & dip and/or ding dongs with a m&m chaser.
yeah – i am that bad & even 12 weeks in i struggle with my junkfood addiction!
but i am giving it a whirl & i am of the type that if i set my mind to something – i generally achieve it.

why am i setting limitations & depriving myself?

i am ready to have the healthy eating habits to go along with my newfound fitness habits & eating cleaner has been a goal of mine since day 1.
does that mean a snicker bar or dorito will never pass these lips?
ummm no – nor would i want to live a life without fun foods.
but i need to detox & concentrate on fueling my body with healthier foods!
plus i wanna make it through one holiday season at least maintaining & not on the plus side! last year i gained about 7lbs between thanksgiving & xmas & i do want a repeat performance or the tight britches that goes with it.
i fucking love the person i am becoming & am willing to do whatever it takes to aid that new rockin’ chica in any & all efforts.
i am worth the sacrifices!

well i truly hope you all made it through black friday physically unharmed – i know your psyche has to be a bit warped – i warned ya bitches be pepper spray wielding crazy!
(isn’t that just fuckin’ sad – i hope that psychopath gets the book slammed at her but good!)

i stayed home today – no sale was worth it. i have the patience of a flea & there isn’t enough wellbutrin in the universe to convince me to go shopping on this hellish day!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

i be blessed & shit...

day 81:
happy thanksgiving blogdom!
i had a whole *what i am thankful for* sorta post in mind for today – but eh…
i know i am blessed beyond belief – no need to point out the obvious!
i wanted to post some shots of my 15 year old son peyton & i taken this morning before we departed on our 5k walk!
yup – we participated & completed the…
in about 50 minutes – give or take.
even some 39 degree weather could stop us!

the rest of the day has been pretty mellow – just my peeps & some serious turkey carnage!

i tried my hardest not to gobble ‘til i wobbled – i have weigh-in tomorrow morning if ya can even believe that shit.
talk about a glutton for punishment aye?
it’s one weigh-in during one week & it will not define me!

so bring on the pumpkin pie!
and the wine…

I truly hope each & every one of you wonderous peeps had the best day & that it was filled with love, laughter, and giblet gravy as good as my mom makes!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving eve

day 80:
wowies – 80 days?
you don’t say?

bloggy peeps!
happy thanksgiving eve!
in my younger days i would be stoked as this is one of the biggest party nights all year – did ya know that?
back in the day i used to party like a rock star & sadly i can recall one thanksgiving being so hungover that i couldn’t eat dinner & having my mom livid @ me…
heh – that woman deserves the sainthood dealing with my crazy-ass!
no really – she does. i was a force to be reckoned with & wilder than a rooster on crack!
tonight things will be so very different.
i will be chillin’ with the skylar…
my sons will be @ their dad’s for most of the evening…
and brian is working – yeah working until like midnight setting up signage (
he is in retail) for all you crazies who need to shop on thanksgiving.
yes, his place of biz is open tomorrow for awhile.
seriously – peeps who shop on holidays need their head’s examined or at least a new hobby!
and you would never catch me out on black friday – i don’t care if they were giving shit away. i have spent enough time in retail myself & bitches be crazy!

tomorrow should be a pretty mellow day – the parade in the morning, dinner around 1ish, i usually take a bunch of family photos to prep for xmas cards, & then the rest of the day will just us being us.
sounds perfect to me!
oh and of course i am still doing this 1st thing in the morning…
and i ♥ thanksgiving – it’s a mellow holiday that requires no hustle & bustle & gift giving. not that i don’t enjoy giving & receiving gifts – but at least there is one holiday out there that they haven’t commericialized the fuck outta!

eating/diet wise – i have a gameplan – portion control, no soda, loading up on veggies, one serving of one dessert.
good plan aye?
but it’s all about the execution & i am curious if i can be steadfast & stick to the plan!?
and if i don’t?
it’s one day & one fuckin’ day doesn’t define me nor will it derail me!
so there thanksgiving!
so i am two weeks into ripped in 30 (
click the tab above for details).
i start level 3 today & from what i hear & have read – it is pretty intense & level 4 is just a whole other kinda crazy – but let’s not go there just yet.
i am excited about upping my level because i know it will be harder & i enjoy the challenge. i may not do the workout perfectly but i give it a 199%!
i decided to wait until the very end of the challenge to take measurements & photos & i am also tacking on 2 days on week 4 to make it a true 30 day challenge.
so 2 weeks from friday the results will be in!
how is everyone else out there doing on their respective challenges – jillian michaels or otherwise?!?!?!

i got some new challenges starting in the upcoming days/weeks – sweet tooth starts friday & i gotta admit that the junkfood junkie in me is terrified…
happy hump day – go forth & hump!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Monday, November 21, 2011

monday mish-mash

day 78:
monday monday bloggerville!

so what’s new & exciting in the world of blogs?
in my neck of the woods it’s all about my new kicks!
i just decided to go with my doc’s recommendation & the consensus here
(thanks rachel!) – saucony!

okay i seriously love these shoes & not just because they have some rockin’ purple laces & soles! they are light, comfy, & the second i put them on i felt like running!
matter of fact i logged in my fastest walk yesterday wearing these badass shoes!
i am thinking c25k (
couch to 5k) next week perhaps?
i have yet to run in them but i am pretty confident. i just wish i liked the treadmill more – but i loathe it truth be told.

i am still giving my knee time to heal – and it feels a lot better – but i am not 100% & feel pain during lunges/squats. if i am not better by the weekend – i will go back next week.
is it bad that i want a cortisone shot in the worst way?!?!?!
here is skylar, my 2 year old daughter, feigning a *boo-boo* so she can wear my knee brace. she finds it cool while i find it quite annoying… heh!

for the record – i am not ready for thanksgiving & i am not even the one cooking – my mom is.
i am trying extra hard to keep on track this week so i can cut loose on thursday – not overly crazy-like – but i wanna enjoy my day. and i will be @ my weigh-in/meeting on friday – yeah, as in the day after thanksgiving. it is what it is -- and i am prepared for a gain.
one day out of the year will not derail or define me.
the good news is that i am still doing this...
(click on the icon on my sidebar for more details & to join)

on friday brian & i are partaking in…
i am sure you guys have seen this *no junkfood challenge* floating around – 21 days of no chips, cookies, candy, white bread, ice cream, etc. – well this particular challenge is along the same premise & hosted by the always lovely maren @ from cow to wow.
she is a total peach & her blog is just awesomeness!
go check her out & join in the challenge if ya like.

this doesn’t change my view on not depriving yourself – but i definitely need a junk food detox & sweets are my biggest weakness!
besides – 21 days is the recommended amount of time to formulate new habits – and after doing the 30 day shred – i totally agree! i want new eating habits to go along with my new workout habits!
i wanna share another blog --fit2fat2fit -- i stumbled upon via pintrest – of course.
this man just blows me mind!
he intentionally let himself completely go for 6 months – no exercise & consuming as many calories/fat as he could resulting in a 70lb. gain! he is currently on the road back to losing the weight (3 weeks in) & getting back into shape. i am not exactly sure if i agree with his methods – he is eating a ridiculous low amount of calories daily – but it is interesting to read nonetheless.
he includes recipes, his meal plan, workout routine, vlogs, and a basic blog as well.
his goal is to relose the weight in 6 months as well & i am curious to see how & if he does it.

speaking of goals – since the day i began this journey – sept.5, 2011 – i never really set specific goals other than not to quit & to try & lose 6lbs. a month for the first 4 months. i figured that would take me through the holidays & i could then really form some solid goals.
now that i have surpassed where i ever expected i would be at this point i am really thinking that i need to formulate some legit goals. so for the next month or so i am going to contemplate what i want to accomplish in 2012 – because i have a lot that i want to accomplish!
it’s never too early to make plans for success!

well luvies – that’s all i got – run amuck & have a fuckin’ fantabulous day!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!