Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i l♥ve a challenge

day: 31

holla bloggerhood!!

so something fun… errr challenging today, it is technically a challenge so let’s call it that
(like talking about myself is a challenge…)!

my most fave redheaded blogger
a daft scots lass has graciously bestowed this unique challenge upon me. and seven lucky fellow bloggers will also be given this same challenge – keep reading ya lucky plonkers (as ms.daft scots lass would say).
and as the daft scots lass herself said – don’t make me come look for you!
trust me – you don’t want a crazy-pms raged- would knife ya for a snickers bar-bloggin’-chick
(that would be me) on your ass!
basically this is a challenge to help ya dig up posts from the past
(or not) and share them with your readers new & not-so-new (old isn’t a very nice word ya know). now because this particular blog is only a month old – well friday it will be (wow) – i might have to pull something outta my ass. won’t that be fun?
here goes…

1. my most beautiful post – hmmm – i am not sure if any of my posts could be classified as *beautiful* but i do think that the beauty of my blog is it’s brutal honesty. the fact that i have my actual
weight out there in the blog-o-sphere for anyone to read is just miraculous! never in my life (other than doctors, brian & my mom) has anyone known my actual weight. not even my besties!
2. my most popular post – easy -- hands down – my
ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT series. even when i fuck up royally – you guys love reading about my crock pottin’ adventures!
3. my most controversial post – oddly enough
weigh-in vol.2 when i went up a little in weight. yeah, i was frustrated and ranted pretty nicely but come on – i am a analytical bitch by nature – venting and over-thinking is my thang! i don’t wanna ruin the suspense – because i have a post in mind in regards to an email i received about this post. but i will say this much – the words *eating disorder* were used in said email. sigh.
4. my most helpful post -- i cannot name just one – because i have had such positive feedback from so many of you! i cannot express how much that means to me. this blog and the overwhelming positive feedback sparks me into my success thus far – true fuckin’ story! so every one of your comments are helpful & i can only hope i spread that spark to someone else?
5. a post whose success surprised me -- the fact that any of this drivel is read surprises me – seriously! but i have to admit that i didn’t think the
ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT would garner so much bloggy l♥ve? guess ya'll wanna crock pot like a mofo too?
6. a post i feel didn’t got the attention it deserved -- i am an attention whore (admittedly so) – any attention is good attention. but i just didn’t feel the crock pot l♥ve on my other series
tanning booth confessions -- maybe it was that time i mentioned finding a grey hair in places your mama never warned ya about? heh!
7. the post that i am most proud of – i l♥ve this whole blog – it is a labor of true love & something i look forward to writing and engaging with. but i think
my effin’ epiphany was a real *break-thru* for me & of course weigh-in vol.1 was awesome because of my ah-may-zing first weigh-in! i lost 5.2 freakin’ pounds!

so now for the lucky plonkers
(l♥ve that word – gonna google it shortly!) that get to pass on the bloggy l♥ve!
the dancing paralegal -- marie my dear blog-o-sphere friend who has had my bloggy back from wayyyy back! this world traveling fellow weight watcher junkie says it like it is & that’s why i l♥ve her!
from flab to fab -- she goes by hot coco, workouts every day, and is such a motivation – need i say more?
leah – the kind weight watcher -- hands down one of my most fave blogs eva! she is honest, vegan, and like her name says, kind! a gem of a blogger & human being; truly!
a shot of laughter -- such a cutie-pie with a fun, fun, fun blog! she has a candy corn martini recipe for fux sake! (waiting patiently for the weight watcher version)
because i have to. “i’m not weird; i’m gifted” -- rachel is a friggen hoot – she is honest, raw, & real – just how i like my bloggers!
batcrap crazy -- she rocks, her blog rocks, ‘nuff said! no really, when i grow up, i wanna be her! heh.
and last but never least…
mommy bags -- this gal and her coolio blog makes me literally laugh out loud. add to the fact that we are the same age with a toddler – i feel like she is my sister from another mudder and fodder! major bloggy l♥ve for this chica!

there ya go – if you choose to accept this mission please have fun & i hope it leads ya on a cool journey into your own blog and brings insight as to why we crazy bloggers do what we do!
if not -- no worries!

plonker -- the term plonker started out as a reference to someone who was forever drunk on cheap wine
(cheap wine is nicknamed plonk) this person was usualy a homeless person, or poor person.
today the term plonker is a very light hearted insult. its not even seen as an insult, its like calling someone a wally. its in no way ment maliciously. you call someone a plonker when they say or do something stupid.
bob - why didnt my food cook ?
john - you never turned on the oven, you plonker.
(thank you urban dictionary)

oh and oops – guess you aren’t plonkers – well, not all of ya at least.
great, now i want some plonk!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!



SoCal Sweetheart said...

Omgosh!!! this is sooo cool! thank you Cyn for featuring me I'll have to accept this challenge! My blog is fairly new so ill have to do some research haha! candy corn is fat free! but the vodka isnt lol they need to make a skinny version just for you to enjoy <3

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Firstly, how did you know I adore Barney and his accepting every damn challenge??? Fuckin' Brilliant!

Secondly, you even googled Plonkers, how sweet!

Lastly and certainly not rocked the challenge. but then again I wouldn't have chosen you if I didn't know you'd rock out with your crock out!

Big Ups Te Ye, Sista!

Masshole Mommy said...

That's a pretty cool idea that A Daft Scots Lass had there.

Mariebop said...

I knew you were going to pick me for this. LOL!! Of course I accept your challenge.

Love you too my bloggy friend! It's why I've ready every post for a little over a year now... Can you believe that shit?

Mommy Bags said...

OKKaayyyy I am so flattered and I am so going to accept the challenge Obi Wan-Kenobi your Luke Skywalker is ready. I have no fuckin clue why I am using Star Wars characters......cuz I can......I love the idea.

Anonymous said...

New follower, I can already tell you kinda rock. YES! My king of blog!