Thursday, November 3, 2011

alive & kickin'

day: 60
(wow day 60 huh?)
‘ello blogdom!

wow… i cannot believe it has been four days since i ran my trap on here!?!

just super busy with halloween…

(can you tell we ♥ halloween?)

dumb supper & having a seance tuesday night with friends – which was hella cool…

and then yesterday was my oldest son, hunter’s, 17th birthday…

i cannot believe my oldest baby is seven-freakin-teen!

yeah, really busy in my world this week!
and all of it entailed food
(wine, redheaded slut shots, candy, pasta, cupcakes, ice cream, steak) – and i fuckin’ ate way more than i should. i swear i have been eating nonstop since this past saturday @ that b-day party i went to for my bestie’s hubby!
at least i made time to do the 30 day shred daily & am still givin’ it 110% – so yay for that much!
can ya believe that today was day 25 already?!?!?!

but yeah – i am still alive & kickin & happy to be doing so…
it hasn’t been my best week food/diet wise but that is life, right?
no matter what -- birthdays, dinner parties, & holidays are gonna happen; epecially this time of year!
it wasn’t one cupcake, one glass of wine, or one slice of lasagna that got me to this point – it was days upon days of over-indulgence & i do not want to be that gal again who eats without purpose or worry.
and i won’t be!

so i ask…
how is everyone else fairing on what is just the beginning of the *holiday season*?

and on a completely unrelated
(well kinda) note:
do you know they already have xmas music playing in walmart along with all the xmas trees, decorations, gift sets, & massive displays?
i think that is a blasted shame.
can we please enjoy one holiday at a time?
and last i knew thanksgiving is nestled in between halloween & xmas!
don’t buy into the hype dear bloggy peeps – they are not trying to get a jump on the holiday spirit – they wanta jump into your wallets for the holiday spending because we are just being lead to believe that no matter what we do – it is never enough or too soon.
and i am pretty sure santa would totally agree with me!
(sorry for the rant -- just irritates me how commercialized everything is...)

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peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


Mariebop said...

I was at the mall last week and passed Hollister and they were already playing Christmas music. I have to admit that the snow this weekend did throw me off. I felt like I should've been decorating for Christmas.

I love Christmas, but Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorites.

Anonymous said...

What fantastic pictures, Cyn! You look mahvelous, dahling. ;-)

I think it's pretty funny that I just blogged about last night's supper, and the "heads up" it gave me about the impending holidays, then I click to read your blog and... Voila! :-) Like minds!

I agree with you regarding the light-year jump from Halloween to Christmas, leaving my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving - in the proverbial dust. Too much, too soon!

Mommy Bags said...

Girl welcome back and you look MAvelous I love the Halloween pics great costumes and face paint. I know XMAS keeps coming earlier and earlier each f*ucken year and I am kinda over it before it even begins. I am doing well even though I went a little nutty with the Halloween candy but overall pretty damn good. I am not a huge Thanksgiving eating person so i will be good there it is usually the booze that gets me

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Awesome pics. I'm going away next week, so I aleady have most of my christmas shopping done. I didn't want to be bothered with it after I got back.

Jo said...

Great pictures. And oooh, redheaded sluts, I haven't had one of those since my bachelorette party six years ago. LOVE THOSE.

I don't want to think about the holiday season, to be honest. Colds, flus, and shopping. Three things I hate. Make that four if you add in driving long ways to see my husband's family, groan. Or, just seeing my husband's family, period. *snicker*