Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the media sucks

day 114:
tuesday tidings bloggerhood!

so i have to make an observation…
(and a bitchfest too while i am at it)
xmas night – as in xmas not even being officially over – we were hangin’ out watching some random movie that wasn’t even xmas-y (that is a whole other rant for another time – how tv SUCKS @ xmas time now) & the fuckin’ media is already on our asses about losing weight for the new year.

they are a smart bunch those fuckin’ media types.
they know that the numero uno resolution for most americans will be to lose weight/get in shape. it’s been my numero uno for 20 years at least!
so sure as shit – there is a slimmer janet jackson with her soft melodic voice shoving nutri-system down our throats.
special k had ads out the whazoo…
i saw a couple for slimfast…
and let’s not forget my least favorite ad – mariah carey for jenny craig.
(oops i mean *jenny* as they are calling themselves nowadays in an effort to promote change & to be more “holistic with a simpler approach to dieting” -- their words – not mine)
i am sorry but mariah carey is so fucking annoying standing in her sheet/bandeau/whatever strategically wrapped around her seemingly thinner body whilst flippin’ her hair around. she used to be so awesome & somehow she became trashy & gross & she is the last person i would look to for any inspiration! and normally ANY woman willing to give childbirth a whirl around age 40 instantly gets my respect – but she has even made that experience trashy?
i will stop now…

i am not dissin’ these weight loss company’s just because I happen to love weight watchers
(because it works using REAL food & without deprivation) – if they help people get to a healthy weight in a healthy way – cool beans by me!
but if you think that i believe for a nano second that superstars like janet & mariah used nutri-system or jenny to get back into shape -- then ya got another thing coming!
they have a TEAM of people who make them who they are – and none of them are named jenny…
but that is neither here nor there.

my biggest grievance is the fact that xmas wasn’t even over & already the media is back in our brains picking away to ultimately pick our wallets!
because trust me – they don’t care if we are overweight & unhealthy – they just want our moola in one way or another.
and you know this WHOLE week will be flooded with these commericals!

i think losing weight, gaining health & getting fit SHOULD be a top priority & resolution if that is something you want.
but how you choose to do so is really very personal because we gotta get our heads in the right place before ever having any success no matter what method you use.
where are the ads for that?
everything is about ease, speed & efficiency – and sorry but those words do not exist in the realm of sustaining long term weight loss!
it is hard…
takes time…
and is never efficient – at least not for me – i gotta move heaven & earth some days to get my workouts in & to come up with new & interesting ways to eat healthy so i don’t die of food boredom!

sorry to go off on a huge tangent…
basically it irks me that getting healthy has become so commericalized like everything else in the world.
okay wait correction – i can handle the commericialization IF it were all valid.
we have so much ineffective measures & misleading information out there that it is no wonder we are progressively becoming a nation of obese people raising a generation of children who will undoubtedly be even more obese than us.

don’t believe the hype!
be informed…
consult your doctor…
and more importantly be realistic – if it sounds too good to be true – it is!

and ummm fuckin’ media types – let us digest one holiday before choking us with the next expenditure! xmas day/night should be – dare i say – sacred & off limits?
but that’s just my two
(okay maybe more like ten) cents!

any thoughts?
am i alone in thinking this?

peace, l♥ve & carpe the fuck outta the diem!
if ya’ll feel like takin’ a gander at my xmas photos & more --- go check out my mama/photography blog the purple goddess & follow along!


vanyelmoon said...

I agree. advertisers are constantly trying to get you to open your wallet and spend your hard earned cash on the latest fad diet or gadgit.
Most people know the basic truth to weight loss, eat less than you burn, i.e. you can't eat a Mc'D's 5 times and week and sit on your ass if you want to lose weight. The problem with a majority of Americans is thay are always looking for the magic pill.
How many times have I been asked how I lost weight? My answer is always the same: "Eat healthy and exercise." And the response is always the same: "I don't have time for all of that."
We need to change the American mentality from the ground up. OK, done ranting on your page :)
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I have spent thousands of rands on weight loss products over the years and I KNOW that its not the pills or potions that make you loose weight. You really have to WANT to do it or nothing will work. I hate the media for telling us that they work, that they guarantee skinniness. I HATE that I fall for it every fucking time.

I also DETEST Diva Mariah. She sucks the BIG TIME.

But I do ♥ your face off.

A Daft Scots Lass said...
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Tinuke B said...

I admit it wasn't so bad over in the UK but the minute I logged onto my Amazon account today I was hit with 'reccomendations' for weightloss videos / books / food containers etc. It's like, ok I get the point, New Years resolutions and all, but it isn't even the New Years yet!!
What's funny is I find excersising and dieting harder in January as everyone looks 'knowingly' and have smart ass comments about it being another resolution that's bound to fail : (

Shannon Dew said...

A to the Men sister! Seriously I was just as disturbed at Mariah's USWeekly cover saying "look at me now" or some shit. Seriously if she expects me to believe that after 2 kids and at her age she looks like THAT, well she's on some serious post partum drugs. She may have lost the weight, I don't deny that, but her belly is not tight and flawless, there is no way. NO WAY!

Kerry McKibbins said...

I love you, lol.

Bzybee said...

I think Special K put up a pretty good website somewhere to help develop plans for people..

.. my issue is not so much with the companies, but the 'famous' people who promote them. I don't understand how wealthy people are overweight. If I had a few million in the bank, I would have my own personal chef and personal trainers.

Many people who are overweight get there because of being tired, drained, depressed and struggling to find time for even basic nutrition.

Would they be overweight if they had all day free, a personal trainer, a person chef and lots of money? I know I wouldn't be..

Mommy Bags said...

OMG girl this was exactly the same thing I was thinking the other day. I told my hubby if I see Janet Jackson's face one more time on the I believe is the nutri system commercial I am gonna scream. I used to love Jennifer Hudson now I cannot stand to watch her because of the WW advertisement. And let me now get started on Marie Osmond. I actually screamed when she came on the screen the other day! I am over it!

Tori said...

I agree 100%. These boxed diets don't teach you anything about how to eat in the real world. When someone is dropping off your food once a month, what is there for you to do? Doesn't teach you how to prepare healthy, rounded meals at all. Or how to properly shop. They are all scams profiting off overweight people.

Mer and Mo said...

I was thinking the samething the other night about the new WW commercial - I don't like the music, don't like the side by side...just does not get me inspired at all. And you are right, the ads started so soon (with the stop smoking ones right before them).

Staying MOtivated MO

Maren said...

I couldn't agree more. People need to not give a shit about Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey .. and do their own thing. Get educated on food, start exercising. Not buy this crap!

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

For more than a year I did not have cable, and anything I watched on TV was usually TiVoed so I'd fast forward the commercials. We recently got cable again and I've been watching more live TV and GOOD GOD. So much "BUY BUY BUY NOW NOW NOW." My email inbox gets flooded with 2-3 emails a day from some retailers. "Free shipping today" at 6am. "Don't forget, we have free shipping!" at noon. "Only a few hours left for free shipping!" at 6pm. WTF. How is that not spamming?

It's most definitely just wanting our money.

Although, I did know of one women who used Jenny Craig and it really worked on her.

Rachellabelle Interiors said...

Yep, I totally called the same BS on one of my recent posts.

Btw, I could never stand MC. Despite her millions, she always looks like she shops exclusively at Fredericks of Hollywood. Blech!

Masshole Mommy said...

I saw that Janet Jackson commercial yestday for the first time and I thew up a little in my mouth.

Susan said...

Wow, I'm super behind in my blog reading! I couldn't agree more. It's like when they put diet pills on TV and I get SOOOOO mad! As the mother of an anorexic daughter, this constant bombardment to look perfect irks the shit out of me!

Here is a beautiful article with amazing pictures. I am showing it to my daughter so she can see the fallacy of "normal" sizes.



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