Friday, December 9, 2011

weigh-in vol.13 (photos & measurements)

day 96:
happy frollickin’ friday blogdom!

i had this whole other post thought out & pretty much written in my head & then a few things happened…
i lost 1.8 lbs @ my weight watcher weigh-in/meeting this morning – which was completely unexpected & totally fuckin' awesome!

i had a great week & wasn’t expecting a gain but i lost 3.2lbs. last week & typically my losses go big one week, miniscule the next.

(me today on my way to my meeting)
the fact that i averaged a 5lb. loss in the past two weeks just blows my friggen mind!

I can only attribute it to a couple of things --
the sweet tooth challenge (still going strong – can you believe today makes 2 weeks already?) & eating MUCH cleaner overall; veganism aside.
and let’s not forget my daily shred workouts!

which brings me to the next thing that happened…
i promised to post the stats from ripped in 30
(gory details in the new
shredhead tab above) & here they are…
i gotta admit that when i first took them & compared them to the results from the 30 day shred -- i was a wee bit disappointed.

then i started to edit my photos from day 30 & i actually didn’t want to throw myself in front of a moving train!
matter of fact i kinda liked the way i look – so much so that i got all wimpy & blubbery. brian had to come hug me & everything…
i know, i know – so not like me – but i have been workin’ my ass off & it’s nice to see it all starting to pay off!
i mean my family & friends tell me all the time how good i am starting to look – but it took seeing those photos today for it really to sink in – i am doing this!

i think this photo shows the biggest change – i actually have a midriff now!

and this photo reallllly puts it into perspective…

so progress is being made & i need to get outta that *diet mentality* -- that it’s all about the numbers! i feel better than i have in years – quite possibly ever & i am able to wear clothes that haven’t graced my body since before i became preggo with skylar 3+ years ago.
so I need to stop my bitchin’ & the undermining of my own efforts already – because it is counterproductive & just dumb!

numbers aside – what did i learn from the past 30 days?
i learned that exercise can become habitual & second nature – after 60 days of daily workouts – i cannot imagine my day without it & i continually want to push myself to the next level.
i learned that success breeds success. the more i achieve in this journey the more it fuels me to keep going. i have *drive* & it quite possibly may be a 1st for me?
because while i have strived for goals in my past – never have i felt driven like this!
so fuck the numbers – i rock no matter what!
i think that says it all & about sums it up!

peace, l♥ve & carpe diem the fuck outta today & everyday bloggy peeps!

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Brenda said...

GREAT job Cyn! Keep up the good work!

Maren said...

I think these pictures just prove everything! Firstly that you kick ASS that the shred, but also that the weight is one number - but it's not the ONLY thing that counts. Love this. I'm still trying to grow som balls (....) and be brave enough to commit to the 30D shred. Maybe I can do it in January as a resolution!

bailey j said...

awesome!! you always give me such hope for my experience with 30 day shred. im going into day 9 tomorrow and hoping i see results like yours!!

Not Supermom said...

I'm living vicariously through your regimen. <3

You've been given an award!

JaclynsBooks said...

hey im your new follower please follow me back at

Julie said...

WOW!!! I still wish I had beginning photo's to compare with or really even middle photo's but that's okay, I have 20+ lbs to go and think I'll sorta like start over and use then now to the coming up or going to be so I can see the difference. I need it. I'm stuck and need a change up, after next week...gotta get caught up and done with the test before I can handle anything else on my plate.
You are doing great and I love seeing the before during and after pics. AWESOME!!
Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Mariebop said...

Girl!! You gettin' skinny! :D Seriously, you look amazing! Great work!

Katie said...

You look fabulous!!!!

Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

Mommy Bags said...

You look amazing. You have inspired me to kick it up a notch because I have been a little lazy these past few weeks.

30-Something and Fabulous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Fellow Weight Watcher, I have the same issue...if it's big one week it typically sucks the next.