Monday, November 14, 2011

run like the wind bullseye!

day 71:
monday monday blogdom!

how was everyone’s weekend?
mine was kickass – hung out with my family/friends (
they are more family than friends) & that is always coolio.
some overeating was done…
okay not true – i just didn’t utilize my points with the right foods & spent too many points on foods that left me feeling unsatisfied – live & learn huh?
at least i worked out hard – that is always a saving grace for me.
but i definitely need to detox from the weekend – eating clean & drinking tons of water for this chickie-poo!

the weather here in rhode island is just crazy – we had snow a day or two before halloween, 70 degree days the following weekend, back to cooler days, & this week we are forecasted to have most of our days in the 60s?
gotta love new england…
or not.
i am a southern transplant who i don’t think will ever get used to the cold & snow – i loathe it!

the good news is that I have been taking some outdoor walks. I will walk on the treadmill if i have to, but i have always preferred to walk outdoors. i like terrain, a destination, & scenery – it makes for a better walking experience for me. and honestly – i am hoping to get back to running.
i did (errrrr tried) c25k about a year ago but had a bad * dog experience* -- and i am not afraid of dogs but this mofo nearly bit my arm off – seriously! and i was also having really bad foot pain which i learned were bone spurs (wtf?!?!) & i attribute that to being a cheapass & not getting proper running shoes among other things.

i dunno what my hangup about running is?
it is the *holy grail* of working out for me & has always eluded me…
maybe because i struggle with the endurance of it & have very little patience with the process of building the endurance?
i just wanna miraculously get out there and instantly run for miles & miles.
no really i do…
i can see myself doing it clear as day & even dream of how good it feels – but sadly i can never envision myself doing the hard work it takes to get to that
but if i have learned one thing in this journey....
so to the runners out there…
what helped you get better/build endurance?
is it a program or gear?
or both?
or something entirely different?

also – any suggestions for a good running/cross-training shoe? i am passed being a cheapass & mama needs a new pair of shoes!
i am diggin’ the k-swiss tubes (
as worn by jillian michaels – obsessed much cyn?) – any thoughts out there on ‘em???
and one final thing before i wrap this up….
who wants to do a 5k on thanksgiving?
total brilliant idea via a journey to thin -- her blog rocks!
link up & join the fun!
if my 63 year old mom has committed – so can you!

well… gotta *run*!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


Anonymous said...

Stopped by to check in and see what you were up to! Wish this chunkess could stick to the plan as well as you seem to be! Hey I am thinking of doing a 25 days of Christmas linky...would you be interested in joining? I am doing a 15 Days of Thanks one right now...check it out!

Mariebop said...

I remember you were doing so well before that dog incident. I wish I was a runner too, but everytime I try I just can't seem to even remotely enjoy it. So, I think I'll stick to other forms of exercise.

The weather has been the same here. We just get it a day or so before you. I wish fall would come back though.

Maren said...

I'm still building my endurance, but the key to my progress has been the C25K program! It's awesome!

I love that first picture, it illustrates pretty clearly how things work!

Anonymous said...

I want to be a runner one day as well. You can do anything you put your mind to. So.... go get it girlie!

Rachel said...

I'm on day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. My quads are sooooo soooorrrreeee. That's a lie, my whole body is sore. Lol