Sunday, November 27, 2011

lazy sunday with pinterest vol.4

day 84:
welcome bloggy peeps!
it’s time for…

misadventures of a chunky goddess
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my homage to one of my most favorite addictions/past times – pinterest.
if you are pinhead like me – come find me!
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so let’s get down to the goodies & unless noted otherwise (
uploaded by user) all links will take you to the original site for details, pricing, & recipes!

i always start off with a coolio outfit & this is one i just l♥ve – i have a slight addiction to black & white stripes lately & added with some skinny red jeans & alexander mcqueen boots – s w o o n! my soon-to-be thinner ass will be sporting something similar to this!

(uploaded by user)

a measuring cup that also weighs? ummm yes please! seriously this is genius – especially for those of us who measure/weigh everything that enters our mouth!

cauliflower pizza crust? and it seems relatively easy to make & delish! i am not sure of the points plus values but it has to be much lower than regular flour crust & healthier!
i must make this!

everything about this hair rocks! the cut, the color, the shine – fabulous!
(uploaded by user)

i definitely need some new workout gear! i firmly believe the better you feel you look the more apt you are to get out there & workout – this would make me wanna hit the gym all the damn time!
(werk it)

and pink workout gloves? oh yes please santa!
(uploaded by user)

for all my fellow photography nuts – a bokeh dress? how stinkin’ cool is this!?!?!
(ermie blog)

for all my badasses out there!
(build a little biz blog)

how friggen true is this?
(get out of the box)

and last but not least…
love this!!! i am down for this plan fo’ sho’!

(i’ve got the power)

and there ya have it – some of my faves from the week!

before i end today i wanted to make a disclaimer of sorts…
i am not a doctor or even in the medical field.
i am not a personal trainer or a dietician.
i am not endorsed by anyone or even receiving free goodies to write about or promote a certain workout or product.
i am just an average chick out there trying to live a healthier life & i have never proclaimed to be an expert or recommended that anyone do the things i am doing. if the things i am doing offend you or are not what you think will work for you – then don’t do them.
all i have ever tried to do is tell MY story of MY journey.
and while i love you all – the bottom line is that this blog is about me & i write it for me!

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!


Rachellabelle said...

Ohhhhh I love pinterest too. I am totally going to follow you there.

That fashion ensemble is killah! Oh and the cauliflower pizza crust is delish. I blogged about it once. It's good for a low carb diet, but because the crust has a lot of cheese in it, it's not low fat.

Maren said...

I LOVE your pinterest. I had to close it down so I can study for my exam, because I would just be stuck there repinning your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Love it...gonna go follow you on Pinterest now!

Kerry McKibbins said...

Ok, love the measuring cup!
Love the workout attire. I need new workout gear. I'm waiting for 5 more pounds before I shop.

Jordan Marie @ said...

hi there!

i'm your newest follower from the weekend blog hop.

i can't wait to dive in deep and get to know you better.

hope you have the time to stop by and say hello!


bailey j said...

the cauluflower pizza is AWESOME! i love it and thanks for reminding me cause i need ot make one again soon. i love ot use salsa as my sauce, season some chicken with taco sauce and load it up with veggies. i dont put cheese on top because the mozza in the crust is the perfect amount of cheese taste and its better on calories too. you NEED to try it!

Anonymous said...

The cauli pizza is the bomb. You will love it, I'm sure. Lots of veggies. I want one right now.... :)