Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT -- vol.7

day 99:
monday bloggy l♥ve ya’ll!
so it’s been forever & a fuckin’ day but it’s definitely time for…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
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for those who have stumbled here for the 1st time – this is my homage to my all-time-fave kitchen gadget – the crockpot!
all of the recipes featured here are healthy
(and vegan you lucky ducks) & i always include the points+ values for my fellow w8 watcher junkies!
so let’s get it going shall we?

i truly believe one of the key things to being successful on healthy regimen is planning – especially meals. i have my best success when i plan out the week ahead; giving me no choice but to eat healthy. so this morning i decided i was going to have some healthy dishes on hand & one of my all-time fave vegan/crock pot dishes is LENTILS!

and they are ridiculously easy, healthy & yumm-o!
they require no overnight soaking – you basically put them in the crockpot with 6-8 cups of water per cup of lentils.
season to taste (i use salt, white pepper, parsley, & garlic) & cook on low for 8 hours.
if you prefer them less *soupy* either cook longer or add less water. i happen to like the *juice*. i served them with a side of quinoa (the 1st time i made it!) with some sauteed onions & mushrooms in a little bit of olive oil & lemme tell ya – this is some seriously delish chow!
(don’t hate on my ugly-ass bowl – i harbor a unhealthy attachment to it – don’t judge)
½ cup of lentils = 2 pointsplus
½ cup quinoa = 3 pointsplus
for those of us on simply filling – both are power foods – so no need to count unless you are anal retentive like me & track EVERYTHING.

i also made a pot of one of my other favorite staples – the infamous weight watcher zero pointsplus soup – although i am not sure what they are technically calling it these days? i didn't use my crock pot as it was otherwise detained with lentils -- but you could totally make this soup in your crockpot as well. i have in the past & it is fabu!

you can find the recipe easily enough if you google *weight watcher zero point soup* -- there are quite a few variations but my favorite is a base of vegetable broth, stewed tomatoes, cabage, italian seasoning, parsley, celery salt, white pepper, whatever vegetables (fresh or frozen works best) you want to add.
today it was carrots, zuccini, onions, & kale.
you add all the ingredients & simmer until the veggies are tender.
it sounds basic but this soup is truly flavorful & filling!
this soup is zero pointsplus & a power food – win/win!
i know this soup has been blogged about a gazillion times – but it has seen me through many a tough week when i am struggling with staying on track & it also will kick a new diet in the ass & give ya the jumpstart ya need!

so that’s what i am eating these days.
what are you guys stuffin’ down your gullets?

peace, l♥ve & carpe diem the fuck outta today & everyday bloggy peeps!


domesticallyseasoned said...

Yummy, delish, I am licking my lips because I am drooling on myself. Lentils are super yummy. I think i might have to make a batch on this cold day. I love my crock-POT too. and I actually like your dish.

vanyelmoon said...

The lentils look delicious and I haven't had them in ages. Sounds really good with this cooler weather too. Have an awesome day! :)

AmyJensen said...

OHHH those look soo good!! crock pots are amazing :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

I have an ongoing affair with my crockpot and other kitchen appliances.

Maren said...

I really want a crock pot myself.. Sigh. I don't have room for it though, so I'd have to sacrifice some other gadget.. Hmm :D

Ixy said...

I can't cook worth shit, so any appliance I can dump random ingredients into, turn on, stir and it becomes food works for me! Those lentils look good.