Sunday, December 11, 2011

lazy sunday with pinterest vol.6 : wonder woman edition

day 98:
holla my bloggah’s & welcome to…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
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this is my homage to one of my most favorite addictions/past times – pinterest.
if you are pinhead like me – come find me!
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so i enjoyed having a *theme* for this post so much last week that i think i will keep that trend going…
with that being said; welcome to...

the wonder woman edition!
because i adore her as she is just fabulosity personified & anyone with a lasso of truth is badass!

let’s do this thang!
because it’s xmas…
wonder woman ornament? why yes, thank you!
(not to sound all know-it-all-ish but i think with the right materials i could make this...)

teensyturtle -- etsy shop

vintage wonder woman xmas card – why do they not make awesome stuff like this anymore?!?!
(seriously can get lost for hours on this site…)

oh my gahhhh – a wonder woman stocking! i think this is just ah-may-zing!
creationsbycatherine -- etsy shop

i just adore this print & i would hang it proudly!

oh hell to the yes, yes, YES – i would wear every bit of this & rock the wonder woman essence of it all!
(another coolio site to peruse around on…)

i have a nice little wonder woman coffee mug collection already – but there is always room for more!
lenny mud -- etsy shop

okay i know i had the leopard kitchen-aid on my xmas wishlist last week – but scratch that santa – this one kicks it’s ass!
this is just balls to the walls coolness!

to channel the good ol’ wonder woman underroo’s days
(tell me i am not the only one who had these?!?!) – wonder woman sexypants jammies! i am sure brian wouldn’t kick me outta bed if i was wearing this… heh!

not just a wonder woman tattoo – a half- sleeve. now that is l♥ve my friends…
(by rachel bickley at immaculate conception tattoo)

wonder woman reeboks? who even knew?!?!
uploaded by user via

i find these socks super sexy…

and finally…
ms. lynda carter who’s classic portrayal of diana prince spurred my love for all things wonder woman! i swear the only reason a remake of wonder woman has never been made or done well is because no one can replace the über sexy ms. lynda!

i swear one year before i die – i will dress up like wonder woman for halloween or some costume wearing occasion!
or maybe just because I frickin’ feel like it…

hope your sunday is WONDERful!

peace, l♥ve & carpe diem the fuck outta today & everyday bloggy peeps!

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Mommy Bags said...

I saw an interview with Lynda Carter just recently and her ass is still hot as f*ck! Love the kitchen aid you need that!

Maren said...

Ohhhh hahaha, I should have a lot of this stuff because I LOVE wonderwoman! I guess it shows at my blog header eh! She kicks ass!

Ducky said...

I have no idea how I missed this. Except that I'm not usually on blogs over the weekend. That's the only thing I can figure. But oh my gawd!!!!!!!!! I am going to have to Klout you for Wonder Woman!! I have those underroos and they are awesome. Totally my favorite undies of all time!! I just pinned several of your items. They rock my socks off.