Sunday, September 18, 2011

a-z (about my crazy ass)

(my big ol' head -- taken by me)

day: 14
hola gente de blog
translation: hello blog people!

(blame the enchiladas)

so i am kinda taking the lame-o way out tonight with this fill in the blank a-z thing…
(found this on a coolio blog named
capturing life’s magick and i totally ripped it off of course. (thanks danni for letting me steal your shit.)
but hear me out.
think of it as a way to get to know me better.
i mean i know you are just dying to know me better, right?

plus i kind obliged myself to NaBloPoMo
(national blog posting month)
little button right ova there -->

anywho – it’s a commitment to write every day in your blog
(weekends too lazy asses) for a month to generate your writing skills (hahahahaha) and so forth.
so yeah this is a cheap way out – but eff it – i wrote this today dammit!
and for the record – writing and running my mouth every single day is not exactly a challenge.

me from a-z
a. age: 41.4
b. bed size: full & don’t get me going because bri & i arent petite peeps & then add our daughter to the mix and well, you get a wee glimpse into my bed hell.
c. chore that you hate: ummm all of them? okay – toilet duty – three dudes in my house, need i say more?
d. dogs: i love dogs – our dog, buddy a sheltie, passed last year & with the prospect of moving and a toddler who is 99% housebroken – we will be dog-less for awhile. i need a break from poop duty.
e. essential start to your day: coffee, coffee, oh and umm coffee.
f. favorite color: deep purple – none of that lavender shit.
g. gold or silver: i like anything shiney & blingy
h. height: 5’9” on a good day
i. instruments you play: the skin flute – sorry couldn’t resist. i took piano but i couldn’t play a tune if ya held a gun to my head.
j. job title: mom extraordinaire/housebitch/sex slave by choice
k. kids: three rugrats – hunter 17, peyton 15, and skylar 2 – yeah major age gap but i cannot imagine my life without these three little
(okay my sons are like 6’2”) boogars.
l. live: west warwick, rhode island – that’s a mouthful, and not the good kind
m. mother’s name: sandra why? ya need a date? she is single and ready to mingle…
(she would kick my ass if she read this –heh)
n. nicknames: cyn short for cynthia or cynful if ya want me to be – purrrrr meow meow!
o. overnight hospital stays: just when i be birthin’ my babies
p. pet peeves: tardiness and especially without a phone call. it’s common courtesy people and burns my butter when someone just breezes in like the whole fucking world is just waiting on them. assholes.
q. quote from a movie: "nobody puts 'baby' in a corner." and don’t get me going on how utterly pissssssssed i am at the prospect of a remake. please tell me who on earth could ever replace patrick swayze as johnny castle? dumb movie dorks!
r. right or left handed: i am left brained
s. siblings: a brother i never see… my family is kinda fucked up – but then again most are. right?
u. underwear: okay this is where i get labeled a skank. no unless i am wearing a dress.
(see i am only halfa skank) i just don’t like em’ – never have really.
v. vegetable you hate: turnips and lima beans – those are the only veggies i don’t like period.
w. what makes you run late: i am never late – seriously i am anal-retentive about punctuality – read above!
x. x-rays you’ve had: . my chompers & that’s it.
y. yummy food that you make: chicken enchiladas!!!!
z. zoo animal: giraffe – did ya know they have like an 18- 20 inch long blue-ish tongue?
there ya have it… tmi?

in diet news: i was op and did the eliptical tonight for 30 minutes – a first since before skylar was born. remind me some day to tell you how you the gym can get you pregnant. no really it can.
happened to me…
true story!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I love these A-Z posts. Too funny with doing the elliptical and getting pregnant.

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I love these, it gives great insight into the voice behind the blog! Love it! :) Hazel

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

What a brilliant post!

Mary said...

I love it! I have to do an A to Z post but I am so boring you'd fall asleep through it.

Have a great Monday and thanks for taking part in the Hop!


Michelle said...

found your blog through the monday mob hop and i would love a gfc follow back on my blog :)

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Loving the new blog! I agree that there should not be a Dirty Dancing remake. It would be terrible!

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