Friday, September 30, 2011

weigh-in vol.3

day: 26

happy friday blog-o-sphere!

it’s friday – and that means weigh-in/weight watcher meeting day!
so let’s just get to the point – i was down 1.8lbs.

not bad for a mexican dinner out with a ginormous margarita & a birfday party week!

grand total of 6.6 lbs lost fo-evah!
(that’s right – i said fo-evah!)

(my lovely weight watcher locale – love how it is next door to a now vacant hit or miss – ain’t the truth when it comes to weighing in!)

i feel good

(see me feeling good!)

i mean i should --i worked really hard at the gym this week on top of eating healthy – so i fucking earned it.
but i am also trying really hard not to let that friggen scale rule my emotions – feeling high or low based on what a contraption says.
easy to say when you lost weight this week .

eh… let’s not overthink it shall we? let’s raise a glass of sangria
(don’t mind if i do) and celebrate a week of hard work paying off!

i had a whole long post thought out that i wanted to write today – but i am just wiped. took the day off from the gym even.
sometimes ya gotta kick back, enjoy life, and just be!
tomorrow i promise to be a better blogger!
in the meantime take a sec and link up to the no more muffin top weekend hop and meet some peachy keen bloggers!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!


Rachael said...

You're doing great!

New GFC follower from About A Mom. Please feel free to follow me at

You may be interested in my latest post on my sugar addiction.

Jess said...

Newest GFC follower!! I found your blog on the weekend warrior blog hop! Getting ready to sign up to your no more muffin top hop!! Love the name!! I love your blog!! Also, I noticed your town name Warwick - My son's name is Warrick. Very cool! Would love a follow back Thanks! Jess

SoCal Sweetheart said...

You look great !!! and im glad you're feeling it too yay for you! tomorrow is another day!!!! good night <3

Mariebop said...

Congrats on the loss! I hate the damn scale and I'm scared to step on it now that I haven't worked out since vacation.... I'll just leave it for now. :P

Lioness said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your comment is appreciated.

I must say your blog is cool!!!! I like your blog's character.

Lioness- Your Newest Follower

Mommy Bags said...

Rock it baby WTF you are kiling it. Scale is just a number it is how you feel and look. FU scale.Woot woot

Mommy Bags said...

Girl wanna rock your bloghop button on my blog side bar too big do you have something smaller?

A day in Candiland said...

We don't keep a scale in the house. I don't think we should be judge ourselves by our weight. Eat healthy if you can and the rest will take care of itself. Following from About a mom