Monday, December 26, 2011

holiday survival 101

day 113:
happy *we-made-it-through-another-xmas* blogdom!
i hope your holiday was a fabu as mine.
santa was very good to us – but he always is!

(here i am @ xmas dinner)

i feel good about my eating – i ate what i wanted within the restrictions of being vegan – counted my points (i opted to track over the weekend in lieu of simply filling) – and other than a random cookie (okay those weren’t vegan – oops – but i am not gonna sweat one egg between 24 freakin’ cookies) – i was good.
oh and i did my shred-it workout– even on xmas.
so pffffft to gaining weight.
just not in my plans this year.

so i gotta share a NSV
(non scale victory)…
my mom bought me clothes for xmas this year – she always does & oddly even though our styles are on the polar opposite spectrum of one another – she usually picks out great stuff for me!
but i digress…

so she buys me an outfit & i am looking at it & the pants
(black cashmere boyfriend jeans that are to.die.for i might add) are a junior size 11!
up to this point i am fitting into jr. size 13’s & a random size 12 on a good day – so i told her she had way too much faith in me to buy me 11’s.
oh & a size medium shirt!
a medium!?!?!
i haven’t worn a medium or a size smaller than a 13 & the random 12 since jr. high school – no shit!
maybe even elementary school now that i think about it!

but do ya know they fit?!?!
i can wear 11’s & a size medium!

not only is this a NSV but an eye-opening moment for me.
i think when your weight has fluctuated from chunky to thick to big to fat your whole life since puberty it is really hard to wrap your head around the fact that you may slowly but surely becoming the not-so-chunky/thick/big/fat girl anymore.
but it is hard.
in my head i am NOT a size 11 & certainly not a medium -- i am still a 18/20 & XL/XXL…
but she also bought me two pairs of workout shorts with matching tees – ALL size medium & they ALL fit.
so it wasn’t some fluke…
it will probably take me some time to accept that i am doing this & the results of my hard work are starting to show in ways that even i cannot fathom.
bizarro & yet so fuckin’ cool!

so how is everyone?
how was your holiday?
lay it on me!
share your nsv’s & success stories – i love to hear them as they inspire me to stay on plan!

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!


Janelle said...

My holiday was fantastic. And instead of going up 1.7lbs (like i usually do) I went down 1.7lbs. And i only jumped on the scale, because i fit my large butt into a size 10, oldnavy jeans. ANd this is a huge mile stone. This is what i wore, pre baby! woot woot. I love my size 10's.

Mrs. Tuna said...

great job!!!! I need to get serious, I do good for a few days, bad for a few days. Translation, never lose or gain, just stay the same.

Coming Home to Live said...

Congrats on the victory to mediums and 11's. That is awesome! It has been a loooonnnggg time since I have seen those numbers but I am going to find them in 2012!

bailey j said...

i know exactly what you mean. i am still the fat girl but im less of the fat girl and its going to eventually be hard for me to adjust to being in regular sizes. i recieved 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of crops from lulu lemon this christmas, all in size 12, and was so scared tehy woudlnt fit me. and they were all fine and even a bit loose. i also recieved all 12 jeans, one pair fit and the two pairs of skinny jeans still need time was so nuts to me. thats 3 sizes different from last christmas. its hard to adjust to and i actually have to try things on now instead of just grabbing the biggest size and hoping it fits when i try it on at home. its cool though.. we need to have more faith in ourselves :) merry christmas!

Susan said...

You are awesome Cyn! Congrats you medium sized but enormously amazing woman! Thank you for inspiring me!

Maren said...

Wow, a size 11! That's so great! I am totally looking forward to being puzzled bt sizes, that will be one amazing day!

I haven't done nearly as good as you over the holidays, but it's been hard not preparing the meals myself. Ah well, even if I have a big fat gain I'll just get back on the horse and keep working!

You inspire!!!! ♥

Mommy Bags said...

That is pretty fantabulouse!

Rachellabelle said...

That is a Christmas gift in itself -- wearing size 11s. Good job, miss definitely not chunky goddess. ;)