Wednesday, September 21, 2011

grab it by the balls...

day: 17
blogdom – wat up?

so i think i am recovered from the debacle that was the
crock pot of shit i made last night.
yeah i shouldn’t be as miffed as i am but -- what the fuck?
only one other time in my life have i had a recipe be a flop –
baked winter squash, raisin and pine nut lasagna . but at least my pasta didn’t evaporate (i am still baffled by that?) and it was edible!
it looked okay – but tasted like doodies!

moving along…
so my week – weight watcher /diet/exercise wise has been good.
i have dipped into my weeklies almost every day – and i am okay with that. weight watchers tells me that is okay and i trust them. my goal is to do what they tell me and to stick to the plan. it has gotten 5.2lbs off my rump so i am ass-uming
(heh -- i love lame-o obvious jokes!) they know their shit.
and ya know what – if i knew better – i wouldn’t back here again!

i have also earned 34 ap’s (activity points) this week so far – a big-ass number for me.
in the past i have been content to earn 3 or 4 a day maybe 3-5 times a week – the bare ass minimum so i don’t feel like a total chooch.
i feel differently nowadays…
today i will be earning 14 ap’s and this bitch is pretty effin’ proud of herself on that alone!
doesn’t mean i don’t have to pep talk myself all day long, through the car ride there, and into the locker room of the gym – i do every single time. but i get there and give it 110% and always leave glad that i did!

it’s cool how motivated i am – but i also know that this is how i tend to be.
running my ass off right outta the gate only to ultimately gas out about mid-way through…

but as i mentioned earlier – i am keeping it real and following the plan exactly as instructed – so even on the days, weeks, months that i don’t feel so gung ho – if i just do the basics i should be good.
if nothing else i won’t gain weight, right?
and trust me when i tell you -- i look and get motivation any damn where i can!
no shame in the game my friends!

no shame in taking life by the balls and using every ounce of it to get what you want. because for most of us – that shit ain’t handed out for free on a platter.
(platter --- cheese platter? get ur mind outta the munchie gutter girl!)

okay on a totally unrelated bizarro note…
anyone know why in the ever-loving hell that blogger is the only network that cannot be linked to klout?
because it is really pissing me off.
apparently i am forbidden?
(wait – that sounds kinda sexyass and a little like a cheap perfume on the clearance rack at walmart all rolled into a naughty ball of fun? )

anyone know anything about it?
are you forbidden too you naughty kittens?
just curious…

i gotta go sweat my nether regions off!
spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!


Cheapsoda and Dooty Booty said...

You are such a great motivation for me mentally now i just need to get my ass into gear!!! i think i want to join WW but i am not so sure how it works.....

Cyn said...

you know i got your back and will help in any way i can -- find me here, fb, twitter, or email me! i say do it -- ww works! we can motivate each other :)

coronaryrn said...

You are such an inspiration! I cannot afford, and refuse to pay anyone so I will get off my butt and lose the weight...but you my dear inspire me to do a little more each day towards losing the weight! I love it! I am so glad I found your blog and "friended" up with you!

Cyn said...

awww thanks -- glad we *friended* too!

just a thought -- is a free site that you can track food and exercise on. they give ya a calorie range and all that -- lotta people l♥ve it!

Plump Nonfiction said...

I eat all my weeklies and activity points every week. Always lose weight. Good losses. I won't change a thing unless I stop losing weight. I love WW.

Masshole Mommy said...

Because Blogger SUCKS. I switched to WP a little over a year ago and never looked back. I fricken HATE Blogger. HATE.

The Fat Mom said...

My Daily Plate (by Lance Armstrong) is also a free website for calorie/weight/exercise tracking. I actually like it alot better than Spark People.

I used my crockpot on Tuesday for a roast. I only know how to cook two things with the thing - roast and a breakfast casserole. Everything else seems to taste like shit.

WOO HOO on your activity points. That's always the hardest thing for me to do. Get my big ass movin. When you have this much ass's takes awhile to motivate.

Danielle said...

Following you back from Life With Two Boys.. Thanks for stopping by!

Mariebop said...

OMG!! I remember that Winter Squash Lasagna. I'm so glad I have you to weed out the crappy slow cooker recipes for me. LOL!!

Great job on the AP's! Vacation threw me off a bit and I'm having a hard time getting back in gear. It also doesn't help that my BIL is living with us while he does his co-op. I can't workout after work in the basement anymore because he's there. :(

Rachel said...

I love the cat picture. I need one of those in my fridge

Laura@Catharsis said...

34 ACTIVITY POINTS???!!!! What the hell, woman? You're a machine! I'm lucky if I even rack up 1 - ONE! I have to say I am totally impressed with you. And I do believe that WW knows what they're talking about, so stick with it. Those weekly points are life savers. Truly.

Maria said...

hi :) thank you so much for stopping by my blog! happy to have found yours! you're hilarious! and i love your sense of humor! you gotta laugh!
that cat picture made me LOL i'm a crazy cat lady!
you look great! keep up the hard work!
happy weekend to you!