Thursday, January 5, 2012

c'mon baby re-light my fire...

day 123:
happy weigh-in eve blogdom!
(does anyone else feel that way about the day before your designated weigh-in?)

so in case you have had your head buried in the sand for the past week – everywhere you look it’s all about losing weight, getting fit, new year; new you – all that jazz. and i love every second of it. if the 1st day of a new year is what you need to get motivated then yay for you! i commend anyone who takes any step, no matter how small, to changing their life! those of us already on that journey know how hard it is!
which brings me to the topic at hand.
i have also noticed a lot of self-doubt, lack of motivation, people still caught in the holiday rut, & frustration out there in blogdom & beyond.
for those of us already in this – we don’t have the luxury of that *newness* that amps us up those first few days, weeks & months. a lot of us (self included) are kind of in a rut – both with food & exercise.
i am still doing it – but maybe not with the same flare & gumption that i had just a few short weeks ago & i feel some self-doubt floating around in there – eating away @ my motivation.
boo fuckin’ hiss!
i was hitting the gym a few times a week for some extra cardio on top of my daily jillian workouts & that hasn’t happened in weeks due to everyone’s crazy retail work schedules & babysitting issues. but ummm xmas was almost 2 weeks ago & everyone’s schedule has gone back to normal… so what exactly is my excuse?
yeah that’s what i thought – i ain’t got one!
and ya know what – fuck that noise!
just because it isn’t my official day one doesn’t mean that i can’t get re-amped & focused like a mofo again! i am gonna do something(s) different & make it like a day one & get that flare & gumption back!
with that being said…
here is some motivation & definitely some things to think about!
relight that fire & love yourselves out there!
we deserve it!

that's right!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!


Mom on a mission said...

Everything about losing weight is HARD. People need to appreciate how hard it truly is whether its 10, 20 or however many pounds you have lost. Always acknowledge others never know how good that will make someone feel!

vanyelmoon said...

When say "It's hard!" I always say, "The things in life worth doing usually are hard and taking care of your health is definitely worth doing!"

Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I love these. I love how you find the ones that include the F bomb... as if I'd expect anything less. :)

Maren said...

LOVE this post! I've been feeling in a tiny funk the past few days, but I'm back baby! I am ready to burrrrrn!!

AlanaMarie said...

I keep loosing my moto. I'll have it for a few days or even a week then i cave and go to DQ, like yesterday :(
But I am determined. 35 days from now I am traveling to see my family and I want to look way more bad ass than I did in November when I saw them last.
BTW. how do you log your 30 day shred or ripped in 30 in WW? i may have asked this already... I forget.

bailey j said...

definitely feeling that after christmas blues. its so hard. and im going to the gym and eating well but i want that "im fucking awesome and super pumped about life" attitude i had not that long ago. i just wish that spark was still there. i dunno how to get it back!

Bzybee said...

My approach when I started was to do better than the day before. It was very much a baby steps approach for me. I recorded everything and then slowly worked through my foods/diet, researched replacements, try new things etc. It took me a month to feel comfortable with what I was doing. In the meantime, I was losing weight which gave me increased motivation. If I could sell the thing that kept me doing the first month, I would be rich..

Masshole Mommy said...

Losing weight is hard. It really is. I keep saying I want to lose weight or join the gym, but then I go have a hot fudge sundae. Dammit.