Sunday, September 11, 2011

i ♥ my blog

day 7:

all hail planet fitness -- my gym!

i took that today as i left the gym -- the sky looked super cool!

so launching this new blog has been a total labor or love for me. it has breathed life into me again and reignited my creative side that has been dormant for too long to remember... (thank you depression, you effin’ a-hole)

i have all these ideas in my head for different features, giveaways, and other tidbits down the road. needless to say i am super stoked at the direction i feel this little bit of me is heading.

and what a win/win thing for me…
i get to be creative, have fun, meet amazingly cool peeps, and keep myself accountable in my quest (what a cool word, aye?) to get healthy and fit.
just all goody-goody gum drop and shit!

moving along now…
so week one went good – i haven’t weighed in and won’t officially do so until friday when i finally get my tookus to a meeting.
i want friday as my weekly meeting/weigh-in day – i love tricia the leader on friday and it has been my d-day even way back in 2008 – the first time i joined ww.

i might step on my home scale tomorrow morning to see how i am doing…
i don’t usually weigh myself in between meetings – it can make or break a day and screw that!

but i am hopeful…
i stayed within my points – eating all my dailies every day like a good girl and almost all of my weeklies here and there throughout the week.

i earned about 14 ap’s – a bit below what i was hoping but it’s 14 more than the zero my ass earned last week.
so yipee for me!

plus i am workin’ that stupid bum knee of mine too… which totally pisses me off. if the fuckah doesn’t feel better soon i will be forced to go to the doctor’s – somewhere i avoid like the plague.

and did i mention i started this whole sha-bang the same week as mother nature brought me my period?
yeah – who starts ww the same week as aunt flo is in town i ask you?
why me of course – i am a regular rocket scientist!
typically i am up like 2lbs when that bitch comes a knockin…

in other news:
i found some really shitty quality *before* photos i took in a bikini (hurl) earlier in the summer lingering around on my camera and dear lord almighty. i realize it is my own backyard and my family has to love me no matter what – but how in the hell did i ever convince myself that it was okay to step foot outside my bedroom door let alone the front door?
it’s bad…
no wait bad is too nice for what those photos are…
they are the devil’s work – that is satan’s bikini i am wearing and satan’s fat ass and gut sticking out of them.
it is just shameful on so many levels.

i will post them at some point but today is just too freakin’ soon.
the thought of anyone seeing those now makes me need a quadruple dose of my wellbutrin!

gimme a few months and i will be showing them to any poor soul i come in contact with. hell -- they may end up as my xmas card?

well this chunky bitch has got to get her weary head to bed!
be sure to link up to my first evah blog hop
no more muffin top weekend blog hop!
its still in the infant stages but i have had such positive feedback and responses to it. and yes, it is designed to link up diet/fitness/healthy lifestyle blogs – but i am a bloggy slut and will link you all!

happy sunday blogdom!
eat your veggies and love yourself!


Working Mommy said...

Following from Monday blog hop!!


Ciao Mama's said...

Cyn you crack me the f up I love how honest you are on your blog.....You rock that is what I have bestowed to you 2 blog awards I know kinda nerdy but hey what the hell :0)
Visit my sight and collect your awesome awards!

Anonymous said...

First off I love all the pics you have!! And your honesty is a nice thing to see in the blogging world for once ;) And I too will try and eat my vegies today! Stopping in to follow from the hop -hope you can visit today and return the favor.

Brandy@YDK said...

you are crackin my stuff up. i love your style. I looked at some old pictures of me and ick. and i still have a long way to go.

coronaryrn said...

Still catching up on Sunday...I still have about 200 blogs to visit! LOL....

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

YAY!!! I am loving your new blog. :-)

You should have warned me about the pictures though, it's a bit risque for me to check at work, LOL!

Katie said...

thanks for joining my Monday mob hop I am now following you back

evil p0ptart said...

I'm a member of Planet Fitness too, although I'm thinking of canceling to do my cardio outside. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love it!! No need in sugar coating anything for me, just put it out there like it is.

Saving4Change said...

This is awesome! Being PC is great and all but it gets so boring. Glad I found you from the Tuesday Train hop. Check me out too (mine is more PC..apologies..LOL). I'm following you on FB and GFC. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Follow you from the monster hop. great blog

Cyn said...

working mom -- ty ty! heading ova to follow ya back :)

ciao mama - xxoo ty ty ty i will be writing that post in official thanks asap!

shauna -- ty ty ty i truly appreciate that and am happily returnin' the follow.

brandy -- thanks hun -- hey wanna come redo my whole entire abode when ya have a spare decade? heh-heh! i will be linking up for FAF!

corona -- wow that is dedication! thanks :)

leah -- thanks & sorry bout that -- i put a *warning* up now cause i am xxx badass apparently... lol!

katie -- ty ty ty will be following ya right back :)

kallen -- hell no sugar coating has like what? nine billion points?? heh!

saving -- oh no worries, i have a family oriented PC blog the purple goddess where i keep the ruckus to a dull roar -- never apologize and i will def be following :)

anna -- ty darlin' returning the bloggy ♥ fo sho'!