Sunday, December 4, 2011

lazy sunday with pinterest vol.5 : xmas wishlist edition

day 91:
happy sunday my blogzillas!
and welcome to …
(do ya like the new button? did ya know i have been misspelling & mispronouncing pinterest since the dawn of time? and being ocd about such things – i edited all my faux par’s & made a new correctly spelled button!)

misadventures of a chunky goddess
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the frivalous christmas wish list edition!

my homage to one of my most favorite addictions/past times – pinterest.
if you are pinhead like me – come find me!
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anywho… let’s get to the wish-listin’

*insert angels signing & harps playing while the heaven’s part*

uploaded by user:
nikon 5100 just a sa-weet dslr which i covet just about more than anything!
someday you will be mine – oh yes, you will!

a fitted sexy-ass leather jacket!
this is black leather perfection…

and because i am torn between black & brown…
why not have one in both colors?
a fitted waist-length leather jacket is something i have always wanted – in order to rock it – i will need the following workout gear to get me into the shape i want to be!

this bag from underamour is almost too cute to use as a gym bag -- I l♥ve that!

i am a purple freak, love most nike products & the *beast mode* shirt is just amazeballs! i want it all!
(this site is too cool for school)

skull shaped 20 lb. kettlebells? why the hell not?

purple & black workout gloves – awesome!

after utlizing the purple & black workout gear – i should be able to rock this outfit!
the shoes, the dress, the bag – lurveeeee!
(i have gushed about this site before.)

this outfit is kickass too – orange pants which i am diggin’ lately – feathers – and i actually already have almost identical shoes!
(another favorite site!)

phillip frankel leopard jasper (how cool!) & diamond earrings – so me & so fun yet swanky!
uploaded by user:

okay i fully admit that i am not much of a baker – but i might be if this were in my kitchen!
c’mon admit it – this is cool beans!
uploade by user: pinterest for iphone

i dunno if i have ever mentioned that i have weird connections & fascinations with certain people & things – but -- frida kahlo is one of them.
i adore her & her artwork.
frida is one of my favorite movies even…
anywho, this would be perfection on my wrist & make me one happy happy biznotch!

a *fucking coffee* mug? clearly this was made with me in mind! even though i have cut my caffeine addiction to just one cup of java a day – i want it to be in this cup!
(other cool items for my fellow foul-mouthed peeps out there!)

we have no room (although she is so teenie-weenie) & i just got one baby potty-trained – but oh my gah isn’t she precious? like i would say no if she showed up under my tree!
uploaded by user:

coco mademoiselle by chanel – a new interpretation of the classic coco.
how can you say no to a classic like chanel?
uploaded by user

and finally…
while i may not want these exact designs
(I want bolder colors) – i love the placement & definitely want a peacock feather!
uploaded by user:

and that’s it…
just a *few* things i wouldn’t mind having.

what’s on your frivalous wishlist this year???

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

oh & don’t forget to link up to the
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Mariebop said...

I Looooooove those leather jackets!! I want both! LOL!

Mommy Bags said...

I agree with LOVE the leather jackets both of them are bad ass.

Anonymous said...

Those leather jackets are the bomb, I love the whole "Maleficent" get-up, and the palm-sized puppy? Gimme! :-D

Maren said...

Oh those jackets! I'd vote for the brown one, that's just me though. I want the puppy the most I think :p I've wished for more personal trainer sessions for Christmas, hopefully my husband will come through :p

AlanaMarie said...

I'm curious now how you have been saying it. I pronounce it pin-trest.

Mom on a mission said...

Love the Nike outfits!! Very cute:-)

n*stitches said...

Hi! I am visiting from the Monster Blog Hop! I am your newest follower and would love for you to stop by and follow back!

Tim said...

I LOVE the coffee mug!!!

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