Monday, October 17, 2011

body mass index

day: 43
howdy bloggy peeps!

so i have some pretty coolio news to share…

when i started this journey six weeks ago @ 204.4 lbs my bmi (body mass index) was a 31.1.
and in case you weren’t aware – anything over 30 is considered obese.
yes, obese.
scary to say the least!

currently my bmi is 29.7 which puts me in the overweight category.
not where i want to be of course but certainly a hell of a lot better than obese.
now there is a lot of debate about bmi & how effective of a tool it is indicating obesity because it does not differentiate muscle from fat. so if you are say a bodybuilder – you could mistakenly be labled as *obese*.
for us average folk – i think it’s safe to assume it’s accurate.
needless to say, i got some work ahead of me.
i need to be 164 to reach a healthy weight range which means i need to lose another 30.4 lbs to get there.
i have tried to not set number based goals in my journey
(yet) – but this about my health, longevity, and quality of life -- and getting to a healthy bmi is important to me.

interestingly – according to (thank you leah) i should be about 146 lbs. but a range of 126-167 is okay.
(they also have a bmi feature on this site as well – go check it out; it’s eye-opening!)
146 sounds foreign to me -- mainly because it was the mid-1980s since i was that small!

how do you guys feel about bmi?
goal weights & setting importance on a certain weight range?
super curious on your thoughts!

well I gotta get my *overweight* ass to bed – I need my rest so I can work out hardcore to evict those 30.4 lbs.!

speaking of working out hardcore…
day 8 of the 30 day shred & going strong!
(details in the tab below my header)
I fuckin’ love jillian michaels!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!


Coming Home to Live said...

Great post with lots of info! Thanks for sharing and congrats for moving out of the obese category... awesomeness!

Maren said...

I think that BMI is a misleading number. Not for me, because I am just as fat as my number says I am... But for a fit person with a lot of muscle, it's not right. I think a combination of BMI and fat percentage is the only way to go.

Mariebop said...

BMI is crap for certain types of people. However, for the everyday Joe Schmoe, I think it works... sorta... I'm a research junkie. So, I'll do BMI and then estimate Body Fat % using a few different sites. Then calculate a goal weight based both...

I like that site you gave us. It says I'm at an ok weight. However, I'm still striving for a healthy BMI. BMI in my case is just a marker. It's one of the last milestones I have left to reward myself for. These last 10 pounds... GRRRR!

vanyelmoon said...

Awesome job at lowering your BMI. I am a bigger fan of fat percentage, as I feel it is a more acurate measure of your health. I have a pair of skin fold calipers and that is how I measure my progress. The problem is, BMI is used by the insurance agencies to determine health, and I wish they would move towards a more updated and acurate measuring system.

Daily Rant said...

Great job Cyn, I can't remember the last time I was out of the obese category - oh wait yes I do - before these last two kids! ARGH!!! Damned thyroid disease doesn't make losing weight easy either - more like impossible. Blah.
So proud of you for sticking to your workout routine - keep kicking butt!

Anonymous said...

Good job. I'm beyond obese I swear. I effin hate that word.

Mommy Bags said...

First of all you are kicking ass that is super awesome and second I think I BMI is kinda of bullshit. This is a little sheet that lief insurance comanies use to see if they should charge you less or more. My doctor has even said that it is a BS chart that is not really accurate. I am a pretty tall bitch and I have always been athletic with muscle which makes my weight higher in then putting me at a higher BMI which is unfair. It pisses me the f*** off. You are in no way obese at all but becasue of this STUPID ass char. You keep doing what you are doing to feel good and screw the chart.