Thursday, December 1, 2011

just me yappin' my piehole off

day 88:
holy schinkeys it’s december blogosphere!

can ya even wrap your head’s around it?
cause i can’t!
for me, once december hits, xmas season is on!

so i technically should have bumped up to level 4 yesterday on the jillian michaels ripped in 30 but i calculated the dates wrong & had 2 extra days to play with
(in order to make it an even 30 days) and have decided to use the 2 extra days on level 3 – especially seeing how i just semi-mastered it a few days ago & it is still kickin’ my ass!
i was wiped yesterday after my workout.
i dunno if i am just being wimpy, the workout is that hard, or this
waist trimmer belt (link takes you to a cool link listing its benefits) i just bought is making me sweat so much that i feel a little more depleted?
(this is the exact one i bought -- $9 @ walmart & it doubles as a heat/ice pack)
i am not one for silly gadgets & initially bought it because my lower back was killing me (thank you pms you rotten bitch) a week or so ago -- it gives support & i wanted to do heat & ice. but i was so amazed by how much you sweat wearing it that i have decided to use it when i work out. i have to admit that it’s really gross when you take it off because it is literally covered in sweat!

anywho – now that i have gone on a whole tangent about my waist trimmer… back to ripped in 30. so because i have 2 extra days to play with & have decided to use them on level 3 – i will be starting level 4 tomorrow – lawd willing.
i hear its “insanity” & i admit that after level 3 & how tough it has been – i am a wee bit terrified.

the sweet tooth challenge
(button & details on the side bar) is going great – day 2 & 3 were rough – literally brian & i sat around daydreaming about all the junkfood we were missing – how effin’ sad is that??? but it’s getting easier – hard to believe tomorrow already makes a week!
i am super curious to see how my w8 watcher weigh-in goes tomorrow & if not eating any junkfood has made a significant difference?

speaking of w8 watchers…
any of my fellow junkies as curious as i am to what changes they will be making effective tomorrow??? i read that no points+ values will change – but the site is getting an overhaul (thank the freakin’ lawd) & supposedly the plan is more *flexible* -- whatever that may entail?
anyone on the in’s & know any dirt?
feel free to dish – i promise myself and the enormous blogosphere won’t spill the beans!

so i have to share a little family trauma/drama…
when brian was around 12 years old he got hit in the mouth with a baseball which damaged his left front tooth. his mother had it fixed a family dentist friend who didn't practice cosmetic dentistry & brian has had a veneer type of thing over the broken tooth for the past 16+ years.
yes – 16+ years!
fast forward to about 9 months ago & all of a sudden the veneer is shifting and dropping. brian goes to see my dentist –who is just wonderful – and she is shocked & appalled by the haphazard *repair* he has & is amazed that he never had an infection from the remaining broken tooth because it is dead, of course.
so all this time brian is supposed to be looking for an oral surgeon that takes our insurance
(which sucks when it comes to dental) & of course he has procrastinated his ass off.
then yesterday morning he was brushing his teeth & lo & behold what should plop out into this hand?
yup… the half-assed veneer.
now he gets up at 2am on monday & wednesday for work so obviously he cannot call the dentist, i am asleep, & he has a mini mental breakdown all by his lonesome.
so true to male form – he pushes the veneer back in
(ew ew ew) and goes to work!
i received a panicked text & spent most of yesterday locating an oral surgeon that could help him out pronto.
long story short – he has an appointment this morning with our awesome denist to get the impression for a new veneer thingy-ma-bob & will be seeing an oral surgeon on monday.
but all last night he kept singing…
“all i want for christmas is my left front tooth…”
heh – sometimes ya just got say screw it & laugh about the trauma/drama!

have a wonderous day & carpe diem the fuck out of it!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

ohhhh... & because i was a lazy-ass last weekend due to way too much turkey & pumpkin pie -- gonna set up the weekend hop today! as usual it runs through sunday night & all links -- even giveaways -- are welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my good glory, you are too funny, Cyn! :-)

As for the veneer debacle... Isn't that so like a man? lol ;-)

I will link up tomorrow! Have a great last day on level 3, and kick ass on level 4! :-)

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

I'm glad he's getting his tooth fixed! You are such a good wife. :-)

Cool idea about the waist trimmer.