Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pms'n like a mofo

day 93:
tuesday tidings my bloggy peeps!

before i get to my plight lemme pose a question...

to my fellow weight watcher junkies out there – how are ya’ll gellin’ with the new *2012* changes?
i have heard mixed reviews & it seems like peeps either love or hate it – no medium ground?
personally – i like it.
(neither love nor hate – i am the medium ground!)
and honestly – i don’t get what the hustle & bustle is about?
i know some are miffed that the dailies have been lowered – but ummm, they gave ya the flexibility to not decrease if ya don’t wanna – so why all the bellyachin’???

case in point:
this past friday when i was @ my meeting & my leader got kinda bullied into talkin’ about the changes even though it wasn’t that week’s topic – we had two chicks who complained & bitched the whole time.
now mind you --- these are the two same gals who come every week & sit in the meeting & knit the entire time?
am i the only one who finds that extremily rude?
i mean really – you have such intense knitting responsibilties that you have to knit through a 30 minute once a week meeting?
and how much knitting can you really get done in 30 minutes?
i guess it’s no worse than the other gal who has to make a tuna fish sandwich @ every meeting she attends !
yes make it -- as in open the can & stink up the whole room with tuna fumes!
seriously? can’t you bring something less stanky or wait 30 minutes?

(and if you are reading this & think i might be talkin' about you -- i probably am!)
but i digress…

i realize change is hard for a lot of people – but when you are given the option to keep things just the way you like them – why complain???
(say the gal who is pms’n like a mofo & full of complaints)

yeah pms…
pms = plaguing my shit
i understand it’s a fact of life – but being just mere months from turning 42 i think it’s for the fuckin’ birds & at this juncture in my life it should be easier; not worse!
am i am asshole if i ask santa for menopause?
although i hear that’s no walk in the park either & hormone supplements sounds like it’s own kind of hell on earth.
boo hiss!
don’t mind me – uncle t.o.m & auntie flo have my happy-go-lucky-ness held hostage for a day or two…
so to lighten things up a bit…
here is a coolio article on jillian michaels site
(i get her emails) on how to battle pms --
five tips for taming pms .

and because pms time if my über munchie time – i wanted to share this:

have any of my fellow pinterst freaks seen this pin floating around?
well it works!

all ya need is:
a brown lunch bag
¼ cup popcorn kernels
and microwave until the popping slows down.
i use the popcorn setting on my microwave & reduced the initial ½ cup of kernels the original recipe called for down because i ended up having so many unpopped ones.
it is very easy to burn the popcorn so ya really can’t leave this one unattended.
but it’s tasty
(wayyyyy better than that icky air-popping machine) & no microwave popcorn chemicals! ya gotta add a little salt or whatever seasoning ya like of course – but it’s dang good for a healthy snack! and i am the queen of popcorn & wouldn’t steer ya wrong!
and if you are following simply filling like i am this is a simply filling food & is within the permiters of my sweet tooth challenge!

and if this doesn’t help your munchies or pms – there is always booze.

peace, l♥ve & GOBS of margaritas bloggy peeps!


vanyelmoon said...

Wow! Eating tuna and knitting all in one meeting? I wonder how these ladies get on at work. Do they pull this crap in front of their co-workers? No respect.

Mommy Bags said...

rude...rude...rude wanna come over cuz I am pmsing like crazy I have been going from 0 to bitch all day

Mariebop said...

I'm confused. Why would someone need to make a tuna sandwich at a WW meeting?

PMS away!! LOL!! I'm only 30 and can't wait until that month crap is over.

Lady Estrogen said...

Yes, knitting during the meeting is rude and lame!
And popcorn is the shizzz. Yum.
PMS away, darling ;)

Ixy said...

Knitting?? Bizarre...you've got some weirdos there alright.

Maren said...

Hahaha, the knitting thing cracked me up. I am a knitter.... And I knit at lectures. :p That's just how I can pay attention though, makes me go into the "zone". However, at classroom lectures, or any kind of gathering where I am participating, not just listening.... I don't knit. Haha :D

Evelyn @ HauteMilk said...

Not to burst your bubble, but my mom will be 57 this year and still no menopause. She gets pissed off every time she gets a period.

I love your pms pictures. Oranges?