Monday, November 28, 2011

monday musings...

day 85:
happy monday blogosphere!

so now that the hustle & bustle of thanksgiving is behind us i am super ready to get back to life as we know it.
i think i totally psyched myself out last week – over-thinking the potential foodfest that would be & ultimately sabatoged any decent plan of attack i might have had.
live & learn & something i will not be repeating over xmas!

this time of year is just tough…
and not just in respect to diet. we are all under our own unique pressure & sometimes it can be crumbling & if you are an emotional eater like me & which i suspect most of us are – well it can lead to that which we are trying so hard to avoid.
last year i gained 7 lbs between thanksgiving & xmas. i also avoided my w8 watcher meetings for that 4 week span & did not track & certainly did not exercise. i was working like a fiend at the time & assumed that would be enough & obviously i was oh-so-wrong.
(aren’t i always when i think i know better?!?!)
this year that will not happen.
i will attend my weekly meetings & weigh-in’s no matter what
(this past friday case in point).
i will continue to track & exercise daily.
and while i hope to lose – i will be happy not to gain during these next four weeks!

i have learned in these past 50 days
(today is day 20 on the ripped in 30 if you can believe that!) that i need my daily workout – it makes everything okay; truly. it is my one time of the day that is solely about me & my needs & i need that. (don’t we all?) it allows me to focus on me & not be overwhelmed by all that life is throwing on my lap. and even when the workout is over i am so elated to have completed it that nothing gets me down!
oh & the added health benefits & the fact that i have noticeable weight loss & muscle tone is just a BONUS!

speaking of the ripped in 30…
as i stated, today is day 20 (
tab above details my process) & i am on the tail end of level 3 which is just insanity! i have been able to do most of it but there are a few movements that i am just like *what the fuck* about.
table dips are not my friend!
lunge jacks are also not my friend.
duck walk – blech!
and that’s just a few.

it is without a doubt a whole new level of intense & not completely unattainable – but yesterday was the 1st day i got through it without pausing or copping out on a movement & i am 5 days in.
jillian is the master of pushing you to your limits all while telling you not to quit & that you can do it!
i ♥ her!
and i hear level 4 is just a whole new sorta hell… *gulp*!

also i am 4 days in on the sweet tooth challenge – 21 days of no junkfood.
day 2 so far was the hardest – my sweet tooth nearly got the best of me – but i stayed strong. i knew this was going to be tough & am trying to redefine my idea of a *treat* & *sweets*.
i bought a new blender & am on a smoothie kick – they are filling & sweet!
i make one with plain greek yogurt, fruit & fresh spinach in the morning & have another sans yogurt in the evening for a snack. the one without the yogurt is zero points!
it gets my fruit in, curbs the sweet craving, & it’s healthy!

i wanted to end today with a link to one of my most fave blogs of all time –
life after I “dew”-- the 1st blog i ever *followed* even.

shannon is a real gal who says it like it is & has the most adorable little girl & cutie-pie hubby! oh and she is not hard on the eyes either & recently lost 47lbs the right way by diet & exercise.
okay enough gushing…
she wrote this post:
healthy today & i just had to pass it along!
if you are a pintrest freak like me/us then you must see all the *thinspirations* floating around along with such mishapped advice on how to become these skeletor-esque women.
this photo was labeled as *thinspiration* and the pinner actually said “nice ribs”!?!?!

i think diet & weight is so personal & every person is entitled to strive for their own ideal – but i have to agree with shannon in that most mainstream ideals are unrealistic & certainly sending out the wrong message!
thanks shannon – you nailed it today with her post & it is a MUST read & as a gal in quest of a healthy fit body & as a mother of little girl it really rang true!
I never want my beautiful little girl to ever feel like she needs to be some emaciated being to be accepted & deemed ideal!
with that i bid adieu & post this question to you all?
what do you think of the *thinspirations* out there?!?!
do they inspire or terrify you?

for the record – this is what inspires me!
peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

♥♥♥ this blog post ♥♥♥

I think I may have a secret crush on you because you're so soopa focused!

vanyelmoon said...

It's true, muscle is so much more beautiful than bones. Keep on keepin on. You are doing great :)

BTW - I gave you a blog award, you can pick it up on my site. Have a great Monday!


Mommy Bags said...

OK that first black and white pic of skeletal woman is just nasty who thinks that is attractive has some issues. Good job keep up the good work. I am getting back to the gym today after being sick and the holidays kicked my ass.It is going to suuuuckkkk today.

Josh Healy said...

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Anonymous said...

I want to see you duck walk because I don't know what it is, but I bet you rock the hell out of it.

Those inspirational pics (on the very bottom) are awesome. That girl's derriere is amazing and I'm don't usually notice such things.

Anonymous said...

"I'm don't usually" have such awesome grammar either! LOL

Naked Mommy said...

way to go on the sweet tooth challenge!! and the fitness challenge!!! not many people could stick to it like you have! i'm glad you have healthy weight loss goals and don't aspire to be a skeleton woman. that's just freaky and definitely unhealthy. do you think she ever has fun? no all she's doing is thinking about food because she's fricken starving. anyways, to end on a positive - keep it up! we're all proud of you!


Anonymous said...

You're the Shiz, Cyn.

"Thinspirations" scare the sh*t out of me.

Also, my daily smoothie is what helps to head sweet cravings off at the pass. Brilliant! :-)

Maren said...

Great post!!
I love that last picture, it is just stunning!

Rachellabelle said...

It makes me sick to see girls re-pin thinspiration stuff on Pinterest. I want to comment on the stuff they pin, but then they'll probably just comment back by calling me fattie. ;) haha

Kerry McKibbins said...

Great post!
I had a rotten day today, but knowing I had a training session at the end kept me going. I need me time too!

Shannon Dew said...

OMG that before & after of the retouched picture is INSANE! they make her not even look like the same girl!! that was a new one for me. crazy! and i think she looks better BEFORE! and that picture of kate moss makes me sick! thanks for the shout out! great post!

Anonymous said...

You are such a huge motivator! You're posts really make me want to try harder and push myself further than ever before. Thank you!