Saturday, November 19, 2011

weigh-in vol.10

day 76:
bonjour blogamselles & blogseurs!

happy saturday to us all!
it’s the weekend – let’s par-tay!

so yesterday was my w8 watcher weigh-in/meeting & i am happy to report that i lost .4 lbs. yeah not a whole heck of a lot but just enough to put me in the…
*drum roll please*
i have not seen a digit in the 180s since right after i had skylar in june 2009 & i nursed for the first couple of weeks. once i was unable (another sad story for another time) to breastfeed i started to gain mad weight.
i now realize i was most likely suffering from post-partum depression -- but by the time i saw my ob/gyn for my 6 week post-partum checkup i was 203lbs – the exact same weight i had been when i went to the hospital to deliver skylar!?!?!?!
i had gained like 20 lbs in about 4-5 weeks time!
i was so defeated, confused & disgusted!

by that following thanksgiving – 5 months later – i had packed on another 40 lbs. – hitting a personal highest weight ever.
(taken the day after thanksgiving 2009 – 240 lbs.)
and thus the battle began.
it took me 2 ½ years & a bazillion ups & downs -- but HELLO 180’s!!!!!

so umm yeah – i am pretty stoked!
okay SUPER stoked!

i know i say a lot of stuff about it just being a number on the scale – and i truly do still believe that – but seeing a number that i haven’t seen in almost 3 years is certainly an über dose of motivation!
and this is just the beginning!

okay enough blatant braggin’…

so i wanted to share a new blog by one of my most fave bloggers & tweeters – ashley!
this phat chick
she is putting it all out there & for those of us who blog about our weight loss/health journeys we know how freakin’ scary that is – so please go show her some bloggy l♥ve, give her a follow, and cheer her on!

for the record – putting it all out there – my actual weight, photos, fears, bitchin’s, etc is the BEST fucking thing i EVER did. it may not be for everyone – but for me, that honesty & accountability is what has kept me going on my darkest days, hours, minutes, & seconds!
and i know i probably woulda copped out on the 30 day shred if it wasn’t for my bold ass being all braggy about it on here – this community rocks balls & the support is monumental in my success – so a big PHAT sloppy mwah with tongue to you all!

one more thing…
i saw my doctor yesterday about my knees – even though they feel much better – i wanted to make sure it wasn’t a serious injury & i do not believe in suffering. being a martyr is just dumb!
she said that it is probably muscular – as in a pull/strain – which is what i thought as well.
i have no serious damage & very little arthritis – which i was shocked to hear. i have had knee pain in my right knee off & on since i was in my 20s (
many fuckin’ moons ago).
she thinks that pain comes & goes with my weight…
hmmmm… ya don’t say?
she said with all the working out/exercising i am doing that this is just part of the process & i should continue to soak when necessary, use heat and/or ice, and take ibuprophin. if it worsens then obviously come back & she will xray.
i was wearing the new nikes i got a few weeks back for a steal & she asked me if those were the shoes i wore while working out – which of course they are. she said that they may be a lot of the problem!
shut the frig up!
and she recommended a light-weight shoe – named a few brands she used – saucony, assics, brooks – and oddly enough i was eyeballin’ some saucony the other day as well.
so i definitely need better shoes!

well that’s all i got peeps…
au revoir – i leave ya with a reminder to join -- open until midnight tomorrow!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

as usual – no rules – link up whatcha like – even giveaways cause i personally happen to lurve free shit!
all the cool kids are doing it!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


Mariebop said...

Wow! You look like a totally different person! Great job! You should be proud of yourself even if it's just a number on the scale.

I bought a pair of Asics cross-trainers when I was experiencing foot and ankle pain during high impact workouts. Haven't had any pain while working out since... well haven't had any pain that wasn't normal anyway. :P

ashley said...

YAY for being a loser(get it??)!! im so excited to start bloggin my own Journey!! Thanks for all your support:) i heart you!

Rachel said...

Saucony is the way to go girl. My podiatrist said they were the best shoes hands down. They're expensive, but worth every penny!

Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

Congrats! Any weight loss is a reason to celebrate. I cannot wait until this pregnancy is over, so I can re start my journey!

Mommy Bags said...

You are looking amazing love the whole outfit. So proud of you

Maren said...

You look GREAT in that picture.. omg. And 180s is amazing! WELL DONE!!

Rachellabelle said...

Dayum! 180's looks great on you. I might just find some inspiration after all to keep going. Thanks, chica. Keep rocking those boots!

Katie said...

You look fabulous!!

Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

Anonymous said...

Yahoo, Cyn!!!! Congratulations on hitting the 1-8s on the nose! You look mahvelous, dahling. ;-)

jessicaclarke said...

You look great!