Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TO-DO list...

day 121:
howdy ho bloggy world!

so i have kinda been teetering with the idea of new year’s resolutions.
i know they are EVERYWHERE & mine aren’t that unique that i gotta make some ginormous production outta them.
so instead i will make a TO-DO LIST for 2012!

before i lay it on ya – i gotta say something. i feel like i am at an advantage over most peeps out there in the world. i am already living & tackling what is usually my top TO-DO’s!
lose weight
work out more
eat healthier
drink more water.
check. check. check. and check!
yay – that feels pretty fantabulous to be ahead of the game for a change!
so this year i thought i would write a more frivolous list that doesn’t focus on the same old stuff…
here goes…

the chunky goddess TO-DO LIST for 2012!
1. vlog. i have been thinking about it for some time & i think starting soon it will be a regular feature – you lucky ducks get to see my mug & hear me blab all live & shit!
2. experiment with my cooking more. i get in food ruts & can be quite lazy when it comes to cooking for myself. i need to get a little more adventurous so i do not get bored with the foods i am eating. i gotta a bazillion cool recipes pinned on pinterest – bout time i start cookin’ em up!
3. grow an herb garden & not kill it this year!
4. try at least one local vegan restaurant!
5. make it a point to keep in touch with all of my friends – phone calls, emails, whatever. i am such a lame-o friend lately…
6. take more videos. my camera takes beautiful 1080p hd quality movies – what the frig am i waiting for?
7. find a part-time job. i never thought i would still be looking but i am. and no, i in no way regret leaving my job & i may not be looking as hard as i should either…
8. hire a personal trainer to take me to the next level where weight training is concerned! i wanna be ripped – not in a chyna/steroid/horse face sorta way – but i want some definition & peeps to know i am an ass-kick workout fiend!
9. be more spiritual – i am fallen off my path a bit & i am missing that magical feeling.
10. always trust my gut – it has never steered me wrong!
i am late on the resolution/intentions/goals/TO-DO list ball so i won’t ask the obvious – but i will ask what one frivolous thing that has nothing to do with weight loss do you hope to do this year?

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!
if ya’ll feel like takin’ a gander --- go check out my mama/photography blog
the purple goddess & follow along!


Mom on a mission said...

I am trying to "let" things go instead of holding grudges against people who have "wronged" me.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

♥ all yer resolutions.
You can do it, if you really want to. But remember, one thing at a time or you will get distracted.

♥ yer face off.

bailey j said...

i would really like to write for something other than my blog, maybe even get published in a weight loss story or something. its like a far fetched "i want to be a disney princess" dream, but i cant help it !

MizFit said...

Im soooo focusing on number nine here, too.

Maren said...

I like this list. I am especially excited about a vlog! Yay !!

Anonymous said...

Great to-do list, Cyn! :-)

Susan said...

First of all, you vlogging? I'm so looking forward to that!

This year I am going to focus on making me better. Not necessarily weight (although duh!) but taking time for me, making myself happy, and being selfish in a good way. I've never done that before.