Thursday, January 19, 2012

blogger vs. wordpress

day 137:
happy day-before-weigh-in bloggy peeps!

so i wanna kick blogger square in the gonads today.
yes it has balls – big, smug, uncooperative balls.

i have been having serious issue with this site for a week or better -- amongst the minor issues i have had for eons.
but lately i am unable to comment on certain blogs – not all – just certain ones? i can read the blog but if i hit the comment button either the whole page freezes or goes white?
and no it is not on my end. i have done everything possible – from upgrading my java & browser to screaming “FUCK YOU” right at my pc.
but then i enabled the “reply” feature (part of bloggers upgrades i might add) for my own comment form & now i cannot even do that on my own frickin’ blog?!?!

so i thought back to the last time i griped about blogger -- how i cannot stay signed into my own blog otherwise it becomes a total clusterfuck – and robin (
massholemommy) told me then that i needed to take the plunge & dump blogger right on it’s ass for wordpress.

so i started puttering around on wordpress today…
the thing is – i ♥ blogger. i love the community of amazing peeps (that would be you!) that i have been fortunate enough to come across & i love that blogger was my first “real” blog site. (i blogged way back when it was called journaling…)
blogger SUCKS!
at least for me lately it does.
and i am super leery of this whole swap to google blogs (or whatever the fuck they are gonna call it) & what a giant snafu that will be?
so i might be bailing ship…

i have been considering a few changes to my blog – nothing drastic – this will ALWAYS be about my journey & i will NEVER censor my posts, words, thoughts, etc.
sorry, you are stuck with my high heel wearing, eff bomb dropping ass!

but maintaining one blog is hard enough – let alone two – so i have been trying to find a way to transistion the two into one. and the truth is – i am much more a chunky goddess than a purple goddess any day.
i love my purple goddess blog – but i am not a *mommy blogger* in that traditional sense & this blog has always felt more like me from day one.

so that is where i am at…
i know some of you use & love wordpress & i am curious as to how hard the transition is?
did you swap all your blogger goodies to wordpress?
do you find it easier?
any input is greatly appreciated!

and to my die-hard blogger peeps (obviously blogger likes you!) – would ya still follow me if i jump ship & go to the *dark side*????

weigh-in & meeting tomorrow – i know i said this last week but i feel like i might have a little gain – just haven’t been on my game this week & i swear when your head isn’t in it the rest follows…
we’ll see?

happy thursday!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta this diem!

can you fucking believe that as i am posting this i am having MAJOR issues editing this post?!?!?! are the blogger police watching me or has blogger completely shit the bed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Shannon Dew said...

Lady friend I have been having the commenting issue lately too. Sucks big balls. BUT WP sucks worse. Trust. I switched to it for a few months the beginning of last year and hated it. Talk about spam? I had over 250 spam comments {that you have to moderate} in one day, ONE FUCKING DAY! No bueno.

Mommy Bags said...

I heard that WP is not any better but I do not know. Are you kidding I totally would still follow you...that is fo sure

Brenda said...

I've been using wordpress for over a year. I imported my old blogger one into wp. The only issue with is it doesn't accept javacript. If you doing use java, then it shouldn't be an issue. Their is Akismet for spam and it's very good at catching it. There it's more customizations as well. I finally took the leap a while back and started self hosting with The transition was easy and now I can use java. Wordpress isn't for everyone but most that I know went from blogger love it! Good luck!

AlanaMarie said...

What browser are you using? can you post on blogs using a different browser? I had some serious problems with blogger a while back. I am using Google Chrome. I could post comments though Safari and Firefox. It didn't take me too long to learn that Google chrome had downloaded some totally unrelated extension that was f-ing up blogger. Any-who I disabled it and things went back to normal.
Also if you haven't already you may want to clear your cookies and cache.

As far as following you, I'll keep it up because I follow all my blogs though google reader so not much will change for me :)

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

It's a known issue. Has to do with embedded comments. Go into your settings and changed them to full page and then things should work.

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