Sunday, December 11, 2011

i'm a weiner!

day 98:
holla my bloggy l♥ves!

now i have to put this out there: i am blessed; truly.
the blogosphere
(fabulous place that it is) has embraced me with more good than ever bad & i have met a core group of amazing people via this medium. amazingness aside – some of them even bestow me blog awards & i can say with full confidence i do not deserve them & simply because i absolutely sucketh @ returning the bloggy award l♥ve!
for that i am truly sorry – i have the best of intentions – i am just a lameass @ actually executing them sometimes. and i admit – i am realllllllly wrapped up in myself lately.
i am trying to reciprocate the kindness & at least acknowledge the coolness you guys generously toss my way.
so with that being said – thank you to tammy @
healthy and sustainable living in today’s world (awesome blog kids!) for honoring me with this award way back around thanksgiving. you are too cool for school!
and also to the adventures of not supermom (this blog is a hoot!) for showerin’ me with this coolio award! you rock balls!
now both awards basically say i have to thank the person(s) who gave ya the award & should pass them along to 15 other deserving blogs -- but we will get to that in a sec.
but the “tell me about yourself award” asks that i tell you 7 things you might not know about me
(hence the name of the award).
so bear with me because this is about to get raw & random...

1. i am getting my first eyebrow waxing in a week. can you even believe that shit? the gal who does my nails has been trying to talk me into it for a year & i have just gone kickin’ & screaming! i really don’t have a lot of eyebrows but brian pointed out to me that what little bit i have is *bushy*! upon further investigation – holy fuckballs he is right. at the rate they are going i will look like my great uncle benny if i don’t trim these badboys! i will of course blog about the outcome – but i am so afraid i am gonna look like one of those plastic chicks who has to pencil her eyebrows back on with the 99 cent wet & wild black eyeliner!
2. i am on a giveaway winning streak – i have won uglee
(that’s the brand name) pens from
daily rant, a $30 gift certificate to eden fantasy from gillian @ a daft scot lass (if you aren’t reading her series – blogfestivus 12 days of xmas – you are missing out!), some sa-weet adult goodies from jana @ boobies, babies, and a blog , some amazing homemade goodies from jennifer @ finding my way in texas (she has an esty shop—go check her out) & just today i won 4 tickets to see disney on ice in boston via robin @ masshole mommy (love her & her blog to frickin’ pieces)! so yeah – santa has come early & he is handing out vibrating cock rings this year! w00ts!
3. I am anal-retentive
(actually saying that is an insult to regular anal retentive people as I put them to shame) about how my groceries are bagged. I literally will have a panic attack if things like bread (which I do not even eat) get smashed. And if produce isn’t bagged heaviest to lightest I will show you a side of my wrath that would make darth vadar seem like a pussy. I am not proud of this & it has caused many a riff between brian & I – not to mention the death glare & flared nostrils from hell to the poor cashier who crosses my path with her idiotic bagging skills.
4. brian & i were dating for 4 months when i found out i was pregnant with skylar. yeah – FOUR months. crazy right? but we are still going strong & have come to the realization that we are soulmates because no one on the planet would tolerate either one of us… heh!
5. i worked in a strip club for five years – but a year in a strip club is like dog years so it was more like 35 years…
6. my engagement ring is a 6.15 karat amethyst – which is exactly what i wanted
(i love purple & amethyst). i am non-traditional, our relationship is non-traditional, & i am just not the diamond engagement ring type.
7. i don’t drive – it started out because of legal issues
(suspended license due to traffic fines) & somewhere in the course of all that i decided that some people are just not meant to drive & i am one of them. i am legally able to drive – i chose not to. and yes, it is a pain in the ass & brian tells me all the time that i need to just suck it up & drive. but it gives me anxiety… so i am a car hermit!

that was sorta random & oddly theraputic!
anywho – so here are the 15
(give or take) blogs i am passing on BOTH awards to!
rock on with your bad ass selves…
flab mountain: from cow to wow
30 before 30
curly girl
75% hippie
fat girl slim
the middle
i know that’s not 15 – told ya i suck @ this!
but the thought is there – i would give it to ya all if i wasn’t wiped on top of too lazy to format the links… lol!
we’re all weiners!

peace, l♥ve & carpe diem the fuck outta today & everyday bloggy peeps!


TriGirl said...

Congrats on all the awards, Cyn! My husband is very 'particular' about grocery bagging and regularly pulls the cart to the side after checking out at Costco to rearrange things. He just did today in fact :)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You're fucking BANGIN it this festive season!!!

vanyelmoon said...

Thanks :) Too awesome you are on SP too! Your blog is down to earth and real, and you deserve every award. Have a smashing week!

Maren said...

I am a weiner! :D :D
Thanks a million for the awards, I appreciate it. I suck at these things myself, I more often than not wind up NOT passing them on.. Sigh.

I'm a bag bitch too! Seriously, I get pissy with people for doing it wrong. Some things are just obvious though. WHY would people put eggs in the middle? UNDER carrots? WHY!!

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

New follower via Tough Cookie Mommy(Blog Hops)

Romina Garcia said...

Hi there! So glad I found your blog through the hop. So refreshing!

Susan said...

Oh wow! Thanks Cyn! These are my first awards and I'm so nerdily excited. :)

We bring our own bags to the store and I'm surprised at how often cashiers think that means "load 'em up until the bag breaks". My sister went out last week to the grocery store and when I was unloading the bags, they had a bag of apples on top of eggs on top of bread. So not cool. Deep breaths, right?

Helly said...

Thank you love *mwah*

Anonymous said...

I suck just like you, but I am actually going to post about the awards today. Thanks, doll face! Also, strip club? On the pole or behind the bar? I like you more and more, you have badass in your veins, sister! :)

Anonymous said...

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