Saturday, September 24, 2011

a good freakin' day...

day: 20

nei ho bloggy-sphere!

okay, so i am over my little hissy fit from yesterday.
i get pissy when things don’t go my way…
but eh… such is life.
and yeah it sucks!
but i need to put my big girl panties on and just deal with it!

so i took my frustrations out in my gym…
went last night and today giving me 21 ap’s so far.
i made the eliptical cry!
or the other way around – i don’t recall exactly.
all i know is that my tits were in a puddle around my ankles and i felt pretty fuckin’ good – minus the melted nips and all.

and then i was like to hell with it and brian and i went out to dinner tonight.
mexican dinner!
(have i mentioned that i would sell my soul for a good mexican food?)

we checked out a new place as rhode island sucks in the realm of good mexican food. i am seriously thinking of uprooting and moving to the west coast for the authentic mexican food alone.
but i digress…
luckily this new spot rocked balls and we were really impressed!
and yeah, i dipped into my weekly points by a total of nine (big freakin’ whoop!) – but we had so much fun.
surprising they had a vast menu and i ordered a vegetarian plate – spinach burrito (which was too.die.for), cheese enchilada, and a mushroom quesadilla.
sadly it came loaded in a tomato based sauce that had a cheese taste to it as well as the melted cheese on top of everything – and i love cheese, but it was in overload mode.
so i basically ate about a 1/3 of the dinner and called it a day.

okay confession…
i opted to sacrifice the food in lieu of a margarita – i have standards you know…
a yummy margarita i might add – and don’t ask how many points – you will cry!
but i had a very plain salad for lunch today in order to have this puppy!
so worth the sacrifice…!
i needed tonight.
wait… we needed tonight!

okay yeah we were home by 8pm – but at least we got out, and i got to let my hair down (literally as i live with it up in a clip 24/7 and didn’t realize how long it has gotten – i need a freakin’ haircut!), chill with my lovah, have an adult beverage, and some yummy mexican cuisine!

today was a very good day!

spread the bloggy l♥ve, eat your veggies, and love yourself!

wanna see more photos of my margarita inspired night out?
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coronaryrn said...

Sounds like you had a great evening! One day at a time my friend!

twinswithtots said...

love agave - and their margaritas esp!
So excited to find some new, cool blogs today. Love a good Sunday “stroll” around the internet. Hope you are well and thanks for organizing our get together.
Hope you will check us out too at
Cathy and Becca

Pam said...

I love good Mexican food. Not so much good workouts at the gym but I still have to do them. :(