Thursday, November 17, 2011

one tough bitch...

day 74:
‘ello blogga-hood!

can you believe i was in bed & asleep by 8pm last night?
while it is nice that i got a massive amount (
10 freakin’ hours) of sleep – it also a wee bit lame-o…
but in my defense – this week has sorta been a struggle – and it fuckin’ pisses me off when i feel less than a 100%!
between the knee issue & my need to stuff my face non-stop – i swear the battle wears me down.
do you ever feel like this is more of a battle than a journey?

i know it is part of the process – but what the holy heck?
it suckeths i do protest!
tomorrow is my weigh-in/meeting & despite the struggle – i am not worried.
weird aye?
especially with all my pissed off/lame-o/sucketh talk…
yes -- it is a battle – but i think (
the operative word here) i am winning – so that is the good news @ least.
i started level 2 on the ripped in 30 yesterday – umm yeah, thanks jillian for kicking my ass across the living room & back.
definitely harder & i am so glad i did the 30 day shred before even thinking about this one. but such an awesome workout – i was sweating buckets & i needed that!
i still sit in awe in all i have accomplished in these past 39 days…

so i have been doing some research on a new workout/running shoe.
in my mind i am thinking of going ultra light –like these reebok realflex – in purple no less!
but as a non-experienced runner i wonder if this is best?
i would l♥ve some shoe feedback from the runners out there!
what are your faves & some selling points i should be on the lookout for?
any & all advice is sincerely appreciated!

i bid adieu with a little head start on…

misadventures of a chunky goddess

As usual – no rules – link up whatcha like – even giveaways cause I personally happen to lurve free shit!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


Jennifer said...

So I just wanted to let you know that you've inspired me to get off my ass! (you AND a dickweed comment from my fiance that is) I ordered one of Jillians DVD's today. And while I know I won't have the balls to blog my entire journey or my start pics until there is a big differenc. But I wanted to thank you for being "one Tough Bitch" and for being so open about your journey!

Lady Estrogen said...

Good job, darlin'

I have to disagree with that 2nd photo though - staying fat is super easy, for me, anyway!

Mrs. Monty said...

youre seriously so inspiring! 7 months and I'll be back on that battle....not looking forward to it much but hey that's life! I don't know anything about running shoes but those sure are cute! Love the purple!

Maren said...

I can barely call myself a runner, but if you're going to run a lot I'd go to a running shoe store where they check out your pronation so you get the best shoes for your feet! :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

I am far from a hard body, much more of a marshmallow lately.

Mommy Bags said...

Girl you are doing your best and your kicking ass....Look at all you have accomplished mama you are a rock n roller you will get through it!