Saturday, September 10, 2011

no more muffin top weekend blog hop -- vol.1

misadventures of a chunky goddess

i love a good hop and with all the wonderful ones out there i thought it was time to create one of my own that caters to diet/weight loss/fitness/healthy lifestyle/recipe blogs/websites.

no rules – although it would be nice if ya followed me, rocked my buttons, and took the time to check out a blog or two.

normally this hop will run from friday thru sunday each weekend (when we dieters need the most support – or at least i do) but for the inaugural hop i will run it non-stop until sunday sept. 18th @ midnight!
link up and pass the hop around!

while this is designed for a certain genre of blogs – i will never exclude other types – just please be courteous, respectful, and kind to all participants.

***I am super sorry but somehow over the course of a few hours my linky decided to be a butthead -- so i had to redo it and i sincerely apologize for any inconvience***


Vapid Vixen said...

I stopped over from the Weekend Wander hop and have to tell you... I love the picture for your no more muffin top blog hop. It's awesomeness.

Cyn said...

thank ya and i gotta tell ya -- i totally agree. i completely lucked upon this pic and did some tweaking -- but yeah a moment of genius if i do say so myself... lol!

did i mention i am ridiculously modest?

Milena said...

following you from the Sunday Social

Marlee said...

I LOVE the name of your blog and I LOVE the picture for your blog hop button! It's so awesome! I want to link up (and add your button to my blog hop library) but it won't let me join...oh well, maybe next time. Am a happy new follower though!

Oh and I'm creating a webpage for a weight loss community, figured since this is called the "no more muffin top hop" you might be interested! The info is here:

it's not up yet I'm still getting things organized. I hope I can link up next week!

Chavonne said...

Hello, I'm a new gfc follower of your blog :)

Cyn said...

thank you thank you ladies!

Debs Dealz said...

Hi there, following you via GFC from the Say Hi Sunday Hop! Love your site! Please follow me back and like me on FB. If you are interested in exchanging buttons, let me know! Debbie

Cinnamon said...

Holy Shit Cyn,

I HAD to have this hop on my list that I follow. And I've added you on my list of "skirts that I chase". Love it !!!


Angie said...

HI Cyn! :) Love the blog hop theme! lol!
I just joined in the fun! :)

Hey.. also thanks for joining us on our hop!
In which way are you following.. I dont see you


Mare said...

hi, new follower from the weekend gathering hop! great stuff! my muffin top is coming back and need to get back to work on it!

Ai Mei said...

Hi! I'm a new follower via Google Friend Connect. :) Found you through the Blog Hop! Hopefully you can stop by and enter my giveaway for a $50.00 Target Gift Card, it ends 9/26

-Ai Mei

Marlee said...

Alright everything's ready now! And I linked up and added your button to my page :)

Cyn said...

((((everyone))) and a butt squeeze!!

the outpourin and just overall nice-ness (is that a word?) makes me all warm & fuzzy & shit!