Wednesday, January 4, 2012

thoughts on the biggest loser...

day 122:
hump day humps ya naughty bloggers you!

spoiler alert – because i will be talking about biggest loser in detail – so if ya have it dvr’d look away now!
so who watched the biggest loser last night?
i did for the 1st time in many seasons. last time i watched; jillian was still on & michael won – losing an astronomical 264lbs!
now ya’ll know i love jillian --- but the show itself lost it’s appeal.
maybe i am just an asshole but it got to be too dramatic for my tastes & it seemed like they were trying to push the unrealistic/unbelievable envelope by having bigger & bigger people on each season.
but even with that being said – the show is inspirational. i get inspired seeing anyone do things they never fathomed possible – like exercise, run marathons & lose hundreds of pounds.
i love that the trainers don’t give a fuck & push these people to their limits!
for those reasons -- i was compelled to watch this season.
(well that & because there isn’t jack shit on tv this time of year?)

so far (one whole episode – lol) it seems to be more like the show we all fell in love with the 1st couple of seasons. they have a mixture of contestants that range in various weights & ages.
good lawd, one of them even looks like santa claus ferfuxsake!
yeah, santa is on the biggest loser this year!
ya can’t help but to like him & his wife even but…
rant on: i was flabbergasted @ his wife – she is 42 (my age) & she looks like mrs. claus & easily in her 60s & all because she has a head full of gray hair???
unless your name is bonnie raitt & you just won your bazillionth grammy – gray ain’t cool! gray hair is just something that makes me insane.
why would any woman want to look older than she is??? go to walgreens, spend $6 on some miss clairol & cover that shit up! or better yet, take a day to hit the salon & have it done professionally—you’re worth it! rant over.

and i love the theme of this season: no excuses!
i think just about anyone on a weight loss journey can relate to that. i know i had my stockpile of standard excuses.

this is also my 1st time watching dolvett quince (who trained janet jackson & justin beiber btw before biggest loser) who used this phrase last night…
sure to be on bumper stickers & t-shirts before ya know it!
finally some eye candy.
i love bob & would choose him a million times over dolvett but dolvett is ripped like a mofo.
holy shit is he ripped!

but bob is my heart – love him!
(not as much as jillian but i got mad love for him nonetheless)
he is my favorite vegan/yoga loving/tattooed/southern/sweet as pie but will kick your ass fella ever!

but let’s dish on ben – the guy who ASKED to be voted off the ranch.
sorry to say this but… he just got lumped into the *dickhead category* by millions of biggest loser fans. just a major no-no on that show.
whatever -- let him go!
but i love how when he was all woozy during his 1st workout & kinda went to la-la land & back – the determining factor was that he didn’t know who bob was.
“what? you don’t recognize bob harper?
oh you better rest a while!”

my faves so far (which could change at any given moment) – kim (pink/red team) -- the former professional wrestler.
no really, she was a wwe diva @ one time as well as a fitness model!
i am super curious to see if & how she gets back into shape!
(she is 5’8” like me too!)

hopefully i won’t tire of the show & will watch it faithfully & give my two cents throughout the season.
because i know you guys are just dyinnnnnng to know my opinion…
*insert sarcasm*

anywho – there ya have it – my half-assed thoughts!
mwahs to all the real biggest losers out there who live it every single day!
you know who you are!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!
if ya’ll feel like takin’ a gander --- go check out my mama/photography blog
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Mom on a mission said...

<3 Bob!!! I haven't missed a season yet!!

Mer and Mo said...

I, too, am a big fan of this show!! Did not really care for it last season and missed most of the season before for many factors...but this season I am watching from start to finish. I love the theme and like that they are shaking it up a bit with no "team mates"!! However, you should never go on that show and want to be voted off - especially after the very first week, but to each their own!! I will be following!! Thanks for the post!


Maren said...

This show is what made me start making changes. I was fed up, wanted to change my life, and watched three seasons straight. So yeah, I'm a fan!

Mommy Bags said...

This is one show I have never watched. I guess because my ass is always hanging out on Bravo

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Yum. I watch for the eye candy haha I didn't watch it but I've never been much into it. I love your cut throat, straight to the point review though hahaha


Masshole Mommy said...

1. Dolvett is HAWT. Oh. my. god.

2. That dude DID look like Santa and Bob kept calling him that all night LMFAO.

Anonymous said...

I caught site of your post last night, but had to wait until today to read it, because I had to wait 'til last night to watch the show online! :-)

I loved it, overall, and not just because I'm a fan of the show's intents, if not its practices.

Dolvett takes my breath away. Holy crap, that man is - YUMMMM!!! :-) I'm a Bob fan, too, of course - but he just doesn't make my stomach drop to *there* like Dolvett does. :-)

It's sure to be an interesting season. Can't wait to see what - and who - goes down next!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Biggest Loser but haven't for a while. It makes me cry when I do watch it.