Monday, November 21, 2011

monday mish-mash

day 78:
monday monday bloggerville!

so what’s new & exciting in the world of blogs?
in my neck of the woods it’s all about my new kicks!
i just decided to go with my doc’s recommendation & the consensus here
(thanks rachel!) – saucony!

okay i seriously love these shoes & not just because they have some rockin’ purple laces & soles! they are light, comfy, & the second i put them on i felt like running!
matter of fact i logged in my fastest walk yesterday wearing these badass shoes!
i am thinking c25k (
couch to 5k) next week perhaps?
i have yet to run in them but i am pretty confident. i just wish i liked the treadmill more – but i loathe it truth be told.

i am still giving my knee time to heal – and it feels a lot better – but i am not 100% & feel pain during lunges/squats. if i am not better by the weekend – i will go back next week.
is it bad that i want a cortisone shot in the worst way?!?!?!
here is skylar, my 2 year old daughter, feigning a *boo-boo* so she can wear my knee brace. she finds it cool while i find it quite annoying… heh!

for the record – i am not ready for thanksgiving & i am not even the one cooking – my mom is.
i am trying extra hard to keep on track this week so i can cut loose on thursday – not overly crazy-like – but i wanna enjoy my day. and i will be @ my weigh-in/meeting on friday – yeah, as in the day after thanksgiving. it is what it is -- and i am prepared for a gain.
one day out of the year will not derail or define me.
the good news is that i am still doing this...
(click on the icon on my sidebar for more details & to join)

on friday brian & i are partaking in…
i am sure you guys have seen this *no junkfood challenge* floating around – 21 days of no chips, cookies, candy, white bread, ice cream, etc. – well this particular challenge is along the same premise & hosted by the always lovely maren @ from cow to wow.
she is a total peach & her blog is just awesomeness!
go check her out & join in the challenge if ya like.

this doesn’t change my view on not depriving yourself – but i definitely need a junk food detox & sweets are my biggest weakness!
besides – 21 days is the recommended amount of time to formulate new habits – and after doing the 30 day shred – i totally agree! i want new eating habits to go along with my new workout habits!
i wanna share another blog --fit2fat2fit -- i stumbled upon via pintrest – of course.
this man just blows me mind!
he intentionally let himself completely go for 6 months – no exercise & consuming as many calories/fat as he could resulting in a 70lb. gain! he is currently on the road back to losing the weight (3 weeks in) & getting back into shape. i am not exactly sure if i agree with his methods – he is eating a ridiculous low amount of calories daily – but it is interesting to read nonetheless.
he includes recipes, his meal plan, workout routine, vlogs, and a basic blog as well.
his goal is to relose the weight in 6 months as well & i am curious to see how & if he does it.

speaking of goals – since the day i began this journey – sept.5, 2011 – i never really set specific goals other than not to quit & to try & lose 6lbs. a month for the first 4 months. i figured that would take me through the holidays & i could then really form some solid goals.
now that i have surpassed where i ever expected i would be at this point i am really thinking that i need to formulate some legit goals. so for the next month or so i am going to contemplate what i want to accomplish in 2012 – because i have a lot that i want to accomplish!
it’s never too early to make plans for success!

well luvies – that’s all i got – run amuck & have a fuckin’ fantabulous day!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


ashley said...

yay for new shoes, its made a huge difference in the way i feel after i work out!


Haven said...

Saucony are my go to running shoes! Good choice!

Maren said...

LOVE the shoes and the purple laces. Damn my best fit being yellow. :p I'm also thinking C25K because it is AWESOME, and you will rock it!!''

HOORAY for joining my challenge! I totally agree with not depriving oneself, but after Halloween and Thanksgiving.... no one should be feeling deprived. :p A few clean weeks before Christmas should be gooood for the body! :)

Rachel said...

Sweet shoes! I love the purple!

Nona said...

Love, love, love the new shoes. I might have to put a pair on my Christmas list.

Ask your doctor about the cortisone. I get them every three months because my knee is totally shot. You may only need one. It hurts like bitch for about two seconds, and then it's all better.