Saturday, October 1, 2011

shout outs

day: 27


today i just wanna give some much deserved shout outs…
so here goes…

shout out to october 1st – i l♥ve this month and halloweenie! so many cool things happen in october!

shout out to kem @
chronicles of a sweet tooth and her awesome missoni for target giveaway that i was a lucky bitch enough to win!
you rock, your blog rocks, and my winnings rock – ‘nuff said!
check her out and show her the bloggy l♥ve!

(don’t be too-too jealous – aw fuck it – be jealous! wink-wink)

shout out to
friends you love -- and amazing blog/site that has a month long (october) celebration all about us gals & the unique bond we share with other chicas closest to us!
contests, twitter parties, and giveaways to name a few – check it out and follow along!

shout out to
dexter -- season 6 premiers tomorrow night and i could just pee my effin’ pants with excitement.
lurve me some dexter morgan!
shout out to planet fitness – i paid ya for a year of my life whilst kickin’ & screamin’ – now i owe ya a lotta pride. i cannot say enough good things about my gym! (well other than the pervy dude with the knee-high tube socks that sings to himself and snorts the entire time he as the gym and always seems to jump on the elliptical next to me?)

shout out to me (i can give myself mad props) – for saying no to mac & cheese, ice cream, and skittles this pms week – all of which I woulda normally sucked down like a hoover! (although I didn’t pass on the margarita or the sangria – I gots priorities & shit!)

shout out to brianna @
brianna in wonderland who is just the sweetest & one of my newest blog crushes. She was kind enough to bestow me this sa-weet award & I just thank her whole-heartedly for it!
check out her blog & give her some much deserved bloggy l♥ve!

shout out to all my newest
(and oldest) followers. i say this often but i truly adore ya’s! you motivate me to own my shit and keep it real and for that i am eternally grateful!

shout out to my super sexy fella – my main squeeze – the man who *taps that* -- my muffin of stud – my lovah – my soulmate – my bestie with testes
he humors me and my blog addiction/l♥ve and fully supports me in everything i do!
me love you long ass time bri!
mwahsssss with tongue!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!


coronaryrn said...

Hey there gf! Looks like another great post! Love to read your posts! Lucky you, winning that missoni! Oh, and you have a good looking man, hang on to him, esp. since he sounds like he treats you great too! Talk at ya later! Bbye!

SoCal Sweetheart said...

aww yay! grats to u lovely!
I love dexter he is amazing!!!!!
the self phot looks beautiful as always!
and i love how u said bestie with testies that is great thats my husband too! <3 looks like ur having a fantasitc weekend!!!!

jenni said...

stopped by from the blog hop, I follow u on fb, and networked blogs, couldnt find you GFC button. Oh yeah I tooka nano sec and voted for you while I was here!
You have just voted for misadventures of a chunky goddess!
Hope you hop by and follow me :)

jenni said...

It popped up! new GFC follower too lol :)

MommyRehab said...

Good Luck on your weight loss goals. I always enjoy giving love to people as well.

Mrs AOK said...

{sits down. grabs popcorn. and follows} Fun, I cannot wait to read more!

Denise said...

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Michelle said...

Congrats on your winnings, your will power and your year in the gym! You rock! Have a great Sunday!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your winnings, your will power and your year in the gym! You rock! Have a great Sunday!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your winnings, your will power and your year in the gym! You rock! Have a great Sunday!

Laura@Catharsis said...

Love your shout outs! And guess what? I'm a huge Dexter fan also, except we don't have HBO or Showtime or anything cool, so we have to wait until all the cool shows like that come out on DVD. Boo! Anyway, congrats on your award and keep up your positive weight loss attitude!

Mommy Bags said...

Lucky BeAtch that Missioni shit sold out so quick it crashed the server.....I want the damn ballet flats. Congrats on all mama you deserve it.....

Vapid Vixen said...

Bestie with testes. Hahahahahaha!!! That was my favorite part of this whole post. :)

Marsha S said...

Stopping in to check things out with the Alexa hop. I will say you have some very interesting posts!