this is my daily chronicle while i shred my way through jillian michaels dvd workouts...
i am real, honest & at times pretty gritty about the process -- but that's just me!

30 day shred
grab the button and join the challenge if ya wanna...
misadventures of a chunky goddess
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okay so i am having serious deja vu -- i have taken this challenge before.  a few months back even.  but i allowed every excuse i could muster up be valid enough to quit so i could restart and quit all over again.
this time is it.
i want an active, healthy lifestyle & i truly believe i can only achieve that with daily movement.  okay, maybe the 30 day shred is extreme -- but then again maybe not?  i am sick of selling myself short!  aren't you too?
this is the only life ya got -- if not now, then when?

starting weight: 195.8
dress size: 16
waist: 42.5"
hips: 43"
bust: 39"
arms: 15"
thighs: 24"

*disclaimer* these are strictly my opinions of jillian michaels 30 day shred – i am in no way being endorsed (although that would be freakin awesome) or prompted to either try or write about this workout.  i  heard how intense it is & i wanted to challenge myself by completing it.  my daily diary & thoughts are from my heart & no holds bar!

october 10th
so day one complete.  i sweated my beans off -- not even gonna lie.  but it was easier than the first time i attempted it back in early summer.  obviously this past month of super pushing myself @ the gym has paid off!
i feel good about this.
i am gonna do it this time!

october 11th
day two done & already feeling it.
wow am i feeling it.
if it works; it hurts!
but i will be self-medicating with some advil and am not giving up!
this shit is hard because it fuckin' works!
i took the above photo today -- yeah, kill me now please!
i know it could be worse & has -- but wtf?
muffin top anyone?
and i have my shorts on inside out -- hahaha!
i am such a ditz, but ya gotta love my effort, no?

october 12th
day three done!
i am sore but not as sore & i swear i feel *different* already?
i know, i know -- but i am just being real.  and i really feel different... heh!
maybe it's empowerment?
maybe it's strength?
maybe it's just me feeling extra fucking special?
who cares?
i feel effin' good!

october 13th
day four & still kickin' it.
it amazes me how this little unassuming (okay it's jillian but really the movements/exercise aren't too extreme on level one at least) video can kick your ass!  i go to the gym and spend 45-60 minutes on the elliptical & then do a 30 minute circuit workout and do not sweat nearly as much as i do with this workout!
true fuckin' story!
all i know is that it is getting easier.  i am still sore & oddly enough the sore area(s) change daily.
i know i have worked muscles in the past 4 days that have been dormant for decades!
hurts so good.
i am soooo gonna finish this challenge & be better body, mind & soul for it!

october 14th
day five complete!
definitely getting a wee bit easier... i am even doing better on the push-ups!  but that does not mean i am doing the hard military version!  i totally lack in upper body strength for that!  but someday...
i and 1/6th done with the challenge -- doncha l♥ve how i break it up mathematically?
i feel good.
i feel strong.
i feel fuckin' empowered!
go me go!

october 15th
day six done!
and jillian is sooo right -- it is much easier past day five.  i swear; anyone who can get through that first 6 minute circuit can prolly finish the whole workout because the first 6 minutes are the hardest.  to me at least.
i gotta give mad props to my new kicks -- as seen above.  i got these sa-weet nikes @ tjmaxx yesterday for a mere twenty dollah!
it's nice to wear a nice shoe that is actually designed to support your foot whilst you workout/exercise.  i have never allowed myself to have nice tennies.  but fuck that noise -- i am worth it and deserve to kick ass in nice kicks!
life is good & i feel so freakin' awesome!

october 16th
day 7 kaput!
okay so i was so not into doing the shred today.  doesn't mean i wouldn't have -- but it woulda been solely because i am committed & refuse to quit.  but then i tried on a pair of juinor size 13 jeans that haven't graced my ass in eons & they fit & were even a little loose!
and ya know what?
fitting in those jeans made me want to do the shred & i even went to the gym last night & cranked out a serious cardio workout!  ( had to work off some of the beer & taco hell i had the night before)
i dunno -- i might be wrong but since starting this shred & only being a week in -- suddenly people are noticing my weight loss?  i really think i am gaining lean muscle mass and my body is slimming down & changing for the better!
i ♥ 30 day shred!!!!

october 17th
day 8 complete.
workout without a doubt continues to get easier but is definitely not easy.  i sweat bullets still & i feel it every single day!  i have never made it this far let alone done the challenge in consequetive days -- took a day off here and there -- so i super proud of myself for all that i have accomplished.  and i am not even remotely ready to quit.
i know this workout isn't for everyone & it took me three tries & a freakin' ton of determination to get this far -- but i am doing it & never thought i could!
the prospect of level 2 looming in a couple of days has me both a wee bit apprehensive & excited at the same time.  i am curious as i have never even viewed the next level?
it is supposed to be harder -- and if jillian says it is -- you can bet your sweet ass it is.
but i am doing this to challenge myself and i am in awe of what i have accomplished already.  i never thought i would be this girl -- the one who wants to push herself harder than ever before.
but man oh man does it feel good!
october 18th
day 9 done!
wow, i cannot believe that i am 9 days in & still going strong.  i am not gonna lie -- it is hard & i am certainly not breezing through the workout -- but i am already seeing pretty significant differences, i am fitting into smaller clothes, & people are noticing! 
who gives a fuck what that demonic scale says -- my jeans don't lie!
oh & i am soooo close to doing an actual push-up -- my arch nemesis from the p.e. days of school!
tomorrow is my last day on level 1 & it's bittersweet.  i have attempted to do this challenge twice prior to this & never once got past day 7 or level 1.  here i am progressing nicely & on the border of a new level!
it just amazes me that i am doing this!
and i am so doing it!

october 19th
day 10 done-zers!
well today ended level 1 -- wowie!
i am actually kinda glad to do something new & different -- just pray i can handle level 2!
but i am ready to push myself to the next level.
i cannot say enough good things about this program!  they way i feel in just 10 days is amazing!
have i mentioned that i fuckin' l♥ve jillian michaels?
well, i do!

october 20th
day 11 done!
today i moved up to level 2 & ummm wow. 
okay, it is not impossible & i did it all without stopping once but was it done perfectly?  hell fuckin' no!  not even close!  but it's not about perfection -- it's about effort.  and i am givin' it my all.
the movements/exercises are definitely harder but nothing too over the top minus the many plank (from a push-up position) exercises she threw in this one -- including an ab movement!
have i mentioned that push-up's are my arch nemesis?
but i did them.
and i struggle & it totally sucked but i pushed through & just fuckin' did it!
and i am super proud of myself for it.
but lemme tell ya -- i was sa-weatin like a pig in heat!  like literal sweat pouring off of me!
but it feels so effin' good to push myself because i have never in my life pushed like this or worked out this hard & i think i am beginning to understand that *high* that people brag about. 
because i walk on air after my workouts now!

october 21st
day 12 all done!
day 2 on level 2 & i am freakin' feelin' it! 
my shoulders (thank you plank exercises) hurt like a mofo.
my thighs (thank you squats) hurt like a mofo.
i pretty much hurt like a mofo all over.
but i am lovin' it & pushin' through.  i think circuit training is my *thang* cause i am fully addicted to how good this makes me feel!

october 22nd
okay -- day 13 done!
today was much easier.  i am not as sore & i already feel like i am kickin' ass on the circuits.  doesn't mean i am still not sweatin' buckets -- i so am!
as my daughter says (she is sucha a mimic & repeats everything  say) --
"mommy? you sweatin' your beans off?"
you bet your sweet ass i am!
i am all over this shred & definitely addicted!

october 23rd
day 14 w00ts!
wow, can you believe that i two weeks in already?  still sweatin' bullets but it does get easier every single day.  i am still heavin' & a sweatin' when i am done but the soreness is gone & i am feeling super strong & proud of myself!
tomorrow is the halfway point -- measurements & photos to come!!

october 24th
day 15 -- the halfway mark!
i got through my workout today -- kinda struggled a bit, but i think it is because i am fighting off a cold.  either way -- i pushed through & feel better for doing so!
i also measured & have lost EIGHT INCHES all around.
and i am pretty impressed with the obvious differences you can visually see in the pic above!
it is fuckin' amazing what two weeks can do for you!!!
i ♥ this workout.

weight: 192.6
dress size: 13/14
waist: 40.5"
hips: 42"
bust: 39"
arms: 12"
thighs: 22"
3.2lbs & 8" overall gone!
october 25th
day 16 done!
and i am officially waving the white flag & admitting that i am sick... boo-hiss!
but i am still rockin' the shred & not even a nasty cough, fatigue, & sore muscles from said coughing will detour me.
i am determined ferfuxsake!
i did it and oddly enough it was easier yet again today.  imagine if i was feeling 100%!?!
go me!

october 26th
day 17 -- wow!
i cannot believe i am this far in without even the slightest thought of quitting in sight.
do i sometimes not *feel like it* -- yeah, but then i think of how awesome i feel after i do it & i do not wanna miss out on feeling like that!
i still feel icky but a wee bit better.  hopefully this cold thing is on it's way out the door.  only 3 more measly days until i start level 3!
holy fuckballs!

(love this photo -- amen!)
october 27th
day 18 done!
while i feel better today with the cough i had a wimpy belly? go figure?  but my appetite has been wonky so i think that is prolly why.  either way i made it through -- looked like hammered shit afterwards 'cause i was sweatin' my effin' beans off.  guess what? someone turned the thermostat way the fuck up & the damn heat was on.
tomorrow is my weigh-in & i am not expecting a huge loss.  i tend to have a big loss one week & a mediocre one the next & i am okay with that.  plus when i lose appetite i tend to gain weight?  go figure?
either way i am good with whatever happens.  i am in this for the long haul & know that this is the process & i trust the process!
october 28th
day 19 -- complete!
trudging right along -- i swear i feel like it should be day 15 or 16 tops?  i feel like my days on level 2 are practically a blur & just flying by?
is this habit now?
they say it takes 21 days to create a new habit -- so i am certainly close!
and i am not stopping!

october 29th
day 20 -- done!
wowies... i cannot believe i have reached day 20 already.
tomorrow begins level 3 & i am once again both excited & a wee bit nervous.  i know it will be harder & i feel like i am just getting to a comfy point with level 2 -- i am doing military pushup's now!  not a lot but i have never in my life even been able to do one!
i also know that i have to go through those first few days of soreness & newness but i am ready for it!
funny how before taking on this challenge i would never ever be *excited* about exercise of any form -- especially one that pushes me so!
i am so fuckin' proud of myself!
october 30th
day 21 -- w00ts!
well today was the 1st day of level 3 & i have to admit that i was pretty apprehensive as level 2 was a killer even up until the very end.  but surprisingly level 3 was great.  a lot of explosive movements (jumps, lunges, squats) and cardio with weights.  also some traveling pushups which are killers & some advanced ab work.  but i think if you can make it this far -- you got it.  i didn't need to stop once & managed to follow along fine even though i didn't even preview this level before actually doing it.
it is just amazing what you can accomplish in 20 days because 20 days ago i would have never been able to do what i did today!!!
october 31st
day 22-- happy halloween!
yep, even on holidays i am kickin' it out!
seemed a wee bit easier today but i know i typically feel the most sore after the 2nd day of a new level.  but i still gave it my all.
the jumps & lunges are way harder than i first anticipated -- wowie -- i am still working in moderate mode on a lot of things & not sure when i will kick it up a bit?
oh well -- point is i do it daily & give it 110%

november 1st
day 23 -- complete!
i am sick again -- what the fuck?!?!  i dunno if it was being outside trick-or-treating with my daughter last night or just a relapse -- but i feel like hammered ass.  sore throat, stuffy, and just the achy feeling & fatigue.
boo fuckin' hiss!
but i still did the shred -- and oddly it kinda made me feel better?
my knees hurt but i think i have that soreness i mentioned yesterday that i typically get on day 2 of a new level.
hopefully i will be back to norm tomorrow?
i also started the jillian detox -- lose 5lbs of bloat in 7 days.
the recipe is...
60 oz. distilled water
tbsp. 100% sugar free cranberry juice
dandelion root tea bag
2 tbsp lemon juice.
we'll see how it goes.
kinda weird tasting but nothing too extreme -- more herbal tea tasting than anything else.
i drink @ least 64 oz. of water a day so this is no major challenge for me.
anywho... i am still trudging along & feelin' really good about it all!
november 2nd
day 24 -- all done!
wowie -- this past week has been another food-a-palooza & i know my one & only saving grace is my dedication to the 30 day shred.  today i really worked it.  i am over the day 2 soreness & i gave it 110% & was left sweating my beans off yet again.
is it weird that i love that feeling?
to be sweating buckets?
let's me know i am doing it right!
i am 100% back on track with eating tomorrow & giving the detox my attention as i did it half-assed yesterday & today.
no more birfdays, holidays & dinner parties until the end of the month -- thank the lawd!
this time of year is so freakin' hard!!!
november 3rd
day 25 -- wow, really?
today's shred workout was awesome.  i really pushed myself & while i sweated my ass off; i rocked it.
i swear doing this has made me feel like i can do anything!
i was thinking about it today -- i could never do a military style pushup before the shred.  i couldn't do 10 jumping jacks without wanting to die.  i couldn't do power movements or advanced ab work -- and well, now i can.  i might not be perfect at it but i can do it.
that is empowerment in it's truest form!
i ♥ jillian & the 30 day shred!
november 4th
day 26 -- done!
i cannot believe i am literally in the home stretch of this challenge!  four more measly days i can say "i did the 30 day shred!"
fuckin' a!
today was good -- still doing the advanced & modified versions of the exercises/movements -- but i would say more advanced than not.  the push-up/plank moves are killers & that rock star jump is just retarded & i wonder if my old-ass knees will ever be able to handle that one?
oy vey -- & jump lunges too -- total killers!
but i do it to the best of my ability & for a former out-of-shape chick -- i am rockin' this shit!
this challenge has changed my life!
november 5th
day 27 bitches!
wow-- i see the freakin' finish line peeps & it is a sight for sore eyes!
i know i keep saying that i rocked it -- but i truly rocked it today.  other than the rock star jumps which i cannot even fathom ever being able to do -- i went hardcore on everything else!
i am already thinking -- what next -- and i am not even done.
i cannot believe i am even thinking that i wanna keep this up -- but i also cannot fathom not doing so.
told ya this has changed my life!
november 6th
day 28!
so even though it is sunday -- which is usually a wicked lazy day for us -- i got up & hit the gym for some cardio (and tanning - let's not lie) & did the shred @ 8am!  honestly, i wish i could do this everyday -- but with a toddler & bri's work schedule -- no such luck!
anywho -- workout was awesome today.  i love level 3.  i actually did better on some of the harder more explosive moves today -- those jumping lunges are just insane & the rock star jump is crazy hard too -- but i do try like hell.
i also sneak previewed ripped in 30 -- the next jillian michaels dvd i will be challenging myself with after i finish this one.  granted i saw only snippets -- but it seems similiar in style to 30 day shred with a mixture of strength/cardio/abs.  so i am psyched!
i cannot believe i am psyched for a workout!?!?!
wow has my life changed drastically is just a mere 28 days!

november 7th
day 29...
before i get all sentimental -- lemme just say that today was the best workout of the whole shred experience thus far -- still got tomorrow after all.
i actually did the rock star jumps -- w00ts!
and for the record -- yes; i do feel like a rock star!
but i have to tell you how surreal & bittersweet knowing that tomorrow is day 30.  while i was definitely determined to do this -- there was a small part of me that was a little unsure i would actually finish.  this is technically attempt #3 -- although #1 & #2 were pretty half-assed.
but putting myself out there like this -- for anyone with a internet connection to either see me succeed or fall flat on my face has been that little devil on my should tell me to shut up and put up & i can never thank myself enough for just going for it!
i am a fuckin' rock star!

november 8th
day 30!
holy amazeballs -- i fuckin' did it!
i committed myself & i actually did it.
i am so proud of myself on top of just elated over this entire experience.
if ya wanna here me super gush about it please read my blog post with all the before & after photos -- i completed jillian michaels 30 day shred & feel like an effin' rock star. way more detail & such there.
if i were to make a quick synopsis of the past 30 days & what i learned -- the top 2 things that come to my mind are this...
1. i can truly do anything i set my mind, body, & soul to do!
2. daily movement/exercise is the missing piece in my weight loss struggle & i never wanna quit!
so for teaching me that on top of helping me lose 13 1/2 inches -- thank you thank you thank you jillian michaels & your 30 day shred!
so what is my next step?
well funny you should ask...

yup moving right along & i start tomorrow!
no rest for the wicked my friends!

ripped in 30
grab the button & join the challenge if ya like!
misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
this is my daily input/vent/diary of my experience of challenging myself to complete jillian michaels ripped in 30.  i just completed the 30 day shred (11.08.2011) & am keeping the high-paced momentum going.
i am still on my quest to live a healthy & fit life & thanks to my experience with the 30 day shred i have completely reprioritized what is important to me on this journey.
i have learned that i want to be strong & fit as opposed to *skinny* -- and that circuit/interval/weight training is my niche & what gives me that workout *high*.
so there ya have it & i am super curious what this challenge & the next 30 days will bring to & teach me!
the digits
weight: 192
pant size: 14/12
shirt size: large
waist: 38"
hips: 40"
bust: 38.5"
thighs: 21.5"
arms: 12"

*disclaimer* these are strictly my opinions of jillian michaels ripped in 30 – i am in no way being endorsed (although that would be freakin awesome) or prompted to either try or write about this workout.  my only interest is in myself, my health, and pushing my limits.  my daily diary & thoughts are from my heart & no holds bar!
jillian expressly recommends taking a day off each week -- i chose to ignore her solid advice & do my workouts daily.  once again this is purely my decision & i neither am qualified nor do i want to recommend anyone else to follow in my footsteps.  i do believe in daily movement but that is solely my choice!

day 1 -- november 9th
sucha different day 1 from 31 days ago!
as expected from anything jillian michaels related it is indeed a workout & a half.  you will sweat your beans off, you will be winded, you will be sore, you will sit back & ask yourself "what the fuck just happened?"
do ya really want any less?
i don't!
i felt really good doing the strength portions of the circuits as well as the abs -- the cardio was very challenging for me.
i upped my weights to 5lbs this time around & i can definitely feel the difference. 
my triceps are roaring!
but hurt so good, right?
day 1 & i am just freakin' stoked to be here carrying on & getting stronger every single day!
day 2- november 10th
how quickly they forget.
here i was sorta braggin' yesterday that i didn't have a hard time doing day 1 yesterday -- ha!
i am definitely sore & i dunno how i could let the fact pass that one of the ab moves is like a time machine back to 8th grade gym class with mr. marsh!
do you remember when you would lie on your back and raise your feet 3" off the ground & hold it?
and how it totally sucked ass?
well yeah, it is on this level & it still sucks ass.
i struggle hardcore with those!
along with the running man (looks absolutely idiotic btw).
oh well -- i cannot expect remarkable change without remarkable struggle, right?
i think day 1 seems easy because you have no clue what to expect and/or how hard it is -- so ya just try like hell to keep up & feel damn skippy that you did.
i won't be so cocky next time!
at any rate -- l♥ve it & l♥ve how it beats the piss outta me!

day 3 - november 11th
i dunno if it's the fact that it is 11.11.11 but i really feel like the bizarro world has flipped & i am living on the *good* side now?  life is just looking fantastical is some many ways lately!
including my workout today -- it rocked.  i got through it using the 5lb weights for every move & no modifications at all!
go me!
it sounds cheesy but jillian micahels is right -- when you feel strong physically it does transcend into other facets of your life.  i am happier, energized, content, motivated, & confident & everyone notices & says how contageous it all is!
i am never stopping because this feels too damn good not to!
day 4 - november 12th
love this photo above -- how freakin' true!
20 minutes ain't shit in the big scheme of the day!
anywho -- another good workout although i think i may have pulled a muscle in my left knee.  i have chronic knee pain but usually in the right knee -- oddly enough the right one has been golden & now the left knee is being a prick?  oh well, that's why the powers that be made advil & ben gay!
i will work through it -- i always do.
i had a hard time with the front raises with side lunges today -- phew those are killers.  they are the same moves from 30 day shred level 1 & they kicked my ass back then too.
oh well, if it was easy what would be the point?

day 5 - november 13th
i hurt...
i dunno if it's the actual workout or the fact that i have been taken pretty long walks uphill with my 14 year old son peyton?  maybe a little of both?  i dunno?
at any rate -- my knee is screaming for mercy.
sadly for it -- i cannot grant that wish.
i gotta work through it & i am.
just gotta goop on the ben gay & move the fuck on!
i ate way too much crap this weekend not to plus i am motivated & a bum knee isn't stopping me...

day 6 - november 14th
okay so my knee is in a brace-thingy-ma-bob & i still hurt -- but i did the workout & did it quite well i might add.  can ya believe that tomorrow is my last day on level 1?
i gotta get this knee feeling better asap!
i am not quitting -- so something's gotta give here!
so please exercise gods be kind & send me a little miracle.

day 7 -november 15th
wow -- one week down; tomorrow i bump up to level 2!
i am still in pain but nowhere near where i was yesterday.  i am not a doctor but i am pretty sure i pulled a tendon because it is not joint pain.
the *old* me would use this as an excuse to quit -- the *new* me went & got a ace bandage type brace & some epsom salt to soak in later & i am working through it.
yeah it hurts but not enough to quit or go easy.
fuck that noise -- i am on a mission & a little achey knee isn't gonna knock me down & out.
i am doing modified versions of some of the exercises & as i said, it feels a bazillion times better today!
i am moving on to level 2 tomorrow & pressing through!
day 8 -- november 16th
level 2 -- week 2
well today was my first go @ level 2 & i have learned over the past 38 days to never make a solid opinion of a level on day 1 of it.  because i have been known to think a level easier & come day 2 or 3 i eat those words.
i will say this much -- the cardio on circuit 1 nearly killed me but i l♥ve the stength training on this level.
i am in way less pain today with my knee -- so that's a very good thing.
thank goodness for braces & hot soaks in the tub!

day 9 -- november 17th
level 2 -- week 2
i feel a gazillion times better today.  i wore my brace & was able to do the entire workout with minimal to no pain -- yay!!!  i could squat & lunge with ease -- finally!
i actually enjoyed the workout today minus the cardio in circuit 1 -- seriously it is a killer!
plank jacks & mountain climbers -- eeeesh jillian you are a toughie!
thankfully i wing my way through it & you have the 1 minute of abs to regroup but i am cussing the whole time!
jillian loves the plank position fo' sho'!
me 39 days ago would never be able to do what i did today.
so thank you jillian for kickin' my ass daily!

day 10 -- november 18th
level 2 -- week 2
wow 10 days in already?
another good workout despite some distraction in my household -- really; i need 20 selfish minutes a day & it's always during that time that the most activity happens?
and i am not talking about my children either...
okay i will stop bitchin' as it is futile -- some things will never change!
i still struggle with a certain push-up (crow row's or something like that?) -- those things are something you would see outta rocky 3 -- not even fuckin' kidding!
but i try like hell & as the photo & quote above says:
it's not about perfection -- it's about effort!
bring your "a" game every single day to every single aspect of your life & it will all work out!

day 11 - november 19th
level 2 -- week 2
well i got some new kicks (yeah another pair) & it felt like i was running on air with my workout tonight!
i kicked booty today.
i feel so strong & unstoppable.
i love who i am becoming!

day 12 -- november 20th
level 2 -- week 2
another good workout today -- i find i do better earlier in the day.  i wish i could workout first thing in the morning but alas -- just not in the cards for me with a little one & a hunny with a crazy early work schedule.
as long as i get it done; right?
i am still struggling with the row pushups & the cardio from circuit 1 -- killers!
but i press on & do the best i can.
i cannot believe how fast this is all going -- maybe because it is becoming 2nd nature?
now ain't that some shit -- who'd have ever thunk i would become that gal where fitness is 2nd nature?!?!
cool beans!
day 13 -- november 21st
level 2 -- week 2
pictured above is the renegade row -- my nemesis.
well, one of many.
i have no issue doing them without the weight but for some reason with it kills my hands?
i guess i have girlie-hands?
anywho -- workout was good & i flowed through it with ease today.
tomorrow is the last day on this level & honestly i am ready to move on!

day 14 -- november 22nd
level 2 -- week 2
well today was the last day of level 2 & i am happy to report that i rocked the renegade rows today!!!
it amazes me how much these past 6 or so weeks have changed so much about me -- my outlook -- my expectations -- my goals!
i am still doing things i never thought possible.
psyched to see what the next level brings... this one was pretty damn hard -- so i can only imagine!
we shall see tomorrow.
and not even a major holiday & all it's preparations are gonna stop me!
day 15 -- november 23rd
level 3 -- week 3
where to begin?
level 3 is it's own special blend of jillian ass-kickin'!
all of it was challenging -- even the warm-up -- and some was just jaw-dropping "she wants me to do what?!?!" hellish types of punishment.
i definitely didn't whiz through this one.
and true to jillian form the cardio on circuit 1 was just stoooooopid!
as someone who needs major work on my upper body -- this level will kick my lame arms, shoulder, & chest into shape!
i wanted to be challenged & by gawd am i fucking challenged!
the scary thing is usually it takes a day or two before i realize how truly hard each level is...

happy thanksgiving!
day 16 -- november 24th
level 3 -- week 3
did my workout 1st thing this morn -- even before my coffee kicked in -- and lemme tell ya; i am feeling it from yesterday!  this is one helluva kickass workout!
my arms hurt...
my back hurts...
my ass hurts...
oh and of course my knees hurt -- that is a given!
i had thought jillian had kicked every crevice of my body to hell & back -- oh was i wrong.
she has found new places to torture with this workout & i l♥ve her for it!
i hurt but i hurt!
and i am thankful for this workout & how it has pushed me to challenge myself every single day!
i choose to be present in my own life!

day 17th -- november 25th
level 3 -- week 3
okay so i admit that i am feeling a wee bit defeated today -- didn't have the best weigh-in @ weight watchers & while i am trying to not put all of my focus on the scale -- a 1.8lb. gain does sting.
boo hiss @ scales!
i did weigh-in the morning after thanksgiving so i am cutting myself a little slack & i am trying to turn this icky feeling into fire that will fuel my workouts & a kickass week to come so i can kick the scale in the balls next friday!
workout wise -- jillian oh jillian how you kick my ass to hell & back.  i love ya but what the fuck?  my triceps are screaming in pain during the strength portion in the 3rd circuit.
seriously woman -- you know how to punish peeps!
i am trying like hell to keep up but i admit that this level is definitely a challenge!
i am only 3 days in & getting better but i am nowhere near rockin' it!
time to up the ante & just bring my a-game!
on a side note: i love this level because jillian gives one hell of a pep talk & that is what she does better than anyone.
i adore her!
day 18 -- november 26th
level 3 -- week 3
today seemed a wee bit easier -- but the tricep dips in the strength portion of circuit 3 is still a killer & i am struggling majorly.  oddly just the tricep in my left arm is the problemo?  obviously the weaker arm?
i dunno but this level is a kickass challenge!
i may have to use my extra 2 days on this level because i hear level 4 is just redonkulous & i admit that i am terrified!
all i can do is give it my all & keep pluggin' along!  i am just 4 days in & have faith that i will get better & it will get even a wee bit easier?

day 19 -- november 27th
level 3 -- week 3
today is the 1st day i actually completed this level without stopping!
go me!
only took me 5 days in.
definitely think i will give this level another 5 days before i move on.
the table dips with the triceps is still mega hard -- but i didn't stop.  i was slow as hell but i got through it!
only getting better & better every day!

day 20 -- november 28th
level 3 -- week 3
today was so much better.  i did it all without stopping & had the sweat pouring off me to prove it.
i still think i wanna stay at this level until friday -- an extra 2 days.
i feel like i need to *master* it before moving on.
my triceps were literally today & i gotta admit that i loved it.
my strength & endurance has improved immensely in the past 50 days that i have been doing a jillian workout daily.  it is truly amazing -- i am not the same person & only strive to keep it going to be even better!
day 21 - november 29th
level 3 -- week 3
wow does the above photo ring true.
i had a poor attitude going into my workout today & it totally threw me off!
literally my balance was askew & i felt like it was day 1 -- 51 days ago when i started the 30 day shred day 1 -- ackkk not a good scene.
i managed to pull it together in the last 2 circuits but the 1st one was just sad!
lesson learned -- don't wait until the end of the day & suck it the fuck up already!
i don't want sucky workouts -- that defeats the purpose & my fucks with my plan!
and we cannot have that.
so tonight i go to bed early -- get good rest -- eat more protein tomorrow -- and fucking kick ass!

day 22 -- november 30th
level 3 -- week 4
as planned i did not level up today -- i have decided to do level 3 a couple more days -- i will bump up to level 4 on friday december 2nd.
i went in with a good attitude today but man-oh-man was i wiped when i was done again?!?!
i dunno if i am just beat or it's truly that hard -- because i am not skimping on the workout & it is kicking my ass! 
i just gotta push through & not wimp out now -- i have come wayyyyy to far!
i will get over this & rock the workout!
i will stop whining & be happy that i can actually work out so friggen hard!
because i know i am doing things that most people cannot.  i personally don't know anyone who is working out as hard as i am right now!
i am dedicated, motivated, & determined -- i will not falter!

day 23 - december 1st
level 4 - week 4
yup -- you read right -- i did level 4 today.
i said fuck it & decided to just do it & ya know what?
i liked it so much better than level 3 & while i don't wanna jinx myself -- i think it mighta been easier too?
it's not as explosive as level 3 -- which even the warmup is tough.
it felt good & yeah some of the movements are tough -- i will get to that as i get into it more -- i am just happy to say...

day 24 -- december 2nd
level 4 -- week 4
i had a fabulous day & a pretty good workout -- would have been better if i had gotten to it earlier in the day but friday's are just crazy for me!
but i did it & did my best.
i am still liking it better than level 3 & love that it has a lot of different movements & plank/core exercises.
miss jillian definitely keeps ya on your toes all while kickin' your ass around like a ragdoll.
gawd i ♥ her!

day 25 -- december 3rd
level 4 -- week 4
okay 3 days into this level & i feel like i can give some legit feedback.
it's hard -- the burpees into scissor jumps cardio segment in circuit 2 is just crazy hard but not so hard that i can't struggle my way through it & even just 3 days in i am getting better.
the strength in all 3 circuits is pretty intense but i love it -- i love being pushed especially on my upper body where i am my weakest!
you get a full range workout & it will leaving ya begging for mercy.
i was pretty sore last night -- i always am on the 2nd day of any level -- but if you don't like hammered shit & hurt all over after a workout then ya need to kick it up a notch or two!
this is definitely another notch but in a good way -- i still like it much better than level 3!
day 26 -- december 4th
level 4 -- week 4
so today seemed to flow -- i am really diggin' this workout!
i sweat my ass off (i hope!) & feel challenged all while feeling accomplished & like i am making major strides.
 i cannot believe i am almost done -- seriously; where did the past 26 days go???

day 27 -- december 5th
level 4 -- week 4
another workout done & i am feeling really good.  such an extreme difference from last week @ this time.  wonder why i found level 3 so much more challenging??
i mean don't get me wrong -- level 4 is NO walk in the park -- but it's not like level 3.
i think a lot of it is because i like the movements on this level & i am finding that exercise & working out is totally effected by what i like & don't like.
when you find something you enjoy -- you have won half the workout battle!
with 3 days left i am already plotting what i am going to do next.
because i am not stopping!

day 28 -- december 6th
level 4 -- week 4
another awesome workout -- i even rocked the scissor jumps -- the burpee's not so much but i try like hell.
i felt strong today.
correction:  i feel (present tense) strong today!
i felt in control of the workout & not like i was flip-flopping through it dying slowly along the way.
i was dripping in sweat but it was because i pushed myself -- not because it totally kicked my ass.
oh my ass was kicked -- but in a good way!
2 more days left -- wow.
i already have in mind my next workout & am psyched for it!
these past almost 60 days have been some of the best in my entire life!
day 29 -- december 7th
level 4 -- week 4
i love today's photo/quote -- ain't that the freakin' truth!
today's workout was awesome -- i pushed it & pushed through quite nicely.
i am rockin' the renegade rows -- not completely all the way up -- but my form even in modification is KILLER!
59 days ago i would have neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr been able to do what i did today.
what i am doing everyday!
it blows my mind.
this sort of life change & dedication has led to me adapting other healthy choices & powerful changes to my life.
health & strength transcends into every facet of my life!
thank you jillian!!!

day 30 -- december 8th
level 4 -- week 4
i did it!
i made it through & did quite freakin' well i might add.
i cannot believe that today makes 60 days of consequetive daily exercise!
these 2 workouts have truly changed my life & tomorrow i begin *shred it with weights*.
another jillian workout of course -- because well, i adore her & her workouts!
tomorrow i will post the photos & the digits -- i am waiting to weigh-in officially @ weight watchers tomorrow before i post anything.

shred-it with weights
grab the button & join the challenge if ya like...
misadentures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="" title="misadentures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="misadentures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
*disclaimer* these are strictly my opinions of jillian michaels shred-it with weights – i am in no way being endorsed (although that would be freakin awesome) or prompted to either try or write about this workout.  my only interest is in myself, my health, and pushing my limits.  my daily diary & thoughts are from my heart & no holds bar!
jillian expressly recommends taking a day off each week -- i chose to ignore her solid advice & do my workouts daily.  once again this is purely my decision & i neither am qualified nor do i want to recommend anyone else to follow in my footsteps.  i do believe in daily movement but that is solely my choice! as always i recommended seeking the advice of a doctor before beginning any diet and/or exercise regimen!

still chugging along on my quest to shred my way through another jillian workout. this time it will be shred-it with weights & as always i am psyched to be challenged & pushed by the amazing ms. michaels.
i am still on my mission to become fit & still have shifted my focus from the scale. yes, losing weight is important to me -- but i have faith that if i focus on solid exercise & a clean diet the weight will take care of itself!
i am also back to eating vegan -- a personal choice & one i am ready to fully commit to. i do this with my doctor's blessing & encouragement -- because you peeps know i always recommend seeing your doctor & discussing any changes in diet & exercise. i cannot express the importance of having your practioner in the loop!
anywho -- here we go again!
let's rock this bad boy!

the digits:
weight: 186.4
pant size: 12/14
shirt size: large
waist: 37.5"
hips: 40"
thigh: 21"
arm: 12"
bust: 38"

day 1 -- december 9th
i went into this workout like all of jillian's workouts & various levels without watching the dvd beforehand.  i like to just do it & not have preconcieved notions in my head of how intense or easy it might be.
being that this workout is a wee bit different than her typical 1-2-3 circuit types that i have done previously i went in even more blind.
but i am happy to report that this workout is very easy to follow & the movements are overall (minus a few) are also easy to adjust to.
now i used a 5lb. small barbell & while it was totally doable -- i definitely think the workout is designed for & will work better with a kettlebell.  also 5lbs. is just too light for me -- so tomorrow i will be out buying myself a new kettlebell!
once i get it i can make a better assessment of the overall workout.
but i will say this -- i love that it is strength & cardio mostly throughout!
day 2 -- december 10th
there is it -- my new kettlebell!
it was the only 8lb one they had @ wal-mart.
i am kickin' myself for not just getting the jillian michaels 3 - kettlebell set they had for $38.00 -- but it will be mine.  maybe a gift for xmas?
anywho... so today i did the workout with the new kettlebell & i gotta tell ya -- while it's not easy peasy -- i don't feel as challenged as i did with the shred & ripped dvds?  i am willing to give it a few more days & if i still feel the same i am just going for level 2.  maybe i need a heavier kettlebell?  the next one up is 10lbs. & i was afraid that would be too heavy?
i am not making any assessments just yet -- i could wake up tomorrow & not be able to move -- then i will be TOTALLY eating my words!
i just feel like i have come too far & wanna keep pushing myself -- not make it easier.
we shall see!

day 3 -- december 11th
okay i may be eating my words today.  i am not overly sore but i feel it & today i struggled at the end.  i did it but i was really pushing myself to get it done.
why do i always think this is easier than it really is the first 2 days?
i never learn.
i peeked @ level 2 & ummm my brazen ass needs to stay right where it is on level 1 -- heh!
lesson learned -- 60 days in does not make me an expert of anything!

day 4 -- december 12th
i am still trudging along & while i definitely feel that new areas of my body (shoulders/back) are definitely getting a workout -- i cannot wrap my head around & accept that this workout is giving me the same push as shred & ripped did.
jillian can ya please give me a call & talk me off this ledge -- because while i have the utmost faith that you would NOT release a half-assed workout -- i feel like i am not pushing forward!  you say it is a perfect combo of cardio & strength & i am trying like hell to believe you.
i think my doubt stems from it feeling easier than the shred & ripped -- i am not totally wiped when i finish a workout like i was with those 2 dvds.
but i am keeping the faith & sticking to the plan.
(but i did do level 1 -- 30 day shred last night too.)

day 5 -- november 13th
another day in & i am just not loving this workout.
okay that isn't true -- i LOVE the workout & i LOVE the kettlebell; i just don't feel challenged to my utmost potential.
but i am not giving up.  i am gonna give it a full week & see how i do at my weigh-in on friday.
i am not an expert but to me -- if you are not sweating your balls off; you aren't working out hard enough & this workout does not make me sweat my balls off.  i even wore my long-sleeved underarmour shirt with the waist belt & was fine.
i love jillian & i never want to bad-mouth anything she does -- this workout rocks but i think i am beyond it.
(can you believe i just fuckin' said that????)
but i am staying strong & not getting all high & mighty!
day 6 -- december 14th
level 2
okay -- so i bumped myself up to level 2 today & i happy to report that my ass was officially handed to me on a kettlebell today!
this is the jillian i love!
she kicked my ass & made no apologies for doing so!
i was sweating my balls off & left to wonder wtf just happened?
more details on the workout tomorrow -- i usually need a day or so to digest it all.
i knew jillian wouldn't let me down!

day 7 -- december 15th
level 2
sore, tired, & i am paying for ever saying i wasn't challenged!
level 2 is a whole other dimension of challenged!
i love it -- i love the challenge -- i love the kettlebell!
i hurt in new places that i wasn't sure could even hurt!
(this move is a frickin' killer -- i cringe in pain just looking @ it!)
day 8 -- december 16th
level 2
oh miss jillian -- how i regret ever dissin' your workout.
i was so sore/tired/beat to fuck today & i totally blame you & your badass level 2 kettlebell shred-it with weights workout!
this workout is unassuming in so many ways -- you will not realize how tough it is until you are done -- laying on the ground like a dog -- panting for breath!
this is a no joke cardio/strength workout.
i am officially addicted to the kettlebell & will be purchasing more!

day 9 -- december 17th
level 2
so 4 days into level 2 & i feel confident (& sore enough) to make an honest assessment.
this workout kick ass.
okay we know that already...
this is sort of an unassuming workout -- you do not even realize how much of your ass got kicked until it is all over & you actually have a moment to come to terms that you are (to steal from jillian) *gargling your heart* as you lay there in a heap on the floor.
seriously -- none of her other workouts have left me THIS breathless.
then you go to bed & wake up the next day to realize strange places like your armpits, the little crescent where your thighs & ass meet & the tops of your shoulders are in agony!
but then i also am noticing definition in other places along with these strange places & i don't care how fuckin' bad it hurts.
they say anything worthwhile comes from pain...
damns skippy!

day 10 -- december 18th
level 2
today was an awesome workout -- this is still kickin' my ass & i am totally diggin' it!
although i feel like i have been doing this workout for a helluva lot longer than 10 days?
1/3 of the way through & all is well!

day 11 -- december 19th
level 2
love this pic -- found it on pinterest & it is my moto through the new year -- only i am vowing to work out every single day -- even xmas!  yes, even xmas!
anywho -- today was tough -- i dunno why but i am guessing because my schedule was all off today & i didn't eat @ my normal times?
but i powered through & actually pushed myself as hard as i could.
i am all for quality & today i hit the mark!
the kettlebell is not to be taken lightly -- it will rip into every inch & crevice of your body!
my ass still hurts!  all those hip thrusts & locking of the buttocks are obviously working!

day 12 -- december 20th
level 2
another tough day -- my daughter is being super demanding & i have been doing my workouts later than normal plus i have barely been to the gym which breaks things up a little & gets me outta the house for awhile.  i realize after 5 or so days of not going how much i really need that!
i am thinking after a couple more days i may need to change things up a bit -- especially without the gym to fall back on.  maybe tossing another workout in there every day or so -- i don't wanna get bored.
i will see how i feel when life simmers down a bit.
if it simmers down!
regardless of time of day or how life is treating me -- my ass WILL be working out!
i will not stop!

day 13 -- december 21st
killer buns -- level 1
yeah i switched it up -- i needed to.  the last thing i wanna do is lose my drive because i feel bored.
not that shred-it is a boring workout -- far from it.  but every day & it becomes mundane & i will feeling less than excited about working out.
i think i will rotate between the two for awhile to keep things interesting!
now -- killer buns is awesome.  i am feeling it, sweated my balls off, & felt challenged!
we'll see how the rotating goes -- i just need to keep pushing myself forward!
day 14 -- december 22nd
6 week 6 pack -- level 1
yup -- i went there.
i tried another workout today & ya know what -- i am liking the variety & it makes me happy so why the fuck not?
i want a full body workout & to keep things interesting so this is the route i am going.
i will rotate between the 3 workouts & see how it goes.
the 6 week 6 pack is a killer...
in a word...
i like renegade rows better than burpees.
but i do the best i can -- no matter how silly i must look doing them.
so there ya have it.
i guess i will play it by ear day-by-day!

day 15 -- december 23rd
shred-it -- level 2
back to shred-it today & today was the 1st day in a long time that i really had to push mysef to work out?
i do not want to lose my drive -- but so much going on & i went out last night with friends & was just wiped today.
but i did workout & like always; i am glad i did!
i am in this for the long haul & days like today just affirm that fact!

day 16 -- december 24th
shred-it -- level 2
got my workout in early today & my body was like "wtf didn't we JUST do this shit?!?!"
yeah -- i struggled to say the least.
but it's done & i actually got through it better than ever?
go figure?
i need it with all the hub bub of the holiday!
merry xmas eve!

day 17 -- xmas 2011
shred-it -- level 2
yup -- not even christmas is good enough reason for me to skip a day!
if anything -- i needed it more today than EVER!
ughhh -- food overload!
i was fine with dinner -- but i shoulda left the peanut butter cookies the fuck alone.
hence why i pushed myself a little harder tonight.
i am afraid to even say this in fear of jinxing myself but...
the past few days my knees have felt really good!?!?!
as in i can lunge & squat better than EVER!
merry merry!

day 18 -- december 26th
killer buns & thighs -- level 1
decided to change things up today.
sucha hardcore 40 minutes of kickass circuits!
i was sweatin' my balls off & thought my ass was gonna break.
but i love every second of it!
day 19 -- december 27th
six week six pack -- level 1
busy day -- out & about which equals working out later than i like.
i get 'er done but i really have to push it.
decided to do the abs workout -- which is really an all over workout that kicks your ass in the process.  oh & you will sweat your balls off!
but i even got through the burpees & plank jacks without coping out a little!
yay -- i rock!

day 20 -- december 28th
shred-it -- level 2
back to the kettlebell & for some reason (PM-fuckin-S) i was draggin' ass tonight.
oh & the ginormous bowl of wheat pasta & crushed tomatos i ate about 30 minutes before i worked out.
dumb, dumb, dumb!
i will never do that again!
but i made it through & as always felt better after i did!

day 21 -- december 29th
banish fat & boost metabolism
yup -- i tried something new!
i wanted a hardcore workout the night before weigh-in tomorrow.
especially after a week of indulgences!
this workout is killer.
55 minutes from beginning to end & 6 circuits that will leave you in a puddle of your own sweat!
it's basic exercises but explosive!
i need a shower & a fluid transfusion!
this will definitely be my go-to workout when i overdue it & need to give myself a kick in the ass!

day 22 -- december 30th
30 day shred -- level 3
i know, i know -- i am all over the fuckin' place huh?
but i am going with my gut & doing what i feel like & tonight i felt like getting my ass kicked old school style.
although i will say -- i rocked it WAYYYYY better than when i was do the shred 60 days ago!
i love progress!
thanks jillian!

day 23 -- new year's eve
30 day shred -- level 2
i have said it before & i will say it again -- level 2 is a freakin' killer!
way harder than level 3 -- to me at least!
i am sweatin' my BALLS off -- seriously!
granted the 1st time around 60-something days ago i was using 2lb. handweights as opposed to my 5lb dumbells but still!
i needed this hardcore workout today to end this year that has truly changed my life.
these workouts have changed my life!
and if jillian were here or (gasp) to ever read this -- i ♥ u & u have made a difference in th life of a former out-of-shape fat chick from rhode island!
here's to rockin' balls in 2012!

day 24 -- new year's day
30 day shred -- level 1
i realllllllly had to talk myself off the ledge today.  i was almost NOT gonna work out due to too much of a good time last night.  but brian convinced me that i had to suck it up & just do it.
so i did level 1 (which is still an awesom workout) & i am glad i did!
i cannot let drinking/partying detour me.
thankfully it's not something i do often!
not the way i intended to start of 2012 -- but at least i stuck to my plan of 365 days of consecquetive exercise!
i will not give up!

day 25 -- january 2nd
killer buns -- level 2
i had to step it up tonight for the LAME attitude i had yesterday & i paid dearly!
level 2 is no fuckin' joke!
dancing crabs...
two different types of burpees...
lunges out the ass...
star jumps...
but i did it -- got the sweaty clothes to prove it!
feels good to be back to kickin' ass!

day 26 -- january 3rd
ripped in 30 -- level 1
back to my roots.
i feel like i wanna spend these last few days revisiting where it all began.
it's nice to go back & see that i am can do the things that seemed impossible to me just 30-something days ago!
i will do the remaining 3 levels & day 30 i will finish with the shred-it video.
where i go from there -- we'll see!

day 27 -- january 4th
ripped in 30 -- level 2
still working through the oldies but goodies.
level 2 was a killer but i am definitely much stronger than the first go around.
i love that feeling!
i am also stoked to start something new in a few days.
still deciding exactly what -- but i gotta pretty good idea.
i am ready to kick it up a notch!

day 28 -- january 5th
ripped in 30 -- level 3
i forgot how hard this level is... owie!
but once again i am super stoked to see that i can definitely do it MUCH better than the 1st time around!
yay -- i ♥ progress!
love that i did the tricep dips without stopping as well as the squats & lunges MUCH better than before!

day 29 -- january 6th
ripped in 30 -- level 4
i have had the most amazing day!
i lost 2.8 lbs this week for a total of 26 freakin' lbs AND i got my 25lb charm @ weight watchers today AND i am on the cusp of finishing another 30 days of consequetive jillian workouts -- for a grand total of NINTEY DAYS!
today's workout was perfect.
i am so glad i revisited all of the workouts because i have learned so much about how much i have grown & progressed.  i think this past 30 days has been all about recognizing my accomplishments & taking it all in!
life is good...
i feel PHENOMENAL...
and it just keeps getting better!

day 30 -- january 7th
shred-it -- level 2
wow -- 30 days!
i decided to end today with the shred-it at least.
i feel kinda bad that i be-bopped all over the place with my workouts but @ least i stayed true to jillian!
because of my mish-mash i was concerned that it would effect my results well....
not the case @ all.
actually i think my results are awesome!
90 days of consecutive exercise has paid off in more ways that i can express...
amazing to say the least!
i cannot believe i am that gal with the amazing results who eats healthy & loves to work out!
tomorrow starts a whole new workout & i am super psyched!
cannot wait to see where the next 30 days takes me...

extreme shed & shred
grab the button & join the challenge if ya like!
misadventures of a chunky goddess
<div align="center"><a href="" title="misadventures of a chunky goddess" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="misadventures of a chunky goddess" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
*disclaimer* these are strictly my opinions of jillian michaels extreme shed & shred – i am still  in no way being endorsed (hit me up jillian -- i ♥ ya!) or prompted to either try or write about this workout.  i  am just an avid fan of jillian michaels workouts & style & still on my mission to be fierce, healthy, fir & strong!  i write from the heart & hold NOTHING back!

yup i am still @ it & this time i am taking on the newest jillian workout -- extreme shed & shred!
i had amazing success last month & am on a roll & a half!
i am still working out daily, eating vegan & as clean as possible & still attending my weight watcher meetings for support & accountability.  i also use their website to track my food & exercise.
i have said it before & i will say it again -- these workouts have changed my life.
i love working out & i love how working out makes me feel.
i never want to be that sedentary gal again because this feels too kickass to ever give up!
so once again -- let's rock it!
the digits
weight: 178.4 lbs
size: 11/12/medium
waist: 36"
hips: 39"
bust: 37"
thigh: 21"
arm: 12"
day 1 -- january 8th
shed & shred -- level 1
i have been so psyched to do this workout since i 1st heard about it in november!
now as someone who is entering her 4th month of jillian workouts i know better than to assess it after one go because day 1 always seems easier than it actually is.
although i was sweating my ass off tonight so i am assuming it is pretty kickass!
now there are 2 levels -- each about 30 minutes & you have the option to do one at a time of both for a killer hour long workout -- which jillian pushes you to do.
today i just did level 1 & will continue to do so for at least the 1st week.
i will figure out my plan of attack from there.
the workout itself is awesome -- especially if you like martial arts/kickboxing type workouts.  i happen to l♥ve them!  and i have a feeling she must be coming out with a kickboxing series soon -- just a hint she gave in level 1.
at any rate -- i love that it is still the hardcore explosive movements that make her workouts so amazing yet with a twist!
when you execise daily you need twists & i love these!
psyched to see where these 30 days lead me!

day 2 -- january 9th
shed & shred -- level 1
i am sore & i ♥ it!
i know a workout is kickass when on day 2 or 3 i am sore as a mofo & today i am hurting in spots that have never hurt before.
the tops of my shoulders into my triceps & my calves!
i love it!
is it weird that i love being sore?
at one point during the workout today i literally had sweat dripping down my forehead -- yeehaw!
i love knowing that a workout is working in kicking my ass & especially because it is kind of an unassuming workout.  i am not necessarily struggling but i am feeling it fo' sho'!
i am happy happy!
this workout thus far ROCKS BALLS!

day 3 -- january 10th
shed & shred -- level 1
still sore as a mofo!
but i mustered through & did my best.
okay the burpees weren't my best -- oh how i loathe thee burpees!
i am totally diggin' the martial arts/yoga aspect of this workout & i think the effectiveness of martial arts/boxing is totally underrated.  just the shadow boxing moves are kickin' my ass in regards to sore shoulders.  granted i am weakest in my upper body but i have never felt soreness like this!
nice to know that my weaker areas are getting schooled!

day 4 -- january 11th
shed & shred -- level 1
well i am still sore only it's my thighs from going for my 1st run in a year & a half!  but that is neither here nor there.
i got through my workout (thank you advil) & while i feel like i am mastering the movements better -- i am still sweating my beans off.
yeahhhhh... gotta l♥ve that!
kickin' ass & takin' names!

day 5 -- january 12th
shed & shred -- level 1
today was just an INSANE day.  between a semi-crazy toddler who is just getting over being sick & life in general -- i didn't get to my workout in until after 9pm.
but at least i got it done!
and it went great & made me feel SO much better!
i need these daily workouts for so much more than getting physically fit.
i need them for mental health & overall well-being.
i realized that today more than ever!

day 6 -- january 13th
shred & shred -- level 1 &2
that's right bitches -- i did the whole fuckin' thing!  an hour plus of pure kickin' your ass across your living room & back.  not for the faint of heart or the weak!
i struggled in parts -- some of the movements i was like WHAT THE FUCK!?!
those flip-floppy backbends into push-ups!?!
i am still reeling from those.
and even the renegade rows had a twist!
level 2 alone will do ya in -- add it to level 1 & you are gonna sweat your fuckin' ass off!

day 7 -- january 14th
shed & shred -- level 2
got my workout in @ a decent time today & lemme tell ya -- i need to make it a point to do this earlier than i have been.  i rocked all 45 minutes today!
well ther those flip-floppy backbend/push-up things.  at least i gotta couple in today though instead of staring @ the tv with a clueless look on my face!
not sure how i am gonna rotate the workout this month -- i think i will alternate the levels & toss in a day or two of the full 75 minutes?
we shall see?

day 8 -- january 15th
shed & shred -- level 1
a week in already wowzers!
i think think week i will alternate between the levels -- see how that goes?
i did level 1 today & i don't care how easier the moves get i am still sweatin' my freakin' beans off when the workout is over!
and yeah you know i love it!
now i am almost afraid to say this but...
lately i have been able to do squats better than i have in years.
and i mean YEARS!
probably since my late teens/early 20's!
yeah... wow huh?
now lunges is a whole other story but i have faith that as i lose more weight & get stronger that it will make it easier!
i am MUCH stronger than i was even a month ago.
when i did the running man for ripped in 30 i would literally die -- sometimes i wasn't even able to do it & had to run in place to keep my momentum.
now i do it with ease.
same thing with all the cardio moves!
i am getting better & better every damn day because i work @ it every damn day!

day 9 -- january 16th
shed & shred -- level 2
today was another insane day & i swear my only saving grace was knowing that when it was all said & done i had this workout to look forward to so i could get my mind elsewhere!

day 10 -- january 17th
shed & shred -- level 1
MUCH better mood today & it showed in my workout.
i still feel lackluster in motivation -- but i do what i gotta do to get through my day & stay on task on all aspects.
this too shall pass!

day 11 -- january 18th
shed & shred -- level 1
yeah i kinda skimped & did level 1 again -- but that's what i wanted to do so i did it.
i will kickass tomorrow.
but i did kickass on level 1.
i just LOVE the kickboxing -- even shadow boxing helps ease some of my stress!

day 12 -- january 19th
ripped in 30 -- level 1
yeah i know i know -- here i go again be-bopping around...
but i had to switch things up a bit because i was feeling super stagnant & needed to switch things up a bit & because ripped is my fave -- i always go back there.
i am ready to be outta this funk -- i am shredding it every day but i gotta get my head back in the game!

day 13 -- january 20th
ripped in 30 -- level 2
i miss the circuit/strength training -- sue me!

day 14 -- january 21st
ripped in 30 -- level 3
i made myself workout early this morning knowing we had a hectic day ahead of us on top of dinner plans!
felt good to push it hard & be ahead of the game!
go me!

day 15 -- january 22nd
i am so very sad to report that i did not work out today (i am actually writing this on the 23rd).  we had a CA-RAZY day with 3 birthday parties all on top of a massive head cold that attacked skylar & i outta nowhere.
i planned to just rest my lightheaded head for a few minutes & the next thing i knew it was 2 am & bri was getting up for work.
i will be tacking another day on...
i am so bummed that i faltered!!!

day 15 -- january 23rd
ripped in 30 -- level 4
back to the grind & pushed myself extra hard due to my unavoidable unplanned slacking yesterday.
i am still oh-so-fuckin'-pissed @ myself...

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Anonymous said...

I think I am going to start trying the Jillian Michaels DVDs... I have the Shred it with Weights and I just ordered 30 day shred. My walking miles and miles just isn't working, and I think this is what I need!