Friday, October 21, 2011

weigh-in vol.6

day: 47
holla blogga’s!

super stoked – had my weekly weight watcher meeting/weigh-in today & i lost 3 lbs!
*naked cartwheels bitches*
that brings me to 11.8 lbs. total lost & i surpassed my 5%
(of total body weight) gonzers.
can i get a what? what?
so umm yeah, pretty freakin’ happy!
(myself & my daughter skylar @ the library today)

i had a feelin’ i was gonna have a good weigh-in – i worked out super hard this past week between the gym and the 30 day shred (details in the tab below my header) of course. and all i can say is that i effin’ l♥ve jillian michaels.
no seriously – i do!

i have never in my life worked out as hard as i am now & it proves the things she
(jillian that is – i can call her jillian like i know her now that i am 12 days into her insane workout) says -- which i always thoughts were a hock of hooey & so cheesy.
it is mind over matter & if you put the effort into, you can do anything.
i have pushed myself through soreness, exhaustion, and a testy teenager who is on my last friggen nerve this week with his piss-poor know-it-all attitude
(another post for another time).
but everyday i have that constant of knowing that i am going to do the 30 day shred & focus solely on me! and i may be wrong, but i just might finally be getting that workout *high* that i have read about. i think i found my exercise niche – weights/circuit training. who knew?

as i said, i am on day 12 and jumped up to level 2 yesterday.
in a word – wow.
definitely more intense & a lot of plank
(in the push-up position) exercises which are just insane & oh-so-hard! by the end i look like i walked across the fuckin’ sahara desert & back!
once again i feel like i have worked muscles that have been dormant since probably 5th grade & just about everything minus maybe my left eyebrow hurts.
oddly – today did seem a little easier than yesterday.

regardless, i am not giving up -- plus can you believe that monday is the half-way point? i will be posting photos & measurements too - i am super curious what the measurements reveal.

so yeah – minus teenage drama & some soreness – i am super diggin’ life!
i caught a reflection of myself in a glass window today while out & about & for the first time in too long to remember i didn’t want to turn and run away screaming! not to toot my own horn
(yeah right i am a wicked bragger from way back) but i actually liked what i saw! that is progress bitches!

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Nicole said...

woot! woot! 11 pounds! u rock it girl!

Nona said...

You rock and roll, lady! Congrats on the loss and the shred.

Rachel said...

Wooo hooooo!!! Congrats on the awesome weight loss! I LOVE baby's lala loopsy t-shirt. You gotta give me deets, my girl would LOVE that tee! :)

Mrs. Monty said...

Congrats! You are doing so awesome!

Mommy Bags said...

Can I get a woot woot that is awesome keep up the awesome job.

Maren said...

Well done! Keeping up with the 30 day shred is HARD! 3lb is a job well done - congratulations! :D

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I so want to see that nekkid cartwheels, Bitch.

Mariebop said...

Woot!! You are rocking the Shred! Congrats on the loss! I hope Brian was around when you did the naked cartwheels. :P

Naked Mommy said...

Congrats!!! You're doing awesome!!! It's taken me 7 months to lose 6 lbs... not trying hard enough. You are motivating me, woman!

New follower from the Finding Friends Weekend Blog Hop.


SoCal Sweetheart said...

your daughter is sooo beautiful!!!!!!! congrats to u YOU are doin so well!!!!! TOOT IT MAMA TOOT IT !!!

SoCal Sweetheart said...

p.s.s i gave u a lovely award so head over to my page and check it out Darling

Nicole said...

i gave you an award! come get it bitch!

Anonymous said...

I love that Jillian quote. :) Oh, my love/hate relationship with that battle axe continues....

Megan said...

Way to go! You are awesome!