Wednesday, December 7, 2011

forks over knives

day 94:
happy humps ya naughty bloggah’s!

so i am happy to report that i am not in full-throttle bitch mode today – i feel a wee bit better & no longer have the desire to either punch or eat everything in sight!

so last night bri & i watched
forks over knives -- a brilliant documentary that basically (and i quote)…
“examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.”

i would recommend this movie to anyone!
(we are wicked documentary freaks so i don’t go around recommending every one i watch – but like
food inc. -- this one is a must see!)
the statistics & findings are amazing – and the movie follows 3 people as they adhere to a plant based diet & reverse their health issues which include: type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, weight. along with other people who participated in a TWELVE year study!

now before anyone gets in an uproar & tells me to get off my soapbox – i realize the thought of cutting out or at least limiting animal products
(meat, dairy & eggs) just terrifies most people – and as someone who followed veganism (april – august this past year) – it can be scary.
but it can be done.
even though i fell off the vegan wagon -- i do eat more of a plant based diet than not. there are many days i do not consume meat – I still choose a veggie burger over meat anyday -- but i do eat meat on occasion.
now i am seriously questioning why?

and when you think about it – would you consume the breast milk (news flash: cow milk comes from lactating cows!) of another person or animal?
naw didn’t think so…
honestly – put that way & the whole dairy thing skeeves me right the fuck out!
goodbye cow nipple juice – hello soy milk!

and don’t even get me going on my thoughts on how our government polices our food consumption
(via the usda) & pushes us to consume food based on the almighty dollar…
i will keep off that soapbox – but I will say this -- i think it is utter bullshit that it costs a family more to eat a healthy diet than one of ding-dongs, chips, & processed crap!

anywho… my point is this – watching that movie last night reminded me of all the reasons i wanted to be vegan in the first place & made me really think about what it is exactly that i want from this journey. i know it isn’t just about my weight & fitting into a smaller pair ofjeans – that might have been the reasons that sparked my journey – but those are perks & not my driving force anymore.
what drives me now is the desire…
to be healthy – really healthy. not in a processed *diet food* sorta way
(and no disrespect to anyone who utilizes those products) -- but from real food that fuels my body & benefits it.
to be fit through my food choices & exercise
to be an example & an inspiration to my children.
to be the best version of me i can be. i have sold myself short for 41+ years & i am ready to be the me i was always meant to be!

so in saying all of that – i think it will come as no surprise that i am going back to veganism. truth is i never should have allowed life issues
(addressing my depression & new medications) steer me from that path. but i cannot live in the past nor bury myself with regret. i have made immense strides in my food choices even without veganism – so i expect that this transition back with go smoothly.
i know how to do it & i know it can be done --- so it will!

i promise not to be preachy
(other than this post of course – sorry i just get excited & wanna share shit) about it – nothing irks me more than people who preach about anything – but it will be something i talk about on my blog of course.

moving along…
tomorrow marks the end of ripped in 30 & yes I did it faithfully and daily for the past 30 days!
it also marks 60 days straight of daily exercise – which amazes me. i don’t think i have ever done anything consequetively for 60 days straight let alone exercise!
and i don’t plan on stopping.
so friday i will have the *official* digits
(as in measurements) & such. i am not expecting as dramatic a change as the 30 day shred – that workout shocked my body into über submission – but i think there must be some changes.
we shall see…

also on friday i will begin
shred it with weights -- another jillian michaels workout – of course.
it follows her basic circuit 1-2-3 (strength,cardio, ab) style training only this time utlizing a kettleball (which i need to purchase asap). you can use a single hand weight but i am all about the goodies…
i think that about covers it…
and don’t forget to check out forks over knives!

peace, l♥ve & VEGAN margaritas bloggy peeps!


Anonymous said...

You!! :-) This is the second time in three or four days I've had Forks & Knives recommended. I'm going to put it in my instant queue on Netflix.

I admire you for the vegan choice, and your mention of cow's milk brings up the problem I've been having with dairy. I love milk, but not how my body reacts (hello, phlegm; yuck!), and I know it's not necessarily the best thing for me anyway.

Sooo.... Soy milk. My experience is, it's sweetened. Artificially. No will do. Coconut milk. Possible? I would want a strong recommendation for a completely unsweetened milk alternative before venturing into that intriguing land.

Thanks, Cyn! :-)

Anonymous said...

Forks Over Knives, not Forks & Knives. doh

Ixy said...

I'm a straight-up carnivore, so I probably wouldn't enjoy the film. But it's great you're so passionate and excited about your choice!

vanyelmoon said...

I Love Forks over Knives! I actually mentioned it and reccomend it on my blog :)

Evelyn @ HauteMilk said...

Have you read Skinny Bitch? It's what made me go vegan when I went vegan(?). I'll have to watch the Forks over Knives thing sometime soon.

I agree. It is BS that it costs so damn much to eat healthy fresh food.

Maren said...

I love my meat too much. :(

Ashley @ It's Fitting said...

Forks over Knives? Sounds awesome! So I didn't make the decision to cut out meat, but the only meat we do eat is local and from our CSA. I refuse to eat any other meat...
And it makes me livid that its so expensive to eat well... We are lucky that we have farms and csas around us, but it's still super pricey. But I feel better when I eat healthy food as opposed to Cheetos. :)