Saturday, October 15, 2011

weigh-in vol.5

day: 41
howdy blog-o-sphere!

gotta make this a super quickie – wicked busy day & i actually have plans for the evening. yeah two weekends in a row – look out lindsay lohan; there’s a new
(well old) party girl in town.

so i had weigh-in yesterday and lost a whopping
(hold onto your seats) .2 lbs.
yeah – as in 2/10 th of a pound.

i admit i wanted more – but i had a feeling it would be mediocre or even a gain. seems like everytime i turn up my workouts (
did 30 day shred & additional circuit training @ the gym) i stall or gain?
and ya know what…
i am okay with it.
(do ya see my mini-muscle forming – thankin’ you jillian michaels)
i know i am on the right path because i feel ah-fuckin-may-zing!
i feel strong, empowered, and even thinner.
yeah thinner!
when jillian tells me to *suck my abs in tight* -- i can actually feel my belly moving. do you know how long it has been since i could do that? sure my belly has had movement – but the jiggly not-so-fun kinda movement. this was actual willed movement & by gawd i sucked that shit in!
w00t w00t mofo’s!

small baby steps – because it’s all good in the hood – i got my entire life to get there and to be happy & healthy & back into my jeans!
i am not asking to be a size 2 – i just wanna be in a healthy bmi range & feel good in my skin again. i love havin’ some curves & rockin’ a sexy boo-tay! and i never wanna lose that part of me.
because you can be a chunky goddess and rock it – and i will!
i might even now?

well luvies – i must run. i got eat some din-din & get my tailfeathers in gear to get cute to go out. i am wearing this cute little dress that i can finally fit into tonight.
w00t w00t w00t mofo’s!

oh btw – i am still going strong with the 30 day shred
(read all about it in the tab above) but i had to share my new kicks.
($20 on clearance @ tjmaxx – score!)
ya know i have never owned a pair of nike’s or any other name brand sport shoe for that matter. lawd knows my kids own tennies that cost more than my entire outfit – but i don’t mind buying them nice things. but why not myself? why do i not deserve some nice kicks that are actually designed to make your workout/exercise experience the best & most comfy it can be?
fuck yeah i deserve that!
so i got them
@ a wicked good deal -- but baby steps my friends!
we all deserve whatever it takes to make us feel good and make whatever journey we may be on be the best & most comfy it can be!

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spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

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Nicole said...

yes baby steps....

Coming Home to Live said...

Love the new totally deserve some cool shoes! I love Jillian Michaels!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! While the .2 may be a little disappointing, I'd bet $ it's because of factors like your new "mini-muscle," courtesy of Jillian. :-)

Sweet sneakers; sweeter deal! :-)

Maren said...

What a happy blog post! .2 is .2 less! Every little ounce down helps! :D

SoCal Sweetheart said...

hey there just wanted to let u know i set up my twitter account lol so if u have a spot left sign me up! if not its cool no worries hope u have a great day

Melissa Sugar said...

I count any loss even .2 as way better than none or a gain. Keep it up. It sounds like you are determined. You are already cool so it only gets better, right.

I did not get around to meeting you on Friday so I am visiting from the PIF blogfest.

Nice to meet you

jellybelly said...

Stopping by from that Friday bloghop!

The Twerp and I