Sunday, October 23, 2011


day: 49
my supah bloggah’s!

okay first things first – i have been totally outta the bloggy-loop the past two days. busy, a wee bit sick, and we had a random 3 hour long power outtage today?
thankfully – i had just completed my 30 day shred
(day 14 bitches!) , was guzzlin’ my water, sat down to track my food & activity on weight watchers e-tools when *poof* no freakin’ power!
we are such a spoiled society – only my 2 year old daughter wasn’t bouncing off the walls.

anywho – so i am wicked behind in reading about all you fabu peeps – but i will catch up.
pinky swear!

plus i see there are has been some major award swappin’ going on & i promise to *pay it forward* asap!

so despite being a wee bit sick
(i refuse to admit that i have a full-blown cold) this weekend was what i can only properly deem as *food-a-pa-looza* and i will be lucky to looza any weight @ weigh-in this week after the utter garbage i consumed.
yes – it could have been worse & has many, many, many times in my lifetime. but i did overdo it.

(traditional self-portrait as we head out)
bri & i had a*date nite* (i hate that terminology for some odd reason) last night & went to our favorite mexican restaurant. and while i had another dish off the vegetarian menu it is still drowning in ooey-gooey full fat cheese. plus i had a humongous ass margarita & it is a fuckin’ shame how many points weight watcher makes you count for those.
oh and i had a nice glass of wine when we got home last night.

then today we went to our favorite chinese restaurant. there again i made better than average choices but ack. i was wayyyyy over daily points this weekend & dipped pretty deeply into my weeklies.
not that i can’t – weight watchers allows me to eat whatever the hell i want as long as i track it & count my points. but here lies the problem when you go out to eat. unless it is some chain restaurant how do you know if you are counting points correctly?
i always have this chicken dish @ our fave chinese place that has a mustardy sauce – their house specialty – and i have no earthly effin’ clue what is made of let alone how many points. so i am guesstimating & praying i come close!
but i do the best i can & tend to over-compensate for a lack of solid knowledge.
and i worked out like a fiend yesterday & today – so i think i am ahead of the game or at least not draggin’ behind too-too terribly.

we rarely if ever eat out two times in a weekend so i will consider it a learning experience & move on!
and what did i learn?
there is no need.
i felt overfull and lethargic for the rest of the day today until i literally made myself get up and do the shred.

we will never stop dining out – we are foodies who love a good meal. but i think our once a week saturday night dining out is enough.

well my luvies – i gotta get my butt to the gym to work off food-a-pa-looza!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

Lets rock that gym!

Maren said...

Your meals sound lovely though.. cheese... mmmm :D

Anonymous said...

Eating out can definitley be a tricky little process..... Get back on track.