Wednesday, November 9, 2011

we gotta winner & other tidbits

day 66:
put your hands in the air my bloggah’s!
i have so much to say tonight – so consider yourselves warned…

but first & foremost -- the winner of my very 1st giveaway –

super duper congrats to rachel @
because i have to. “i’m not weird, i’m gifted!
she rocks, her blog rocks, and she is one of my fave twitter peeps! go congrat her & check out all that is her awesomeness

i want to thank every single one of you who entered & how much i wish you all could win!

i also cannot express my gratitude& appreciation enough for all the amazing comments you awesome peeps left me yesterday. seriously i am touched & next to my crazy-ass family, you guys are the best cheering section ever !

completing the 30 day shred was a big personal hurdle for me & i am so glad i could share my experience here with you all.
i have literally been walking on air with this shit-eating grin on my face since yesterday…
so much so that today while out shopping with my mom & my daughter i decided to do the unthinkable & try on some jeans in a bonafide dressing room…
dum dum dummmmmm…
i brough a junior size 13 jeans in & those fuckers were too freakin’ big!
*jumps for joy*
so i tried on a size 11 & they were too tight…
so apparently i reside in jean limbo ( which i plan on breaking free of asap).
not quite a size 13 & not quite a size 11.
and yes, i can fit into misses 12’s but because i have a boyish figure (no defined waist & narrow hips with a long inseam – seriously i do & it suckeths!) they tend to fit me like *mom pants*. and while i am indeed a mom – ummm no thanks, i will pass on the *mom pants*.

it’s all good in the hood – i will get there; no worries!
plus i didn't mind my reflection in that ginormous ass mirror with the gawd awful flourescent lights for the first time in too long to remember!

as promised – i did start ripped in 30 today – so i am carrying on. be sure to check the tab above – i will be posting daily again!

day one – don’t I still look happy as fuck?!?!

I am stoked to be continuing on with jillian (you know we are tight like that) & striving to be fit & strong!

so as you can see – life is trudging along & lookin’ up every single day.
i feel hopeful & in control of where i want to be & most importantly of whom i wanna be & that makes me happier than anything really…

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


ashley said...

Yay for Rachel! I heart that bitch! Super sad I didn't win:(

Rachel said...

It was totally the last re-tweet I did, I just know it. I thought one more wouldn't hurt. I seriously jumped up and down when I saw the email on my phone. I can't wait to get started. You are such an inspiration hooker! We're gonna be hot mamas!

Mariebop said...

Congrats, Rachel! I love your blog. Have fun with the Shred.

Cyn, I don't know how it will be possible for you to look more "happy as fuck" next month. You might strain a neck muscle when you're done Ripped in 30. Love it!

Maren said...

You look so hot in your pics I almost feel jealous! I totally need to hook up with Jillian!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rachel, and congratulations to you, Cyn, for following through, breaking through the 13s and heading straight for the 11s! You go, you sassy mama! :-)