Friday, November 25, 2011

weigh-in vol.11

day 82:
black friday bloggy l♥ve!

before i get down to biz – just an fyi – i will not be posting a *no more muffin top weekend hop* this week due to holiday & all. but it will be back next friday – bigger and badass-er than eva!

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indeed -- heh heh!

A Daft Scots Lass

so onto the subject @ hand – my weigh-in.
i gained 1.8lbs. – the 1st significant gain since i rejoined w8 watchers 12 weeks ago.
am i happy about it?
of course not – but i am trying to think of it as not a *real* gain. i ate a lot of salty, heavy foods yesterday that i normally wouldn’t eat & add on the fact that i am pms’n like a mofo & well 1.8lbs isn’t that bad.
i was prepared for a gain so i am taking it in stride & quite well.
besides gains are part of the process & only fuel my fire to have a better week!
keeping that better week in mind -- my hunny & i are starting this challenge today…
we are aiming for 21 days (rumor has it that is how long it takes to formulate new habits) & here is the list of goodies we are steering clear from…
athough i personally do not see anything overly bad about natural peanut butter & i rarely eat it – so it is not on of my list of no-no foods.
i am not even remotely religious but i just did the sign of the cross & said a mini-prayer to the healthy food gods & goddesses to give me strength as i am a bonafide junkfood junkie!
no really – i am & have been known to skip entire meals in lieu of chips & dip and/or ding dongs with a m&m chaser.
yeah – i am that bad & even 12 weeks in i struggle with my junkfood addiction!
but i am giving it a whirl & i am of the type that if i set my mind to something – i generally achieve it.

why am i setting limitations & depriving myself?

i am ready to have the healthy eating habits to go along with my newfound fitness habits & eating cleaner has been a goal of mine since day 1.
does that mean a snicker bar or dorito will never pass these lips?
ummm no – nor would i want to live a life without fun foods.
but i need to detox & concentrate on fueling my body with healthier foods!
plus i wanna make it through one holiday season at least maintaining & not on the plus side! last year i gained about 7lbs between thanksgiving & xmas & i do want a repeat performance or the tight britches that goes with it.
i fucking love the person i am becoming & am willing to do whatever it takes to aid that new rockin’ chica in any & all efforts.
i am worth the sacrifices!

well i truly hope you all made it through black friday physically unharmed – i know your psyche has to be a bit warped – i warned ya bitches be pepper spray wielding crazy!
(isn’t that just fuckin’ sad – i hope that psychopath gets the book slammed at her but good!)

i stayed home today – no sale was worth it. i have the patience of a flea & there isn’t enough wellbutrin in the universe to convince me to go shopping on this hellish day!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


Jessica Blankenship said...

Your blog is kickass. Love it. LOVE it.
Newest follower.
Would love a follow back

Maren said...

I can totally rock the sweet tooth challenge! I know you can. :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

Congrats on your willpower. Me, got none.

Ixy said...

Good luck! Sweet tooth is an understatement for me and cutting out sugar is a guaranteed way to make my diet fail - the only thing that's ever worked for me is portion control.

Rachel said...

Thanks for linking up! I hope you had a great weekend!