Wednesday, September 7, 2011


day 3:

like i don’t have enough to do in my life?
so i gotta add another blog to the mix?

but why not, i need a spot solely dedicated to this journey because this journey is so freakin’ important to me…

i am so very tired of going down this road -- my 3rd time on weight watchers ya know.

i start off all gung ho, do good, then i hit a bump in the road, a holiday comes, or i have some sorta emotional thing that makes me feel like only food can make me feel better.
or i am infamous for feeling frustrated because things aren’t going the way i want and i just quit or think i know a better way – which of course i so do not.
it's such an ugly vicious cycle and each time i go down this road i seem to add a few more lbs. on.

ahhh welcome to yo-yo dieting!
doesn't it effin' suck?
i want to succeed and get this weight off!
enough already.

and i am not unrealistic -- i will probably never been a size 2 nor would i want to be -- i like to eat thank you very much.

plus didn't ya know that curves are in again?

so this is my spot to bitch, rant, spew nonsense, obsess, track, document, whatever the hell i want and whatever i think will help me reach my goals.

feel free to comment, ask questions, vent along with me – whatever your little hearts desire. i love comments and will try my hardest to reply to them all.

you can also find me all over the place cause i am just shoving myself down your throat all over the internet!
all my info is under the *about* tab above.

they say third time is a charm…
and being the superstitious type that believes in the power of positive thought – i got great vibes about this journey!



Kim @ Get In Shape And Save said...

Thanks for taking us along on your journey. I too have struggled with losing weight, usually my sweet tooth wins or there is some emotional turmoil going on in my life that derails my plans. I am also notorious in finding just about any excuse not to exercise, even though I know that once I am done I feel better.

Thanks for the follow!

Denise McDonough said...

Thanks for letting us watch your journey your an inspiration. I mightneventually true weight watchers but right now I am way to lazy where you get all of this energy is amazing!
Thanks fir coming over to mommy2nanny2doggy1

Your blog kicks ass and I am kind of jelly it is so awesome...